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" recently, Huayi Brothers released a report in 2016 three quarter results, the company in July 2016 -9 month profit income is about 320 million, compared with the same period last year increased by 190%.

according to Huayi Brothers report, the investment income is mainly because the company voted Beijing hero mutual entertainment Polytron Technologies Inc performance is good, the company according to the shareholding ratio of recognised investment income; sell Beijing zhangqu Polytron Technologies Inc shares to obtain investment income.

" according to the data report, now the Huayi Brothers, in fact, economic income mainly depends on the performance of buying and selling (m) profit (sale).

in September 25th this year, Huayi Brothers released on major issues suspension notice, and suspended opening early in the next day, until today, Huayi Brothers stock market is still in a state of suspension, the stock price of 12.38 yuan / share temporarily. Directly affected by the suspension of the stock market is Li Chen, Angela Baby, Zheng Kai, Chen He, William Feng,, Du Chun these Huayi star artists. "

's run" Huayi Brothers Q3

quilt stock in quarterly results announced at the same time, also revealed that these stars will be in stock after 3 months, January 21, 2017 is the lifting of the ban. However, these stars may not be happy, because the stock has been caught.

" in January this year, the share price fell sharply, Huayi Brothers announced that the controlling shareholder of the company, a subsidiary of Dongyang film Li Chen, William Feng, mighty Angela Baby (Angelababy), Zheng Kai, Du Chun, Chen willing to buy shares in the company from two on the market, out of money for the listed companies to support the market, and agreed to the "Huayi Brothers stock" locked a year. According to the January 21st before the resumption of the exercise price, Huayi Brothers, the closing price is 13.9 yuan. Huayi Brothers is now the stock price of 12.38 yuan, in accordance with the suspension before the stock price, fell by 10.9%. In fact, when Huayi Brothers suffered a sharp fall, the whole of January, the company's share price fell from the highest 21.38 yuan to the lowest 12.22 yuan.

China Yicheng best springboard, rather than the best destination.

today, star shareholders phenomenon has almost become a "Chinese characteristic", and China star shareholders phenomenon in Huayi Brothers, the film's breakdown star shareholders, Huayi holding star has always been the most Huayi, review the way, it has lost misfortune in talent.

2005, a large number of professionals from the Huayi, the famous agent Wang Jinghua plan from the Huayi job she led the orange sky entertainment, Chen Daoming, Hu Jun, Xia Yu, Carina Lau and other frontline artists have decided together with her stall, outside called Huayi should be empty".

2007, as a sister of Huayi at that time, Fan Bingbing abandoned two years 300 million yuan renewal fee regardless of her choice of solo.

2009 years, Huayi Brothers gem as one of the first 28 companies into the capital market, in addition to Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei two brothers as shareholders of the company, but also the introduction of Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Jizhong, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing and other more than and 10 directors and stars shareholders.

Huayi shares through its own artists way, to achieve the incentive and retain the signing of the star, and the use of the star effect to stimulate market attention and enthusiasm for investment. But this is only a short period of time. As of 2010, since the termination of Xun Zhou Huayi, Huayi star Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming and other shareholders have also set up their own studio, and Huayi old club to break up.

gold can buy "loyalty"?

Huayi want to sign the first line star, the basic need to give the film about the promise. Among them, the director Feng Xiaogang is to become the Huayi Huayi artists signed a gilded signboard, bargaining chips. Feng Xiaogang as a partner in recent years has been working closely with Huayi, it seems long and loyal.

2015, Huayi through 1 billion 50 million yuan acquisition of Zhejiang Dongyang U.S. media Limited (hereinafter referred to as Dongyang Merah), also may be made to retain Feng Xiaogang's move from the industrial and commercial registration information, Dongyang area basically is an empty shell, negative equity, no business. China Yihua so much money to buy such a company, the money is actually "high priced purchase of IP, did not consider whether the investment can be recovered. This also is to give Feng Xiaogang 1 billion yuan gift.

" however, Huayi Brothers send out of the 1 billion additional gift "agreement on gambling". Specifically, since after the completion of the equity transfer, Feng Xiaogang promised Dongyang 2016 annual performance goals for our audited net profit after tax of not less than 100 million yuan, and from the year 2017 to December 31, 2020, the annual performance targets for net profit target based on commitment in the previous year growth of 15%. If you fail to complete the goal, Feng Xiaogang will be in cash to make up the difference. In addition to the acquisition of Dongyang

Mara, Huayi in this year also acquired the "run men's team, Li Chen, Angela Baby, Chen, William Feng, Zheng Kai and others founded Huayi vast, only the establishment of a day will be the acquisition of China Huayi in 756 million, the so-called energy-saving, perhaps this is also a way of Huayi retain the artist.

ZAKER finance editor Tang Jiaxin

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