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after a series of changes since 2015, Germany has stood in a crown the new starting point, and President Luo Weiman is also more and more to "coach" identity for the field team stars to guide and cheer.

office as its people, Guangdong decro new film material Limited by Share Ltd chairman and President Luo Weiman's office layout was calm, the atmosphere was. He is very happy now, the end of the first half of this year, the company has been ahead of the annual budget profit targets. Not only that, since 2015, after a series of changes, strategy, system and management process of the company is becoming more and more clear, in addition to the introduction and construction of IPD management tools, all this makes Deguan company has been standing at a new starting point, from the beginning of 2014 the industry low tide since the strategic defensive attack, positive enterprising.

from a single point of breakthrough to the system optimization of

Deguan company was founded in 1988, Luo Weiman is one of the founding leaders, was at the time of township enterprises. From 1992 to 1998, Weiman to Hongkong to do business, international trade left for a period of time. 1998 coincided with corporate restructuring, the opportunity to change the mechanism, Luo Luo and his partners to the crown of mergers and acquisitions, to take over the company's business. When is the international financial tsunami caused by the industry trough, he quickly discovered that this may be an opportunity to contrarian expansion, began to mergers and expansion, in the ten years following the German crown production from the initial annual output of 18 thousand tons up to 131 thousand tons, into the first echelon of the industry.

Weiman made during this period, another important decision is to develop their own core technology. In 2000 when the most profitable industry in 2003, he was looking forward to rely solely on the scale of consciousness, is not enough to win a protracted war, and decided to increase investment in research and development, by 2007, German crown developed with independent intellectual property rights of the first product - no glue composite membrane can be exempt from toluene and other toxic solvents used in the traditional film, environmentally friendly and cost saving. This product so far has 14 patents, and won the industry's only national patent award. Until now, no plastic composite film is the main product of the crown. "Without this core technology, we might have fallen down in a cycle."

no glue composite film, Deguan has also done a lot of research efforts in other technical direction, billions of dollars, but very few real results. This makes Luo Weiman very confused: in the end is our ability to do, or these technologies do not have the market?

this confusion, at the end of 2014 he joined former HUAWEI executive Hong Tianfeng served as the board of directors of private workshop to experience the experience of team learning after obtaining the answer. The key to the problem lies in the lack of the strategic management system and management tools.

through learning and the introduction of HUAWEI's integrated product development process management system (IPD), IBM (BLM), a leading business model Deguan began with the rate of return on investment ideas towards development to input, analysis and strategic design, scientific implementation landing combined to deal with customers' needs. a set of ideas, tools and methods of learning and import, so that the German crown in a short period of time to enhance their own technology research and development decision-making and management level, the company's internal operations have been greatly improved.

for many years, functional film masterbatch technology has been mastered in the United States and Europe on the hands of the enterprise. German crown according to IPD decision-making and management methods, from 2015 began to invest in R & D and production, so far has been the construction of 3 production lines, investment about 5000000 yuan, an annual output value of about 80000000 yuan. In contrast to the previous 1 billion purchase of equipment, 2 billion of output, the output of this project is very impressive. Germany crown plans to increase production lines to 6 in the next two years, to further build their own core competitiveness. Style= text-align: "justify

Open equity and a combination of major incentives, the team into a new partner. in the design of governance to force new industrial company, Germany as "open, cooperation, make" the mind, come up with 30%~40% of the shares to the core business and technical personnel, so that they become shareholders and partners, greatly inspired their entrepreneurial spirit. Style= text-align: "justify

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" company; manager "

Luo Weiman's experience is very interesting. He had determined to be a writer when he was young, and later became a surgeon. He had been in business, but now has become a "Shun Business" representatives, served as chairman of the Shunde General Chamber of commerce.

Jobs said, looking back, even point into line, past experience has accumulated in a moment in the do influence. 6 years of experience in the operation of the surgeon so that he can be in business management with a unique perspective to gain insight and creativity.

" medical and business management actually has a lot of similarities. Whenever the crisis came to the work site, my ability to judge than a lot of the chief engineer are better. The anatomy of medicine is equivalent to the organizational behavior in management. Physiological systems and functions of the human body has evolved to a very sound level, every system how to interact with other systems, for enterprise management has a very profound inspiration."

" there is medical diagnosis in science, it is based on a series of indicators to determine the implications for management is that we have to speak with the data, make decisions based on data. This is the most scientific, the most rigorous, but also the most consistent with the young people to do things in the way of management, and now young people are relatively rational."

Deguan company strategy implementation of a series of organization and process design are Weiman Luo completed their transformation process, two years down, his drawer has accumulated a thick stack of structure design sketch. Finally, the implementation of the "4+4" strategy implementation model, three kinds of organizations (decision type, process type, combination type), and conceptual framework, which combines learning from EMBA classroom knowledge from workshop to experience the private board of directors understand the truth, as well as their past practice experience.

Luo Weiman's name card now also printed the jobs of chairman and chief executive, but he thinks his role has been changed, becoming more like the head coach of the company. "I used to be the relationship between the executive team, I was red flowers, they are green leaves. Now, in turn, I am a green leaf, and they are red flowers." he said that if the German crown as a team, then the team is the team's star players, he is the field coach, the responsibility is to design a good strategy, equipped with good team, a reasonable allocation of resources. Of course, the coach should also assess the situation, can also stop and change.

Weiman Luo agree "sparrow company Phoenix" this book presents the enterprise to achieve a breakthrough development must be "for the coronation" point of view. in entrepreneurship, entrepreneur is the star, the king's crown worn on the head of natural entrepreneurs, but as the enterprise develops to a certain stage, if the company is all around the leaders to run, rather than play the power of the organization, activation each individual, it is difficult to achieve breakthrough growth. " now my head has been put on a lot of aura, if I don't make a change, then the company began to coronation, team cohesion and the forward momentum will weaken. So I had to walk out of the aura."

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the Guangdong decro new film material Limited by Share Ltd chairman, President, President of the World Federation of CIS operators.

in business before, Luo Weiman is a surgeon, in the wave of reform driven by business change.

1993, Luo Weiman went to Hongkong to engage in international trade, as the Hongkong Dongbao International Investment Limited company general manager. This experience has given him an open international vision and modern enterprise management philosophy.

1998, Rowe overbrim Ren Deguan group president and under the biaxial tensile Guangdong decro Film Co. Ltd. chairman, president. Guangdong Tak crown biaxial tensile membrane Co., Ltd. in 2010 to carry out joint-stock transformation and changed its name to the Guangdong crown film new materials Limited by Share Ltd.

2003, Luo Weiman put forward "from" traditional manufacturing enterprise "to" service-oriented manufacturing enterprises "transformation" business strategy, to urge the company to become the solution of functional thin film system suppliers.

2015, Luo Weiman joined the board of directors of the 1512 workshop to experience the private group learning. Based on his new understanding and new thinking on the law of development of enterprises, realize China manufacturing industry transformation and development need to experience factor driven, efficiency driven and innovation driven three stages, using IPD model and BLM model as a tool, a prelude to the company's internal management reform and process reengineering. "Guangdong de crown" in early 2016 will be a long-term strategic adjustment: "the market and customer demand as the guide, to master the leading technology, the use of differential games, personalized scale business".

fifth China private entrepreneurs annual board of directors of

Chinese enterprise yohen, at this moment!
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workshop to experience for the private enterprise leaders, personal leadership training as the "private board" mode, to become the most professional Chinese entrepreneurs of lifelong learning and growing together private community.

workshop to experience (ClecChina)

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