Hainan province Football Super League sixth round battle | chariot 3:2 wins great eastern 0:8 sea sea division "the extension of abortion"

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in the fifth round of the competition, the Hainan University football team for the first defeat of the season. The Red Sea chariot against a war of concern. In the first half, the fifth round of the first defeat of the Hainan University, a start of the opening will be organized to attack. Seventh minutes, the defensive over the sea in an attempt to prevent the red car scoring handball foul, red car No. 8 Chen Xiaoliang personally kick, kick into the net nest box.

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20 minutes before the attack, both sides are trying to organize, but with little success. Thirty-ninth minutes, the red car No. 23 South Island midfielder Xie long shots, the ball into the net, but the sea safely hold No. 24 goalkeeper Yang ning. 2 minutes from the end of the first half. The red car No. 7 Hu Renxing at the top of the gourd volley shot, but the ball flew out of the post is a pity. At the end of the first half, the red tank 1:0 temporarily lead.

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Zaizhan easy side, behind Hainan University team to speed up the pace of attacks, but the goalkeeper mistakes, red car No. 23 Xie in South Island each other in front of 5 meters tuishe, tongshe. Red tank 2:0 lead the game.

seventieth minutes, Hainan University No. 7 team captain Zhou Changde restricted kicker volley one ball into a draw. 5 minutes after the sea No. 21, Li Chengyao took the team pass the ball went into the net to move up, wo. The sea big success will chase the score 2:2.

then the two sides close games, the sea was shot a number of opportunities but by the other guards in a timely manner. As the saying goes, win against attack, champion by defense. Competition to enter the final 2 minutes to fill the stage. The lead of the red chariot to take defensive strategies, and ultimately, the red team 3:2 victory over the Hainan University team.

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the other teams in the matches, Oriental home court defeated by 0:8 after a comprehensive defeat for the Hainan Normal University football team. The last round of Sanya team to a 1:0 victory over the Hainan University team after Qionghai Haicheng team barely beijing. Wanning ran inside the team after the red flat home court chariot, and 2:2 Ping Chengmai County thunder football team.

League seventh round in November 5th will open, red car VS Chengmai thunder, sea VS Qionghai Haicheng Beijing, Wanning ran inside the VS Invincible Eastern, Sanya sea division VS.

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