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paobuquan· 2016-10-31 14:56:40

2016 in October 23rd, Dalian coordinates Huangnichuan cross-country! My 2016 is destined to be a turbulent, experienced a lot of things, also met a lot of people, from the Dalian 100 race to Guanmenshan injured can't compete in Songhua Lake injured adhere to finish, easy to finish the race, in the 50 km to the Huangnichuan fish, although not much large coffee lucky third, ranking is not important to look at the score of 6 hours 17 minutes to finish the race, I did, 7 hours before the completion of the plan, the first time to get the trophy, with their competition for honor!

friends joked Huangnichuan track was I ran flat, is home ah event or some advantage, two months before the competition started into the mountains, the entire track also ran a lot of times without exaggeration to say finally can see the signs!

day, but eventually decided to wear short sleeved shorts (long dress hot again off delay time)

to get a good result, the first 3 kilometers highway has been running in the first echelon, to pass the team has fallen Very far, only a few players together and we all know are usually trained together with friends. In the mountain Steamed Buns champion shows its advantages, the small slope are running, he led the way, since he did not know the wrong line several times did not dare to run, I told him before the first half followed me to the beach is not easy to go the wrong way you can hold the first half I take each other, we put 10 kilometers behind third snails and other teammates fell so far, this guy really is very strong, let me tired ah, arrived at the CP1 point and punch. The first 20 kilometers thanks to me with him, there are several places easy to go wrong. After 30K with half track overlap, no way, we are in the same way all the way through, many "thank you please", most of the players or to give way, don't give way to us only from the next crossing, shave is wound.

to the old seat Shanren much less, when Steamed Buns began to gallop in a blink of an eye, no shadow. To the CP3 supply station to ask how far from the front of the steamed bread, took two bananas did not rest began to catch up. One way to catch a dozen kilometers did not see the shadow Steamed Buns, Buddhist temple just went back across Steamed Buns, is 3 kilometers, 3 kilometers, but also difficult to look back, did not catch up, just relax next took two steps before long back suddenly have a brother I went to the back, a few subtle sanxialiangxia than my brother up, this man is to go uphill express, at this time heart pressure had dropped to third from the first heart unwilling, thought to fight on the teeth and followed, arriving at the same time CP4 card. Back is uphill, I have left him far away, I still can not be reconciled, chase..... I love deadlines met downhill to fly up to catch him, so he for a while in the moment before I in front until about 42 kilometers and is uphill, it is unable to catch up with no shadow however, I still did not give up breath without rest. The three fork road right foot feeling a little uncomfortable, because new shoes and some hard, the road is running around, my heart urged him to not go, even if I walk faster than jogging, then put a mobile phone music canter. To the last mile road, hey, the guy in front of me actually shouted behind me, the four deep what Le, he ran the wrong, that is just the road he did not go, choose jogging, until the last moment don't give up, or organic drops. But in the end, the road is uphill, I saw this man polished and no shadow. Come to the end of the organizing committee set up a bulletin board, can write their own feelings, this quite creative, write deep in it, no time to consider, this 50 km down on the left after the brain volume of a word, just don't want to put your name written on it "Prodigal son". Just in the last few hundred meters down the road I still did not give up, fly the same speed ran to the end, there is no suspense did not catch up, with second on the one minute difference.

summary and Reflection: large and small events also participated in several, total station node experience, try not to take too long time, painless finish, wear two pairs of socks, Wuzhi socks socks feet thick Vaseline feet without foaming, plus big toenails have lost no fingernails pain and run together more easily. Need to strengthen is running uphill training. In fact, this is to run the new shoes, to prepare for the next month the song 108, again this year and luck is not very good, I always take a deep breath, running on the track will let himself relax, like Xu Wei the song "I never walk alone toward the distant waves of"

thanks to its own struggle dedication, do not give up, life experience has a splendid memory references Dalian 100 an ad, "the fastest man winner is not running but, refused to concede to the people"!

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