Li Zongwei of Denmark match was upset to lose, why...

Li Zongwei Denmark

aiyukeyumaoqiuwang· 2016-10-31 11:48:08

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Malaysia; men's singles coach Ye Chengwan Li Zongwei confirmed that Malaysia a hamstring injury, resulting in a 34 year old birthday lose.

he said, Li Zongwei in the first race in the first Danish badminton circle against Hongkong Wei Nan hurt hamstring, lead to the next game are affected.

"in the top 8 of Lifudesi, Li Zongwei said in the first leg pain, especially in the first half of the ball, so we made changes in play, his speed and rhythm."

he said, in the first circle against Wei Nan and Barano, Li Zongwei has been injured to fight, but did not think the injury will exacerbate.

he hopes that Li Zongwei will take advantage of this 3 days of rest, hope can be improved after receiving physical therapy and acupuncture, to participate in next week's French super cup.

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