Sea fishing to spend ten million to ask Dong Mingzhu to do the waiter, why wrong outrageous

Sea fishing Dong Mingzhu waiter advertising

shangjie· 2016-10-31 18:09:49

" what? How did Dong Mingzhu become a waiter!

in Zhejiang TV launched new venture program, "I am the founder of" Miss Dong, wearing the uniform of a sea fishing, delicate makeup, followed by a group of little meat in the sea when the waiter.

acquaintances asked, the original sea fishing took 10 million to do this placement, this is really big.

effect, yesterday, the sea fishing on the public issued a "high handed president in the sea fishing have experienced what?", the title of the high handed president, said Dong Mingzhu. This article is well worth reading, 100 thousand + hits, nearly 700 points like the number of very fine wood.

can you look at the comments, always feel a bit wrong. The following content, released 17 comments, did not mention Dong Mingzhu, said is to join the program with Dong Mingzhu star Quan Ren.

I'm a little happy for the seabed, their public numbers do really quite good, from the point of view, at least 80 users a lot.

but I also regret for the sea, 10 million of the investment, may not hit the quasi they want to win the user.


or Miss Dong Dong aunt?

said, Dong Mingzhu is the business net red, this year, because the Lei frequently fire, repeatedly boarded the headlines. An appearance, then the whole body is a play. She has many fans. Class= img_box "

, however, Dong Mingzhu's fans are 60, 70 after. These fans follow her strong, traditional, solid tone and the spirit of the craftsman, they are loyal followers of Dong Mingzhu and GREE brands.

however, Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun 1 billion gamble, let a person feel, she does not understand the logic of the world and play the new internet. So, for 80, 90, she is more like Dong aunt rather than her own more agree with Miss dong.


seabed fishing should be to win over who

sea fishing in the mainstream consumer population is indeed 60, 70 after they have some kind of seabed fishing complex".

after 80 will eat sea fishing, but after 80 will not think this is a fashion brand, but an older generation has the strength of the brand.

" a handsome face overbearing President Quan Ren,

beauty customers called Laihuan, was also a look of dislike.

Dong Mingzhu in

as a single point for customer food companies, users must face the problem of aging. To this end, the sea fishing need to continue to pull new, so that the new incremental population to understand the sea fishing, to understand its brand and culture, resulting in the conversion of shop consumption.

however, it is clear that Dong Mingzhu, as the famous traditional entrepreneur of the last generation, can not affect the younger generation.

" when you can rely on face to eat but to do investment in Quan Ren,

and many business big coffee, this is a kind of experience?

however, 90 has to stand in the forefront, opinion leaders and lead the trend who. They are the future of food prices.

so, now the bottom of the sea fishing most should be absorbed in the 90 powder, so as to be associated with further unity after 80.


how to use the star to endorse

star endorsement first to understand what the star can attract users.

Wang Shi and his endorsement of the Grand Cherokee "smells very congenial, two have the spirit of adventure. Wang Shi is the representative of the 60 generation of successful business man, is matched with the positioning of the Cherokee fans.

Lenovo's spokesperson is Fan Bingbing. The former audience is mostly at the age of 40 to 30 years of age, mostly in the management of the enterprise, in the purchase of a certain decision on the computer. Fan Bingbing's endorsement just to attract the attention of some people, but also led to the sales of Lenovo computer.

" master Li Yifeng, Wu Yifan found unified spokesperson

master to find Li Yifeng, with Wu Yifan spokesmen to do, is to radiate their own vitality, let the trees blossom. So, in order to use the little meat to impress women consumer groups after 90.

if the sea fishing with Wu Yifan, will have the opportunity to attract young Wu Yifan fans?


to find the right people, right

Ajisen in 1990s Hand-Pulled Noodle precise grasp of the white-collar middle market blank. She is clever, and no original copy of the Japanese 20-30 square meter low price of the model, but do have a Japanese fan, moderate price of casual fast food. Ajisen Hand-Pulled Noodle is through such market vertical segments, successfully occupied the market.

food industry another successful transition through the case is: from "double seed" to "true"".

early "double seed" with the street any fast food shop is not much difference, but later renamed the "Kung Fu", "Bruce Lee" is enabled as the image of a sudden talent shows itself.

" not long ago, Kung Fu also for a new image, the breakthrough and bold, internationalization more avant-garde.


" 90 to choose what is the value? Once

two people to get a pot shop to operate in a stable transformation, transformation of the former, the restaurant consumer groups by fashion groups, but two people decided to put the audience positioning in the pan about 90 young women, decided to reform the Korean restaurant atmosphere more extreme. After the scene effect transformation of

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" two pot, in a very short period of time, two pot consumer groups for the pursuit of fashion trend change obviously after 90 groups, and turnover increased by 50%.

why? I love Korean food in deep consumer reasons when found, it is behind the influence of Korean TV dramas of Chinese young people in culture. In many domestic popular Korean food are originated in the Korean heroine enjoyed delicacy.

90 or Korean culture "disaster", the Korean pop culture everywhere in their life. More exciting content, please click on the 90 likes to show their personality, they are the self timer, the active users of social networks, like the high force grid. These qualities make the two people can quickly detonated their social circle, to get a quick word of mouth.

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