Hilary escaped FBI but lost to a pornographic text messages


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in recent days, the U.S. media wespecial in

, only 9 days before the US presidential election point, FBI to re open the investigation of Hilary's message. Class=

"perview_img_p content_img_p" restart investigation? What So?

mail before the door storm is not already gone....

however, so a no too many details of the simple message,

directly erased in recent weeks all of Hilary's lead...

some people even said that the news

, directly to President Hilary's presidency the location of

. After the trump... "Recording", according to ABC news and Washington Post, Hilary had to trump the support rate has been widened by 12 percentage points, even

Hilary on his birthday, has called himself the future president of the United States

"in the mail on Friday The door to reopen after....


this thing, we should begin from the door... Mail this thing itself.

mail door events from the start of the campaign, until now, has been a time bomb &hellip Hilary carry; this is exactly what happened in the past, you might hear most of the official version, a simple that is about this:

"in March 2015, the U.S. media exposure during 2009 to 2013, Hilary served as secretary of state for private e-mail server and is located in the private home of the receiving official mail, including some involving state secrets secret mail. This batch of mail a total of about 60 thousand, before the investigation opened, more than 30 thousand of which have been Hilary team to involve the private life on the grounds of deleted, leaving only another about 30 thousand mail for investigation. "Class= img_box" id= "id_imagebox_3"


is very serious?

must be serious...

you can imagine, in the United States, the government of the mailbox, is relatively the most secure e-mail... And Hilary knew he was in the Secretary of state, he was staring at the time of countless hackers, she decided to reduce security, government departments do not use national security maintenance server, and use a the computer in his home in the basement as a

server... This is why?

because all mail on the servers of all government agencies will be archived and backed up, belonging to the government documents. Since it belongs to the government, it allows the government to investigate and open to citizens (because of the freedom of Information Act).

so, why Hilary, knew things after exposure to known as the scandal case in knowing that their private server is not safe, but also the most difficult to use this private by the government to monitor the way to deal with their own private mail?


, what's more, when things after exposure, Hilary's team immediately run on the mail server more than 30 thousand emails deleted completely and use specialized software to the hard disk data destruction... Only the other half did not delete the email copy to the government review.

this is why? If she said, are some of the daily information contact, why do you want to delete?

it is like a country's foreign minister, a lot of countries even exchange their president and the government do not know the information behind (because the private mail server without mail server backup, government) also put all kinds of secret and top secret documents home... And when the government to check the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, then those who are in possession of the.

file directly burned... No one knows what those files are...

... This one, then the American people is in an uproar,

why use personal mailbox? Certainly what not to be divulged secret "

" is not in order to escape the supervision of government departments? "

2015 in July, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation FBI launched an investigation on this matter...

however, this time the mail door crisis is Hilary deceive the past, by


"in accepting the FBI survey, she continued to" remember "" not clear "to answer the question.

-- you the secret files of these mail servers, are how to ensure the security of

-- I do not know..

-- your XXX those files?

-- don't remember what..

-- you deleted?

-- forgot about.....

39 times!!

when asked about how to save the government documents, classified information and other related issues, Hilary at least 39 times with a "forgotten", "don't answer"

... No one knows, the FBI survey this year what is going on behind the scenes.

no one knows, this year, the White House and Hilary affect or suppress the number of layers of relationship.

read the house of cards You'll see., can be released, will always be those who can put on the table... And those under the table, we never know.....

in July 5, 2016, FBI announced the end of the investigation, they said, Hilary in this matter "extremely be negligent", but they are not without Hilary and his aides to found evidence of violation of the law, which also no information disclosure behavior, they suggested not to prosecute.

second days, decided not to the United States attorney general, Hilary allegations....

" this time, Hilary's team overcame the difficulty....

charges, what it means?

for... Many apolitical American people eat melon.

they may not care about what is the door mail, mail on the private server and how to

... They care about, perhaps only the final result: "Oh,

in front of the play anyway I also cannot read, since the result is not the accused, that she didn't what big mistake. These other people say you how she can not forgive the sins, but I do not know what there is, you are blind beep exaggerated... Continue to vote for her..!

does not charge, which means impunity gold after that,

, any time and again for mail to her attack... Basically into the air, will not have a significant impact on what her election, she began a state..

< p>.

take cities and seize territory... However... Although FBI announced no matter, but there is a person declared dissatisfied... He.

, Assange is.

" in July 22nd this year, the United States Department of Justice announced not to accuse Hilary of two weeks after the...

Assange under the leadership of the WikiLeaks internal Hilary party Democratic Committee about 20 thousand of the top secret messages. Chief financial officer

" these messages from the Democratic Party committee respectively, director of public relations, an important official senior adviser and other 7 party.

all the main discussion of the mail, of course, how to put Hilary on the throne.

however, after the release of these messages...

American talent really found....

lying slot! It turns out that Hilary had so many different kinds of secret activities! The United States

discovered, in the democratic government now, spend some money can make a variety of national officials with their eating..

discovered, in the democratic government now spend hundreds of thousands of millions, can go to the United States and other countries do buy an officer in the Embassy of the United States...

discovered, Hilary

the team in almost all of the executives are debating whether government can accept foreign brokers political funds.. (this violation of federal election law, because it will allow foreign forces to control the American political)

America discovered, the original

trump rallies all kinds of trouble, Hilary is sent to swarm deliberately black.

America discovered,

... Even eat melon masses,

are aware of

... If you mail the party there are so many black material....

30 thousand that you deleted the letter definitely not for outsiders to see whether the email what??? This

, "the thirty thousand letter", in the hearts of the masses of many eat melon, began to have a real sense of reality - it is the 30 thousand letter above black mail activities!

this heavy bomb is no doubt that the Hilary "liar" of the title of the explosion is getting louder and louder.

