Their age difference is very big but still play a very old couple

Couple age Angela Pan

beiqingwangyule· 2016-10-29 12:55:31

now the performing arts circle, older actor is too good to play, after 70 and 80 90 after the couple is often a thing.

" as the duoergun Shing Yee was born in 1957, 12 years younger than Angela Pan.

"and" Changsha, Wallace Huo and Yang Zi was born in 1979 two people play lovers, a difference of 13 years.

"in" the secret of his wife, Hawick Lau, and Zhao Liying was born in 1987, my husband and wife, two difference 13 years old.

"fashion" Qiao Zhenyu and Yang Zi married, one in 1978, one in 1992, was 14 years old, playing a couple would have no sense of violation.

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