Baer ruthless sarcasm Manchester City first into the Champions League semi-finals to respond with C Ronaldo contradiction

Paradox Manchester City

titankuaixun· 2016-04-26 22:38:54

Baer ruthless sarcasm Manchester City first into the Champions League semi-finals

Baer returned to England and Manchester City in the Champions League semi-final, before his interview, could not help but dig deep pockets of Manchester City, expressed surprise that they first among the semi-finals of the Champions league. At the same time, C Ronaldo is expected in the semi-final comeback, injected a shot in the arm for real madrid.

Baer, who moved to Real Madrid in 2013 with a record 86 million pounds, has not played against the Premier League since then, but he is still concerned about the Premier League. When reminded that this is the first Champions League semi-final, Baer's answer is very interesting: "if there is no response, it can only be surprised. They are very strong, and has been in progress, to become a strong contender in the league, the European Championship, but before they did not enter the Champions League semi-final."

Baer, after a move to Real Madrid, won a series of honors, including the Champions League in 2014. They beat city rivals Atletico overtime in the finals, won eleventh Champions League trophy club. Baer said: "I am very glad to be here, but I don't miss the cold weather here. For the game, we are full of expectations. Our recent performance is very good, in the Champions League, we will have excellent performance, because Real Madrid in the Champions League has maintained a stunning victory, it will inspire us to struggle. "

is the same as the superstar, Baer will be asked to be asked about the relationship with C, in particular, there are rumors that the relationship between the two impasse. In this regard, Baer said with a smile: "we are all to be bored, has more than once to answer such a question. These are not the most important, it is important that the football itself, we are doing our best to win the game, won the championship."

Real Madrid ace C, is likely to be returned at the Etihad stadium. He and Benzema were in the team last night to participate in the organization's training, it looks like two people are not big problem. For Ronaldo's return from injury, I am afraid there is no people than the team coach practice Zidane more excited about the, "I certainly hope that Cristiano Ronaldo can play. He and Benzema have all been involved in training and have been restored, and I will always be concerned about their physical condition." C

Luo's comeback is undoubtedly good news for real madrid. After leaving Manchester United, the 8 game against the team from the United Kingdom, C Luo has always had a good performance, a total of 6 goals scored. And the state of the recent C Luo is more popular. In the Champions League 1/4 finals with wolves in the second round, it is C Luo hat trick to help the team reversed the Wolf fort advance to the semi-finals. C Luo's comeback will bring greater hope of victory for the team. />

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