"Dragon Ball" to Z, the Japanese animated film get together and release only for sell feelings?

Japanese animation dragon ball Z

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! "From" Duo A dream "to" cherry ", from" Naruto "to" Saint Seiya ", from" detective Conan "to" Dragon Ball ", which has landed or landing Chinese screen animation film, all have the same common: animation works have accompanied the growth of a generation, has a huge fan base.

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") this year is the Japanese anime film "seven ball" came out 30 years, carrying countless 70, 80 after 90, the memories of the battle of the universe will also be in this time of remembrance on China screen.

it is reported that the "dragon ball Z: Resurrection" flisa released in the domestic version of the original voice, and delete content.

from the current public information, to China Japanese film released a total of 10 this year, which only anime film have 8 much, including 4 ("A Doraemon: Nobita's new birth of Japan", "Fu Ren", "Naruto: Saint Seiya: the sanctuary," legend "Chibi Maruko: from Italy youth") has been released, 2 ("dragon ball Z: Resurrection flisa", "detective Conan: Black nightmare") has determined the schedule. />

from the "Duo A dream" to "cherry", from "Naruto" to "Saint Xing Shi", from "detective Conan" to "Dragon Ball", which has landed or landing Chinese screen animation film, have the same characteristics: animation works have accompanied the growth of a generation have a huge fan base. It also can not help but suspect that the Japanese anime film have introduced, only to sell feelings?

this year, the Japanese anime film why get together there?

, released in Japan during the "dragon ball Z: Resurrection flisa" eventually grossed more than $3 billion 700 million yen, to become the highest grossing movie "Dragon Ball" series. Film in the United States also unexpectedly successful release. The evaluation of "

Z: Resurrection of the dragon ball media flisa" return to the Dragon fighting style and humor, although the whole story of inadequate novelty, but some action or let fully and delightfully Dragonball fans guozuying.

from the beginning of 2006, in addition to a small part of the Japanese co productions, was introduced to the number of genuine Japanese film China has been very scarce. The largest number of years in 2009 and 2011, the two were introduced in 4, and then in 2013 and 2014, the Japanese film in the Chinese market to the freezing point, no one has been introduced for two years.

and almost disappeared from the cinema, by 2016 nearly 10 Japanese film into the China theater, and almost all of the two dimensional movie, why? Is the Japanese movie does not want to lose China's huge movie market, or does the Chinese market really need it? More of the following reasons:

1. movie market weakness need to inject fresh vitality of

"A dream with me:" the movie box office up to 530 million

2015 released the "A dream with my colleague" is a Japanese film in Chinese for ice breaking, harvest 530 million at the box office, beating Hollywood animation film released the same year "super corps", became the 2015 annual anime film runner up. The box office performance is almost equivalent to the local box office.

: "A dream with me" is the success of the film market China to revive confidence in the Japanese film, paved the way for the introduction of Japanese movies. In the same year, detective Conan: the sunflower industry fire release, harvest about 80000000 at the box office. />

" in 2016, the Japanese film released in China began to show a significant growth trend. The main reason for this phenomenon is the change in the film market. />

" bottom "spice is the introduction of Japanese films of the few movie

in the 9 day of this year has been the introduction of the film, in addition to" spice "outside the bottom 8 movies are related to the two dimension. This is also reflected from the side, in the background of the film industry expanding, segments to Japan as the representative of the film began to get the attention of the market, more of the two dimension related to the movie also naturally get more development opportunities.

2. film fan base, low cost low risk

view for a long time, in the Hollywood movie Chinese champion, these Japanese film in the process is the introduction of the natural, very cautious. Choice of subject matter is not in China has a broad fan base and influence of the "diffuse" film, which is with the Chinese audience can resonate, easy to create the market topic of the film.

just as they boarded the China movie screen, Naruto ball, duo A dream, Conan and other famous Japanese anime characters, in fact already in the circle of Chinese powder and countless, they represent the greatest characteristic lies in the animation works already known Chinese the young audience, has a very big influence, even it doesn't matter two yuan or three yuan will have attention.

" parasitic beast "was listed as the 18 ban, in China release caused strong concern

recently the topic of" big "parasyte is a live action movie adapted from horror comics. This film diffuse change because there have been many bloody violence and was listed as the 18 ban, and eventually released in Chinese also caused strong concern, the successful harvest of Japan in recent years, the movie in China create the best first week at the box office. />

"your name" to determine the introduction, the ability to break the box office record?

2015 released the "A dream with me:" eventually hit a high box office, 530 million yuan is no one but with no predecessors. Most of the other films are at the box office. A recent movie "Chibi Maruko: from Italy youth", the final box office is only 25 million 850 thousand, is a record in recent years in the Japanese film China lowest grossing.

" Chibi Maruko: from Italy youth "compared to the final box office 25 million 850 thousand

, the upcoming" dragon ball Z: Resurrection "plot to get rid of the infant flisa, scene stimulation also can meet the public taste. But in the end can not rely on the accumulation of 30 years of popularity, playing the feelings card, it is difficult to say.

" your name "set box office records in Japan

but now there is a good news is that" your name "have been identified during the year will introduce Chinese. The film in Japan has been achieved for eight consecutive weeks at the box office champion, a total of 15 billion 400 million yen to break the box office revenue, becoming the Hayao Miyazaki animation, the first breakthrough billion yen in the box office of the Japanese animation film. />

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