Fan Bingbing Li Chen love staged 520 days looking fondly

Li Chen Fan Bingbing deep affection publicity photos

tengxunyule· 2016-10-31 13:54:25

" Fan Bingbing domineering shoulder Li Chen

Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media "Ming Pao Daily News reported on October 30th, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen in 520 days (I love you) two anniversary, the first couple to do the brand ambassador. They are shooting, by the famous photographer Chen man surgeon, two people in the lens to burst Sweet. Fan Bingbing took the initiative domineering boyfriend at Bing Bing's shoulder, deep red, bursting with happiness. Advertising in the new year to launch, to promote happiness and love.

said Fan Bingbing happy together with Li Chen endorsement, during the lunar new year around the joy of red, can develop a personal style and talent shows itself is very important; hope this advertising brings fashion of the lunar new year. Li Chen said: "we hope that the natural expression of the new year can touch your heart. "

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