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At the beginning of

2016, a with "aesthetic world, love and adventure as a 3dmmo slogan and the main mobile end of the tour" concept phone game the sword and magic "continued in the app store selling top 10 position Ba list for a month, and the sword and the sorcerer" is to the original IP set that should not be overlooked achievements, in the industry set off a no small billows. So, "sword and magic" is how to do so proud of the achievements of the people? Mobile terminal tour is how to achieve?

[meaningless question the pursuit of perfect]

the sword and magic "from the beginning of the project to achieve to the user computer games like experience as the goal. R & D team art director Wang Shuai tells the story of the game in early production for the realization of "mobile terminal Tour" concept, in the game showing gorgeous effect, thousands of people with screen, delicate role, for art in the design ideas and the resource allocation has great challenge, in a scene of "magic sword" art early to do a multi version of the test to achieve balance of the same frequency resource and the final results.

game is game of mobile battle first appeared in the industry, and at first, many people in the industry think mobile combat challenge difficulty is too large, is not easy to achieve. "Magic sword" art after dozens of different production methods of experiment, adjust handle hundreds of times, every action in battle are a frame by frame to adjust, by adjusting the art resources occupancy, effects and UI pruning, the pursuit of visual effect as the acme of perfection, realization of the mobile phone platform to show new breakthroughs in the end of the tour the art level.

[get to develop new skills to achieve "mobile travel"

"sword and sorcery" technical director Wang Rui tells to realize mobile terminal tour, games not only to a 3D scene, so as to realize visual 360 degrees rotate freely basic requirements, in order to achieve this goal technicians after numerous experiments, tests. In the technical research and development of intelligent camera control algorithm, can be realized in the game flying watch scenery, PVE, PVP in the battle of the key objectives is always locked in the field of vision. In addition to the 3D perspective, the game also did a 2.5D perspective, you can freely switch in the game, in order to meet the different needs of the players. Taking into account the best picture quality and smooth gaming experience in the game, the technology for the game on a complex optimization. To save DrawCall the scene elements with rendering, using an appropriate amount of object cache to avoid repeated loading and release, careful planning and resource guarantee picture quality, by cleverly hidden logic shield players temporarily do not need the elements to achieve hundreds guild battle experience is very smooth.

[market research meet the reasonable demands of the user]

operations director Xue pan talked about the "sword and sorcery" is a pure original game, without a strong IP to guide the amount, in operation and promotion in the direction to find the target user's first appeal. In a lot of the early market research, "magic sword" operations to find and maintain a batch of seed users, they are end of the tour to tour the user, this batch of use have special is passion, blood, hope "game company" to hear their voice.

on-line 2 a month before the sword evil "IC packaging and testing, through mobile phone players from the media and the various channels, and feedback to the product, through interactive adjustment, the game won the strong reputation. There are 33% new users in the game is recommended by friends. New clothes, old clothing DAU little difference, as can be seen that the user has a very strong autobiography. Sword magic formally launched on the line after the user is a geometric growth, in order to avoid a large influx of players, sword magic operations team set aside dozens of servers, do enough preparation. Through the team's efforts and try to give the game players feel that this is their own game.

[aesthetic world of love and adventure]

visual, director of "April Snow Prince" Maxiao describes the "magic sword" is a biased in favor of European fantasy theme products, game scene, fashion are extremely beautiful, whether he's making game videos, games, movies or battle group, fashion video, can be in "magic sword" in the game free framing, realize their unlimited video creation. He also mentioned that the game of romance and phonetic system is extremely interesting, the player can with friends, love to stroll through the magic in all corners of the world. It is well known that in reality many couples, couples have become attached to the game, in the "sword" can love and adventure.

[excluding traditional MMO criticized integration to streamline the UI design]

in order to enhance the player of MMO game experience, "sword evil" designers from the start with the design of two directions. One is to remove the players on the MMO game has been criticized for the design, to meet the players on the MMO fantasy and regret. Players concerned about the game but not to watch the game story, planning on the one hand, in the game set up the exclusive monster phase systems and other technical means, on the one hand by adjusting the task rhythm, NPC location and other details of the traditional criticism removed. Export market most severe games have full screen system icon of the imagination, the phone is not too much input, so the plan were carefully integrated in the game interface and the system of entrance, they through the repeated adjustment and verification and found precise, refined flat flat UI style not only to reduce the interference information, but also to make the players care about visual sense reflect incisively and vividly, to the players bring mobile combat experience extreme micromanagement. Skill system, planning in the design of a skill can increase the way of the 6 variants of the play, to enrich the player's choice of skills strategy.

[to create the "immersion" game]

"sword and sorcery" CEO Dai Lu said "magic sword" the original intention of the project is to on the mobile platform give players a immerse them in the mobile world, therefore invested substantial R & D cost. "Magic sword" team members are engaged in MMO products for more than 5 years, in game development stage by to solve a number of bug is realized to reach the next generation 3D ultimate aesthetic picture effect on the phone screen, but also to meet the lack of thousands of Android mobile phone performance adaptation problems. R & D team and a bold attempt to past the end of the tour time is not too dare to try interactive gameplay, players need to complete the task of the Vancouver activities through the information communication to. Dai Lu stressed Jianmo team will continue to play the game into the novel. Hope that players can be immersed in the sword magic world, to get to know new friends, together to write their own romantic adventure legend. />

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