Real Estate Planner from early to late 5 years in their own homes


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" in the real estate industry there is a group of people, as soon as possible to work overtime at night, occasionally encountered the new project or warm field activities, all through the night also commonplace, they are the real estate planner. Wan Yu is one of the real estate planning division in Huizhou, Guangdong province. (Figure two IC / Wenwang East) (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id= class=

" there are many occupation season alternation, such as differentiated season for sales staff targeted to arrange their own lives, but not a planner. Some people say that the industry does not have a short season, only never stop planning season. Wan Yu bought a house in the real estate industry for fifth years, for a long time, the wall is still close greatly ". (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id=

" has described the real estate planning work, project sales good will be thinking about how to make the project cycle longer; sales flat when we should think how to heat up once the project; meet project sales are sluggish, thinking about how to enhance the sales and become the focus of the work. Pictured before work in the morning, eat breakfast at the roadside Wan Yu hurriedly. (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id=

" for the real estate planning practitioners, the song "I still believe" to all bitterness, write the case report is the planner, communicating with the media and advertising company is the planner, in the event of temporary activities need a guest host, still run planner. The picture is in communication with colleagues in the program. (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id=

" to outsiders, all aspects of this position have dabbled in almost equal to anything. Real estate planner said, the original recruitment requirements really written: able to write and speak as clear as noonday, the ability to fully can compose and perform military exercises. (from: Tencent pictures) class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" office, everyone is working hard to do their own work. The network had a special piece to ridicule the real estate industry practitioners, "got up early is the real estate and garbage, slept late is a real estate and watch &hellip …". Although slightly exaggerated to some extent, but in some extent, but the real sketched out a rough outline of the industry. (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id=

" Wan yu should always go to the market scene, in pursuit of better and more accurate completion of each project. This time to go to the development of more than a million, riding electric vehicles to reach 1 hours or so. (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id=

" in the WAN Yu village soon built to customers on the sales plan. (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id=

" from the scene back office phone ringing, Wan Yu said: "listen to the phone, now have some tinnitus. "(from the Tencent:

busy day Wan Yu stretch out, behind the posters printed with "the power forward". This line of people is gratified is objectively the level of revenue, according to the survey, the basic salary of real estate planning division in the five thousand to ten thousand yuan between, and related services of the sales commission, this is the Huizhou city average is still full of happiness. (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id=

" after work, Wan Yu bought a takeaway, hurried home. (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id=

" after the home Wan Yu still have to work overtime, this work for him is too common. (from Tencent pictures) "img_box" id=

" because the job is busy, Wan Yu home TV has long been opened. (from: Tencent pictures) class=

"perview_img_p content_img_p" in the morning to open the curtain, hope this is a good day. He said: "I am now the salary is six thousand to seven thousand yuan. Every day I ride a small donkey run to run, there is no big dream, can let his wife eat enough to wear warm, can let the child grow up healthy and satisfied. "WeChat searches the public for a Chinese day or chinaoneday, join the micro community, share your story, and you will have the opportunity to become a hero of the Chinese people. (from: Tencent pictures) class= img_box "

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