Copy of a copy of the center of the university to become a pirate distribution buyers admitted that infringement

Copy copy shop University physical store pirated book

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, the Beijing morning news reporter recently found that the surrounding copy shop and individual shop became pirated books "disaster", especially the exam books and textbooks, for convenient and cheap in the students are the main groups to buy. Some students believe that their own use is not infringement, there is a copy of the store that does not bring the author's name on the page that is all right". In this regard, special researcher at the China University of Political Science and Law Intellectual Property Research Center Li Junhui pointed out that copy books, whether from the library to photocopy the use or copy shop lots of copies and sales, "copy right" are suspected of violating the author enjoys the work and the right to remuneration".

visited copy version of selling cheap a lot of money on

master Zhu Xin is ready to prepare for next year's judicial examination, a set of eight of the notes and the matching exercise plus some other examinations, if purchased in a formal way, need to spend nearly a thousand dollars, but the examination of a senior guide forum next, he only spent less than 200 yuan will all get secrets is the copy". Recently, the reporter visited Beijing several universities around the copy shop, found that only a few square meters of shops are often crowded, asked whether copies of books, received positive response, most of the copy shop also have special binding books cover equipment.

in a copy shop, the reporter saw a woman while binding, one side and a female student "bargain", "40 yuan a whole." Female student is a set of "economics principle" on the two volumes, "this is an elective course book, the original 128 yuan, a book borrowed from the hands of the students copy, can save a lot of money." She said. The final copy of this book price to 44 yuan turnover.

in addition to own books, many also copy shop ready ahead of "higher mathematics", "military theory", "46", "English Zhenti computer two questions" and some students of the public textbooks and examination materials of the electronic version, known as the "print", the students did not need with the original book.

business network to verify the ride disc also copy the

in addition to physical stores, the Internet also has many specialized in selling the examination of business. In a sale of second-hand goods trading platform, search for postgraduate entrance politics, English 46, IELTS TOEFL and other keywords, there can be a lot of reserve price, the price is several times higher than the original low. The seller forthrightly describes, is a copy of the book, "is also guaranteed with a genuine copy of the book, the content of error free". Reporters also found that the "copy" of a book, each page hit double copy of the price of more than 8 points to 15 Fen, a five hundred page book the lowest 20 yuan, half of the original book is often even around 1/3.

reporter found that many of the listening disk along with the book supporting also copied to sell. A reporter from the hands of the seller to purchase a set of 8 IELTS brochures, price is only 1/3 of the original price, with pirated cds. Shop owner said that he is a physical bookstore, but these "copy" pirated copies of the book is better than selling, "are exercises, the test did not retain the value of the test, of course, buy the benefits".

admitted that buyers attitude is clearly

"infringement condoned copy books must be pirated," when asked if that copy books belong to the copyright piracy, said most of the students are informed, but also admitted that "did not think too much, some people think that this is not" occupied ", from piracy profit, no ground for blame. The legal profession quiet recalls last review the judicial examination of the scene said, "review of the information in each hand are pirated, school copy shop no buy books. Everyone is learning the law, who do not know to buy this kind of thing is tort? But there is a demand on the market, we indulge in this market is not standardized."

ordered the first official action crackdown sellers know

the reporter saw in the State Copyright Bureau official website, early in February this year, the national pornography office will be with the Ministry of education, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Administration of press and publication, the State Copyright Bureau jointly issued "on the part of the key city in Colleges and universities surrounding the copy shop special action notice", to investigating the case as the focal point, pirated copy of universities and its surrounding copy shop to crackdown, effectively curb the part of the city and its surrounding the pirated copy shop copy the spread of momentum, the special treatment is the 40 city including Beijing as the focus.

but the reporter learned in an interview, a copy of this "do not know", also said no one to check. There is a copy shop owner said, do not have a copy of the author's name on the page is all right.

for expert interpretation is also serious infringement of responsibility

reporters call the Beijing 12330 IPR assistance and complaint hotline, the staff said that the copy shop of printed books in general piracy behavior, should be reported by the copyright rights, "the copyright holders of relevant evidence to the court a copy shop". According to the "copyright law", if the infringement of the public interest, "as in bookstores, fairs, large-scale selling reproductions, pirated books, can be made by the administrative departments shall be ordered to stop the infringement, confiscate the illegal gains, confiscate and destroy the infringing copies, and may be fined; if the circumstances are serious. The copyright administration department may also confiscate the materials, tools, equipment is mainly used for making the infringing copies; constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Researcher

of China University of Political Science and Law Intellectual Property Research Center Li Junhui said, copying books in the Beijing morning news interview with reporters, whether from the library to photocopy the use or copy shop lots of copies and sales, are suspected of violating the author "copy right" and "the product enjoys the right to remuneration", "if you do because the books out of print, or purchase difficult, so because of your research and study copy some chapters, which belongs to the rational use of. In the actual life, the infringement is easy, the protection is numerous or difficult, the punishment is light, it is the key to the infringement and piracy ". Reporter Zhang Jingshu

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