Hengda holdings Vanke? No Just too much vest

Vanke Hengda vest just

zhongjinzaixian· 2016-10-28 23:28:30

10 27 evening, Vanke disclosed in 2016 three quarterly, 7, August to buy Vanke 6.82% shares Hengda this year is written in the three quarterly Vanke list of the top ten shareholders, but in three of the quarterly bulletin has completely disappeared. There is news and even claimed that Hengda has holdings of cash. Prior to

data show that as of August 15th this year, China Hengda Group holds a total of 773 million shares of Vanke A, accounting for about 6.82% of the total share capital of China vanke. In the three quarter of the top ten shareholders, the top ten tradable shareholders list, Hengda has been completely disappeared.

according to Hengda disclosed in August 8th this year, July 25, 2016 to August 8th, Hengda through Guangzhou Yu Bo Investment Limited company, Guangzhou yuelang Investment Company Limited (Guangzhou yuelang), Guangzhou Kai Xuan Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Kai Xuan) Guangzhou City, Wan Industrial Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou area), Guangzhou Xin Sheng the Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Xin Sheng), Guangzhou Zhong Qin Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Zhong Qin) and other companies, to auction, buying 170000 about 552 million shares, accounting for 5% of the total shares of vanke.

according to the disclosure, Guangzhou Yu Bo, Guangzhou Yi Bo, Guangzhou yuelang holdings of the largest number, were 156 million 600 thousand shares, 164 million 700 thousand shares, 173 million 200 thousand shares, the shareholding ratio of 1.42%, 1.49%, 1.57%. The remaining Guangzhou Kai Xuan, Guangzhou Wan, Guangzhou Xin Sheng, Guangzhou shares are not more than 1% of the share, respectively, 0.37%, 0.05%, 0.05%, 0.05%.

in accordance with the existing provisions for the shareholders to placards line, within half a year can not be traded, otherwise it will constitute a short-term trading, will be subject to regulatory penalties. At the same time, as the shareholders holding more than 5% of the shareholders, if the holdings, must publish a notice to be disclosed. But as of now, Vanke, Hengda has not issued such a notice. For Hengda

does not appear in the three quarterly list of top ten shareholders, said sources close to Vanke, Hengda holdings Vanke, is holding a number of companies through decentralized, quarterly bulletin of the three in the top ten shareholders, is calculated in accordance with a single ownership, rather than consolidated. In accordance with the proportion of ownership, which any one company, a single shareholding ratio did not enter the top ten shareholders of Vanke, the top ten tradable shareholders, so Hengda did not appear in the first ten quarters of the three major shareholders.

spent three of the Quarterly Bulletin shows that as of the end of September, the top ten shareholders of Vanke, the single largest shareholder of Huarun Limited by Share Ltd, the shareholding ratio of 15.24%, the tenth largest shareholder of the number of shares to 225 million shares, the shareholding ratio of 2.04%. The top ten tradable shareholders, the minimum number of shares of 225 million shares, the number of holdings are more than the above-mentioned Hengda company.

, however, in August 8th this year, Hengda further increase. According to Vanke August 16th disclosure, as of August 15th, Hengda Affiliated Companies in the market through its acquisition of Vanke A total of 753 million shares of A, the number of shares increased by about 210 million shares, the shareholding ratio rose to 6.82%, the total purchase price of about 14 billion 570 million yuan, but did not disclose the number of shares and the proportion of single.

however, due to the presence of some of the shareholders of the relationship between the shareholders or the person acting in concert, Vanke in the past will have a similar case of shareholders to carry out a special note. As in late October 27th three quarterly disclosure, Vanke of Shenzhen jushenghua Limited by Share Ltd and concerted action Qianhai life, Western Jin Yu gains 1 asset management plans are described.

close to 170000 in this regard, the sources said, regularly report on the combined holdings of special note, in the top ten shareholders and top ten shareholders, the shareholding ratio of the single did not enter this column did not specify shareholders.

can be compared, the actual proportion of the treasure to the Department of the three quarterly report is not fully response. Bao can hold Vanke's Ju Shenghua, Qianhai life, nine capital management plan, only Ju Shenghua, Qianhai life, the western capital margin of 1 in the three quarter, the total shareholding ratio of 13.6%.

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Hengda holdings Vanke? No Just too much vest

Hengda holdings Vanke? No Just too much vest

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