Take off Europe or let the queen of the queen purse bleeding"


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since the British referendum decided to take off in Europe, in addition to the chain effect of the pound fell and inflation, the British media recently exposed a big news: the Queen's home from Europe because the annual loss of nearly one million pounds, sometimes caused a great disturbance. Britain off Europe, even the "Queen grandmother" home big purse also "bleeding", and this is what is the matter? Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" in fact, this and the European Union on the UK's agricultural policy. British agriculture in its economy, the proportion of less than 1%, but provides more than 50% of its population of food, but also Europe's most important meat, dairy products, wheat, one of the providers. Therefore, the EU since 1960 has been to the UK price subsidies in Britain by the EU's common agricultural policy in 1973 after joining the European Union "(Common Agricultural Policy, CAP) jurisdiction, including direct subsidies to farmers and support the rural economy of agricultural subsidies, which also contains large land holders of farm subsidies. Of course, including the royal family of the British Royal family. Class= img_box "

the queen grandmother, can be said to be one of Britain's largest "landlord". Her property is divided into two kinds, one belonging to her private property, and one is in her name, but it has no right to sell the property.

according to the Daily Telegraph reported that in 2015, the Queen's industry received a total of more than 1 million pounds from the EU's direct agricultural subsidies, the main subsidies to these four places.

Sander Ringe M class= "img_box" id= farm

" subsidies is ranked first, the queen of England is located in the eastern Norfolkshire private residence of Sander Ringe M (Sandringham) farm, a total of 665 thousand pounds. According to foreign media reports, the Sander Ringe M farm in the past ten years, the EU agricultural subsidies received about 7 million pounds.


" to get subsidies in the second row is located in Windsor Royal farm (Windsor Royal Farms), 298 thousand pounds of subsidies last year.

" as part of the subsidy is to belong to the territory of Cornwall, Prince Charles (The Duchy of Cornwall), the Royal territory usually by the government to take care of, in which all kinds of buildings, land, mineral and forest produce the economic income, belong to the British Royal family. Last year, his possessions received 129 thousand pounds of agricultural subsidies.

crown estate

property under the name of the crown estate mostly owned crown estate (Crown Estate The) to the tube. This crown estate to manage how many real estate? According to the "Daily Telegraph" said the crown property under the jurisdiction of the land reached 358 thousand acres (about 1448.77 square kilometers), plus the Queen's private 20 thousand acres (80.9 square kilometers) of land.

so much, the Queen's grandmother home really is a big landlord"! Just last year, the crown estate's also got 350 thousand pounds of EU agricultural subsidies.

" small abacus up! The EU subsidies in several places to add up to 1 million 442 thousand pounds a year. In other words, after the British off Europe, which is 1 million 442 thousand pounds from the EU subsidies, the queen grandmother home, no … … indeed, it is a big "bleeding" ah!

" in addition to the British Queen grandma "landlord", did not affect the EU agricultural subsidies for British ordinary farmers also very big! These subsidies are currently an important source of British farmers' incomes, a considerable part of the farmers (especially dairy producers, Welsh of the England wheat farmers and Scotland potato growers are subsidies for severe dependence from Europe) are worried that once the subsidy can not be guaranteed, their farms would lose money!

" British Welsh area

of the flock but also say that the EU agricultural subsidies for policy practices of some is too rigid, to a certain extent, wasted a lot of resources. First, CAP administrative bureaucracy rigid, many farmers in order to meet the requirements of the EU regulations, had to add extra expenses, resulting in pressure on operating costs. In addition, to pay 6 billion pounds per year in the UK EU taxes, while the British farmers get subsidies, but only 3 billion 800 million pounds.

therefore, even if not the EU subsidies, but from Europe after the British government can save all membership fees and administrative expenses, may be able to better promote their agricultural policies, maybe the British farmers get subsidies will be more than europe.

" British agriculture minister George • Eustis said, it is not necessary to worry about the loss of subsidies. Britain, he said, should be in the form of innovative ways to help growers, such as crop insurance programs supported by the government. Local governments should also make sure that these help can benefit farmers directly, rather than those of the land owner.

" although now, the relevant agreement Britain and the European Union on agriculture has not been reached, and there has not yet been finalized, but the removal effect on British European agriculture is still very great.

British National Farmers Federation Chairman Molige • Raymond said that his main concern is that trade negotiations, the British food exports to the EU and the prospect of mutton cheese will be affected by the impact of import tariffs. Because the UK is very dependent on the European market, if you lose the opportunity to export the EU, each agricultural sector will be affected.

but British farmers do not have to worry about this year, because the British Prime Minister Teresa ·, may said that this year will not be officially launched the "de Europe" negotiations. But in a recent EU summit, Germany and France and other countries in Europe for the first time participants took on the British Prime Minister Teresa · Mei siege pressure, French President Nicolas Hollande is saying, "Teresa · may want to" hard off Europe "? It will be difficult to take off the EU negotiations. "This also means that the UK's agricultural trade will inevitably be hit. It can be seen that the future of the EU will not take off the European flat.

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