Moon cake box chaos into & Shadow puzzle? "Resident Evil 7" two small video

Moon cake shadow two video

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-11-01 11:23:40

with the "Resident Evil 7" official release date draws near, Capcom began to increase the propaganda, the official launch of a video series, known as the "Resident Evil 7" world ", before we have been introduced before the six video, you can click to view: the first report: mysterious shotgun Telephone & box second; reports: Recorder & report: third stockpile; survival & immortality. The official has just released two new video, of course, is so short...

... "Resident Evil 7" world Vol.7: close observation of the

game player in "Resident Evil 7" in 360 degrees can pick up the props, to find hidden secrets.

"Resident Evil 7" world of imagination: Vol8

game player will encounter a variety of puzzles in the game, the video shows the puzzle is the shadow puzzle props need to be rotated to a certain angle, the corresponding icon shadow to the wall and props can, this section of the TGS2016 demo also mentioned that need is a statue, to shadow on.

observation props really like moon cake box......

" but this short video appeared a lot of strange props, such as dolls, balloons and a circuit board, do not know what is the use in the official game.

"Resident Evil 7" will be held on January 24th officially on sale, now in the online store can make a reservation.


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