Wang Ziwen: it's a little bit too sudden.

Wang Ziwen workload drama sense of propriety

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" by Wang Kai

Wang Ziwen, Wang Ziwen, Xu Yue, in the identical drama starring "if love" snail has is the Oriental TV hit, play Wang Ziwen played a couple of police criminal psychology research Xu Xu, the high IQ and EQ low and high cold genius girl police captain Ji Bai (Wang Kaishi) a different spark. Yesterday, Wang Ziwen accepted Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter's interview with WeChat, she said that "genius" is not good, but once again with Wang Kai two people more understanding.

: talk about the role of Xu Xu is down to earth's genius

is a study of Xu Xu criminal psychology talented newcomers, Wang Ziwen think it is not easy to handle a genius role, "Xu Xu is a down to earth's genius, I try to make her look special, but not so out of the ordinary. Do not like the comic "detective Conan" in Conan, a man of God, it is difficult to grasp the sense of propriety. "Because" Xiao Xiao Song "weird role image of the people, many viewers saw in the" snail "in Xu Xu" Adorable ", how many will jump some drama," these two characters are not the same, no comparable. Song Xiao Xiao tension more, will be more attractive. Xu Xu is a reserved person, is also very cute.

talk partner: Wang Kai's character is a Mack daddy

grabbed the girl's collar, hand carrying her to carry around, this is the heroine of the exclusive interactive mode of "snail carrying", Wang Ziwen said with a smile "picked me when I feel very adorable". Once again and Wang Kai cooperation, Wang Ziwen said Wang Kai's role is too perfect, I think the season with the "Ode to joy" in the "Ode to joy" in the woman is a million fans, are very perfect, very like. "The" snail "before the recent focus, due to physical failure, bahls always see Xu Xu not pleasing to the eye, asked whether to accept this boyfriend to life, Wang Ziwen said," life should not have a boyfriend like choking your girlfriend, Xu Xu bahls choking because each other is not so understand, became friends after not.

talk about career: after the explosion of red work do not adapt to

after ten years, the prince in the "Ode to joy" popular entertainment, by now she starred in the film and TV drama series and the audience, ushered in the peak of career. "Ode to joy" after the broadcast, my workload suddenly to a little too little to adapt to the degree of two months after the slow pace of this rhythm. To tell the truth, physical and mental exhaustion, very tired, want to shoot the "Ode to joy 2" can have a rest time. "Wang Ziwen now hopes to challenge the different roles," including the immortal man, science fiction, crime and so on, I want to try. The "Petite Wang Ziwen screen image of the great girl, but she said not consider in the mother type of role," I never think of this age, anyway, the character also not too many changes. "

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