Baby good acting skills, Tony Leung with "dig potatoes" to describe

Tony Leung potato baby acting

feiYoungyule· 2016-10-31 11:51:48

Taiwan media reports, Angelababy (Angela Baby) on "dragon tactic" won this year popular movie award for best supporting actress, and at the same time, Huang Xiaoming made a success, happiness makes fans happy for her, but because of the award being puliao with black box operation, the audience will review said she was eliminated in the first round so, the award-winning baby is not very bright. She will launch a new "ferry" recently, the acting was again called into question, partner actor Tony Leung is to "dig potatoes" to describe.

"the ferryman" adapted from the novel "passing from your world" one story by the author Zhang Jiajia personally served as screenwriter and director, actor Tony Leung, please Kaneshiro Takeshi, singer Eason Chan, actress Rongrong Zhang and Angelababy et al. Main Asia Pacific's highly anticipated speech, biggest names gathered, just because of earlier by Zhang Yibai micro-blog] directed by "passing from your world" and the movie of the same name evaluation showed polarized, so there are still many people in the wait-and-see response.

in addition, even if the best actor, best actress in Angelababy also have the characters, their performance said: "desperately, but some people are still worried about her acting skills will outlast the movie". Tony Leung is to "dig potatoes" to describe her acting, she said: "let me (feel) very surprise, if you go to the field to dig a potato, you dig dug, dug out a string of results, then you continue to dig, dig, dig a watermelon, I think she has a lot of that, in the film scene are also very active." That has added to the Angelababy praise, but users still do not appreciate, "said with a smile:" do not dig watermelon; "who'll dig potatoes! "/>

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Baby good acting skills, Tony Leung with "dig potatoes" to describe

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