October 31st Science News: Surface Studio delivery will be delayed

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news NDRC warning "double 11": the prohibition of original fiction

"double 11" is approaching, the day before, the price supervision bureau of Beijing City, the national development and Reform Commission, the NDRC price supervision Bureau, Dongcheng District development and Reform Commission jointly held a "double check the prices 11" price promotion will remind warned, to remind the operator according to law promotion. Jingdong, Dangdang, Gome, the U.S. group, Wangfujing department store, Amazon, WAL-MART, Caibai and other 18 enterprises to participate in the warning. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge made it clear that the prohibition of business use of misleading price, and to combat the behavior of the original price of fiction.

" iPhone 6S: domestic crack team received $210 thousand bonus

recently held in Tokyo of Japan PacSec 2016 security conference, an annual Mobile Pwn2Own hacker contest opened again, Cohen team from the laboratory safety China won "break master" (Master of Pwn) title, and won the prize of $215 thousand.

it is understood that the competition is subject to crack three smart mobile phone, which is Apple's iPhone 6S, Google Nexus 6P and Samsung Galaxy S7, and Cohen safety laboratory team not only successfully cracked the iPhone 6S, Nexus 6P is still equipped with a so-called rogue program. In terms of obtaining confidential information, Cohen use the core vulnerability to successfully obtain 6S iPhone internal photos.

Silicon Valley

Microsoft three Surface Studio machine

Surface Studio delivery delay in release, at the same time open sale. At first, Studio Surface is expected to be shipped in 12 months.

but due to the large number of orders, and now all of the three models Studio Surface new orders all delay to 2017 shipment. Focus on Zero Day vulnerabilities in Project Zero team founded

Google security team found vulnerabilities in Apple's macOS and iOS

Google kernel system two years ago. Recently, the team found the apple macOS and iOS vulnerabilities. This may result in the latest version of the operating system to upgrade the attacker's rights, access to root permissions.

in June of this year, Zero Ian team of Beer Project to Apple reported this vulnerability. Apple then proposed, in the Google team before the public disclosure of vulnerabilities, giving the company 60 days to solve the time. Google initially rejected this request, but the deadline for the final agreement to disclose the vulnerability is September 21st.


" HUAWEI Mate 9 real machine exposure

now, there has been a group of suspected Mate 9 real machine diagram micro-blog, from the picture, the appearance of Mate compared to 8 did not change much, and did not use positive fingerprint identification, double back she was on the right side there is a camera arrangement, use of unknown sensor.

11 3, HUAWEI will be officially released in Berlin, Germany Mate 9, then the appearance and configuration of the machine and other information will be officially announced.

Galaxy S7 edge Samsung to push the coral blue version of

after Galaxy Note 7 "explosion - recall" incident, Samsung is trying to restore its reputation in the consumer.

days ago, Samsung's other flagship phone S7 edge Galaxy launched a new color - Coral blue. In fact, this color is not the first use of samsung. It is reported that the new color edge S7 will be launched next month in Singapore, Taiwan and other specific markets.

" Deng Ya Ping launched 5 billion sports industry investment fund, into the circle of

2016 in October, the Deng Ya Ping team and the Central Plains equity investment company jointly set up in Henan Province, Deng Ya Ping sports industry Investment Fund (also known under the "fund"). It is reported that Deng Ya Ping sports industry fund plans to raise the total size of 5 billion yuan, the first phase of the scale of 500 million yuan, will be raised by market and operation. As the Deng Ya Ping administration

sports industry investment fund management company, Cci Capital Ltd set up by the Deng Ya Ping team and the Central Plains of the Central Plains equity assets owned subsidiary, give full play to the Deng Ya Ping brand appeal and the central assets integrated financial services professional advantage.

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