", but this is just the beginning of …

... Let the event further detonated,

has several bizarre death...

7... Month 10 am, the Democratic Party of the United States a data manager Seth Rich was shot in... His apartment near Washington near the local police said, this is the armed robbery homicide case... This case is.

... However, more people think, Seth, is this a leaked to WikiLeaks leak Email this close to 20 thousand people. However... Really strange is that this occurred in the capital of the United States the murder of the American mainstream media colleagues invariably remain silent..... His belongings, wallet, mobile phone No, be...

and even more strange is that the

at that time, just 1 months time, there are several people associated with Hilary abnormal death...

Mike Flynn, Internet writer, editor. Sudden death in June 23rd. The death of the Clinton foundation released the same day expose shady

John Ashe, ... Before the United Nations officials, in June 22nd for taking bribes to testify against Clinton a court on the eve of the attack killed...

Victor Thorm, strong> < / a special investigation of Clinton an investigative journalist, published "why didn't Hilary the White House should be" a book in August 1st killed at home Dutch act...

Shawn Lucas, the main representative lawyer Saunders supporters sued Democratic Congress August 2nd fraud, in their own home to death.....


whether the truth behind these people died mysteriously, have all kinds of conspiracy theorists to the foot of the shell....

next day....

mail door smoke gradually dispersed.

... When the trump insult women recordings were exposed.

... People's attention once again gathered to trump body...

although in a televised debate....

trump always mentioned email incident... But as

said before,

FBI and the judiciary are no longer check the things... Others say more, to Hilary's attack, is a non lethal

... Then....

Hilary team is one of the most important members, campaign manager John Podesta,

at the wrong time, the wrong point of a mail... "Img_box" id=.

"he points to open a letter to his hacker phishing emails....

inadvertently reveal your password...

and his own mailbox will be hackers over and over...

. Soon,

hackers have all of these items to the WikiLeaks....

from the beginning of October this year, Wikileaks released a Podesta gradually these messages....

to see this new round of exposure Mail,

the American people, completely sit down!

in these messages,

American people found that the original Hilary has long been aware of Qatar and Saudi Arabia has been funding ISIS! The original

Hilary in early 2014, she sent John Podesta message, on the recognition of Qatar and Saudi Arabia is to provide financial and logistical support for Isis and other gold master... The Sunni militant group

" although this email mainly in the discussion of how to put pressure on the Saudi and Qatari pressure isis. But Hilary

, and Isis of the two gold master had some say Ming unclear relationship.

in the mail,

found that the American people...

Hilary not only know Qatar and Saudi funded ISIS, and Hilary also received Qatar and Saudi money!

one e-mail shows that Qatar has promised to the Clinton foundation "donated" 1 million,

after Saudi Arabia in the Clinton foundation, has a "donor" 10 million - 2500 million

according to reports, the Hilary campaign, campaign funds 20% gold from Saudi

" after it released a batch of mail,

eat melon American friends could not help but.....


your email, these things are


the original,

the more than 30 thousand were deleted in the mail,

hidden are these! The

in October, Wikileaks released a batch of Podesta mail...

day by day to Hilary must pressure.
... But

, despite the pressure again big,

Hilary threw hold "the Justice Department does not charge the amnesty.

can still.....


sleep without any anxiety... This amnesty....

is a can't keep their body buddies a erotic SMS, completely ruined!

, who also did not expect,

finally let Hilary again fell into the mail door,

is her most trusted assistant.

[this thing before Ya Jun also introduced,

Anthony Weiner. Special love to just know female pornographic Internet users, also have accidentally put a piece of their own pornographic on twitter public

out how not long memory...

was dug up several media to exchange with him over the &hellip

" or even a baby lying on the side, he did not play according to error

< P class= "img_box" I D= "id_imagebox_14" style= "=''>

" pornographic exposure after he lost his job, his wife also asked him to divorce …

had everyone thought Hilary's assistant to her husband after the break, the pig won't drag their teammates.

, however, never thought!

he had even the world's best record...

9" in

, the daily mail revealed he also had to send pornographic short letter to a 15 year old girls.

because the other side is a minor,

FBI involved in the investigation.

they confiscated Anthony computer, it may just to check to see if there is no pornographic material

what the children of this investigation, however, there is a big discovery!

this computer not only Anthony himself used, his ex-wife (that is, Hilary's assistant) also used. Not only used in computer, also found 650 thousand messages, one of which is to belong to his ex-wife, which is a part of, like Hilary before deleting in private messages in a mailbox!

with the new evidence, FBI decided to reopen the mail door survey!

this is our first "that a simple but to destroy Hilary"

" why?

re mail door survey, means that Hilary held the "FBI my mail door is not accused of the amnesty did not mean, Hilary may be arrested, convicted, this means that the mail door Hilary's biggest nightmare will start to review and investigate... Especially after....


... Published so many private messages in the WikiLeaks.

Mengliao attitudes to these messages, had changed...

a news that is to reopen the investigation of what

is so simple, so in the United States triggered a wave of rendering

... This is why a

to reopen the investigation. Hilary, Almost devastating...

news, the media the instant change, immediately stand... Before the death of Hilary

's New York Times, also released the same day that the anti Hilary...

< how Hilary met Satan before

" is called the Hilary mouthpiece CNN also began to focus fire reported the Hilary scandal

" this is the end?

did not!

WikiLeaks said....

they will be released in November this batch of the final wave of the mail...

is the most deadly wave for Hilary.

they will put the most weight on the news, stay on the eve of the election on the eve of the announcement, giving Hilary the most fatal blow.

because of this wave of news once published, evidence of the time, enough to make Hilary directly in jail.

... Then, she can only get out of the way, only after the president was elected into his amnesty...



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2016, hackers,

is the best reporter.....

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