Annie Yi with small grain skin whitening girls like to drink coffee

Skin coffee Annie Yi rice

beiqingwangyule· 2016-11-01 07:02:34

Original title: Annie Yi

with small grain coffee skin whitening girls like "img_box"

10" on the evening of 3 August, Annie Yi micro-blog by uploading a daughter and a small grain of rice in the cafe video, and said: "love is love for … we are most willing to stop …" in the video, Annie Yi face makeup, skin white, hair down, pointed chin, thin seems very successful, and millet obedient pashui on the sofa, look very adorable. In addition to small grain growth, chubby face and smile Micheng crescent eyes, very cute, like a father Qin Hao.

after this video exposure, provoked netizens have onlookers and message, said: "a lot of lovely baby, the sun, I love to see it! "Mother" rice in good condition! Always be happy oh! "It's really been a meter."!! "

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