No class for filming? Xu Jiaoxue set to fall apart

Xu Jiao Curve Wrecker school style

tanzi· 2016-10-30 08:40:40

did not expect Xu Jiao will one day be questioned their studies.

recently did not know from where the bid, said Xu Jiao for filming, do not go back to school, I'm afraid not professional achievements.

" and then Xu Jiao came out on this matter, said he did not return to the United States the school, there is indeed a show to do. And with the school please fake, do not belong to the school.

now because the shooting for delayed two months, so their false will take two months.

" and then Po out of their school and the communication with the mail screenshot looks like leave.

" but I'm afraid that doesn't really concern netizens leave leave, should still be afraid of her good students, even if it is said that a Curve Wrecker, accidentally becomes another Ouyang Nana.

Xu Jiao was in Stephen Chow's "Yangtze River 7" in the play as a little boy, it is popular to the young.

" but she did not Strike while the iron is hot. entered the entertainment circle, but rather to the United States to study, study hard. In about 14 years, she's going to declare a college. Has been in the micro-blog and fans to maintain interactive Xu Jiao, drying out their own transcripts, look at the results is very good.

" and apply for the University of Xu Jiao, seems to have started a little style not like that before, is a learning, Xu Jiao is now in a view, perhaps Ouyang Nana's impetuous, she did not leave back to school now, filming, recording shows, and Ouyang Nana dropped out of what is different?

Ouyang can be said that Nana is a rare musical talent, only fifteen years old, he won the world famous Curtis School of music, the cello level is still high.

" the cello girl became popular, but in most of the learning age, school head into the entertainment circle, had played a "is what! Mr. Shang "of the drama that acting is simply idiotic … … no language to describe it, just need to recruit black, almost forget she is a music …

"now, regardless of whether Xu Jiao is currently on hand as long as completed the shooting is to read, as people eat melon, or how much hope, she don't ruin yourself.

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