Note7 explosion: zhongxiaoxie close to 10000 to related complaints

Samsung Wan complaints department outside the title

ITzhijia· 2016-10-29 15:04:13

Consumers Association recently released report shows that in 2016 the third quarter of, the national association organization received a total of 138 thousand consumer complaints. Among them, due to the Samsung Note 7 mobile phone explosion fermentation, mobile phone consumer rights issue has become a hot spot, a total of 9911 consumer complaints received a mobile phone.

"especially Samsung Note 7 explosion process, the original Samsung global recall without the China consumers in equal position; the subsequent interpretation of the work and the information disclosure is not timely, mobile phone identification procedures are not standardized, not eliminate the concerns of consumers and concerns, not fully protect consumer safety right and the right to know. Zhang Dezhi, director of the Consumer Association complaints department, the Samsung mobile phone explosion event should cause the attention of other mobile phone manufacturers in the industry, from the perspective of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers to do the relevant work.

according to reports, in addition to the explosion problem, the quality of consumer complaints focused on: unable to normal switch machine, button control failure, the volume is not normal, shell off the skin, etc.. In addition, mobile phone operators in mobile phone sales, often to sell membership card, insurance card, communication delay packages and other value-added services. Consumers in the purchase, promotion of business terms is very attractive, often let consumers feel value for money, but when consumers really use it to set multiple threshold, allow consumers to take unnecessary losses.

insiders remind consumers to improve consumer attitudes and awareness of rights, for example, to choose a good reputation and high visibility of mobile phone sales business in the purchase of mobile phone; buy mobile phone, whether there is a record to see mobile phone calls, text messages, pictures and other content before storage, to prevent the seller mobile phone used by others. Mobile phone; after the problems, should choose the mobile phone manufacturers authorized repair station maintenance, not looking for the qualification of unknown network maintenance; three packets of recording vouchers, invoices, certificates of rights maintenance is an important stage, we must preserve good.

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