Beijing Telecom 4G unlimitedbandwidth "Pangbo card" exposure

Traffic 4G Beijing Telecom

cnBeta· 2016-10-29 15:04:01

in China Unicom launched wireless traffic card, telecom also released a similar product are not resigned to playing second fiddle. From the users published the picture, Beijing Telecom to launch a product called "majestic wireless traffic card" card, monthly 46 yuan can enjoy the local 2GB 4G traffic, 3G traffic over 2GB can enjoy unlimited (3.1Mbps). Telecom to cover 3.1Mbps, as long as the flow can run full, look at what the video is actually enough, it is still very good.

but it should be noted that this is only the local traffic, the cost of domestic traffic up to 0.3 yuan /MB, the cost of voice calls for 0.1 yuan / minute. Class= img_box "

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