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Author: Lei Feng

net according to tom. Computer assembly industry practitioners, proficient in computer hardware configuration. This article is the first article of the Lei Feng network, reproduced please contact the authorized. I have never thought of giving

money OS X, good fruit powder and fruit may be black, so was going to take the Macbook Pro written in "configuration database" slightly too little. Did not expect to write and write the length is too long, had to be hard to write a special scalp MBP article. Write a little late, the world is no lack of analysis more professional, but Tom my style is easy to understand, want to look more interesting.

I have to ask you to buy in the public numbers do not buy Pro Macbook, reply moving, basically have no money to buy manual two ha. Here I want to write a write on the Pro Macbook (hereinafter referred to as MBP) value is not worth buying, which people buy, buy what version of the problem. On the way to the evaluation of the Apple's latest masterpiece, and participate in the discussion of this controversial product.

first throw a configuration comparison chart.

photograph: Apple Chinese website has to modify the

relative to the old Macbook Pro (hereinafter referred to as MBP), there are 16 years of the new "upgrade" upgrade to the 6 generation:

1. processor, with graphics upgrade; some models equipped with

2. new hardware: Multi-Touch Bar;

3. models equipped with Multi-Touch Bar memory frequency up to 1866 MHz; the lowest

4. hard disk capacity upgrade to 256G;

5. display resolution, color gamut and iPhone 7 as P3 expanded

6. interface; only Thunderbolt 3 Type-C and USB 3.5mm headset interface two, which is equipped with Touch Bar type 4 Type-C, with only two;

7.. Control board area increased significantly;

8. 15 inch models battery life upgrade, the official data for the use of time increased by 1 hours;

9. all models of weight and thickness of a substantial decline in

10. prices overall rise.

bold part upgrades are not surprisingly, performance enhancement, color value promotion, these are relatively regular upgrades. I5/i7+Iris combination of the market is still very small, MBP is still the best choice for designers, DJ and other groups. Not what requirements for professional students can ignore the basic graphics, 13 inch and 15 inch between the performance difference, choose a suitable for their own perception of the size can be.

carefully students may find me "upgrades" the word with the double quotes, said that with Apple's usual style, not only the simple performance upgrade, but every time is to make big news: Yes, Multi-Touch is Bar and Type-C interface.

Multi-Touch Bar is not introduced, for the operation of lightweight fingers should still experience better than the mouse, the so good and have to listen to views of Nouveau riche. For professional software, there has been a complete operating mode, a short period of time should be difficult to be replaced by Bar Touch, and not native professional software can be a good support for Bar Touch is still unknown. So if you really want to work, Touch Bar does not make you successful in the official career.

" for ordinary users, I think, in addition to turn photos faster, like other functions of non design user is not what. So I think Touch Bar will bring experience breakthrough, more is the effect of icing on the cake, after all, not what the egg in the F bond becomes touch strip, more or less a bit of egg, at least with forcing effect is extraordinary.

and Type-A, including HDMI, USB card reader and a lot of common interface to get rid of this approach is by crashing waves. Two dial my attention from micro-blog, which is based on Liang Huan LED support @ and @ idiot pie, the opposition led by science and technology.

" the opposition believes that the world now, mouse, keyboard, mobile hard disk is Type-A interface; display is HDMI, DP, DVI and VGA interface; a SLR camera is still dependent on the card reader for image transmission wireless network; in a short period of time still can not replace the wired network, that is to say the RJ45 network is still strong; more important is Type-C above the interface line due to technical reasons, in the sale of products are scarce and expensive quality is uneven in quality hastily put all...... MBP interface into Type-C, let alone "productivity tools", is the productivity of disaster. Even a few years Type-C has become a unified standard, or Type-C of all kinds of cable has become a commodity, then replace all Type-C too late, at this time is so radical is consumer big flicker.

support is Type-C interface standard in the future become imperative because of , Type-C high bandwidth, small volume of natural advantages, technically can completely replace almost all known interfaces. But now because of the Type-A product quantity is too much, the downstream manufacturers are satisfied with the status quo, which leads to the popularity of so divided in public opinion, good technology. Now, apple is trying to improve the whole industry by MBP with its influence, apple is not the first to do such a thing, nor has it been done. On the other hand, Type-C does make the body thinner, Apple also provides a perfect interface conversion solutions (that is, the price is a little expensive), even if it is a little inconvenient, can endure.

to explore this issue before we have to go to science about USB, Type-C, Thunderbolt 3 are something.

simple, USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a bus standard, there are a lot of connection between the electronic components, USB is one of the way to connect the external. To make an inappropriate example: you have a gas pipeline, water pipes and wires, USB is equivalent to the people on the other side of the wire.

wire out of the socket, the socket has two mouth, three mouth, is different Type (type). Type-C is one of them. Because we used to call it Type-C, USB-C and other flower names. Different interfaces with different characteristics, such as Type-C and can be inserted into it, not like Type-A choke killer residual party self-esteem.

Type-C" and further supports three different protocols, respectively Thunderbolt 3 (i.e., 3 USB 3.0/3.1 (lightning) USB 3.1 is divided into two generation) and USB 2. three protocol bandwidth and allow the current different, just like your home is the bull socket can be mine, but the common socket is moved to the peak on the trip.

which Thunderbolt 3 agreement the most advanced , support Thunderbolt 3 protocol interface will be able to support the 3.0/3.1 USB and USB 2. Similarly, support for the 3.0/3.1 USB protocol interface, can also be down compatible with USB 2. USB

so that the Type-C interface supports Thunderbolt 3 protocol, which is the new MBP interface should be currently the strongest interface bandwidth is very high, even can output video signal, while the Type-A can only take small films to the U disk, but also get more than half an hour. Anyway, I finished the

science actually are still ignorant. So the two or three lines of the various manufacturers do not understand what you do not understand, made a lot of interface to turn to go, the agreement of different wire. In short, if you do not buy the right, your Thunderbolt 3 interface can only be used as a USB 3 or even 2, the speed is slower than the Baidu cloud.

can not deny that Thunderbolt 3 Type-C USB is indeed very powerful, if all the world's electronic products are using this interface, it is really very convenient, you can even show the phone directly to the projector. Type-C is currently the most obvious advantage, the most likely candidate to become a unified interface.

the problem is that the process will be slow.

first, two or three line manufacturers to design and production of qualified wire requires a lot of cost, but only MBP users pay, the risk is obviously very high, maybe iPhone Type-C can solve the doubt;

second, and other manufacturers a comprehensive distribution, the price dropped to when I like this poor student can also want to buy. You say, how long will it take? May have to wait until when all the interface on the desktop board is Thunderbolt 3 Type-C, throughout the years of the motherboard, equipped with Type-C a few paragraphs, I even can't tell the name, not to mention all the keyboard and mouse are replaced with Type-C, it is hard to imagine that one day in the short term.

so we don't talk about the future, only to talk about now, all Type-C really inconvenient, if you want to be a little more convenient, you need to pay more money. Tom my computer has two USB Type-A, fairly enough, but there was no RJ45 network, spent half a week for the meal to buy a USB RJ45, found that only one USB interface and not at the same time with the keyboard and mouse, so he took a week to buy a meal to expand USB+RJ45 wu. Ah, think about it all think the whole Type-C switching look very moving.

of course, if you have the money and just powder and just want to buy MBP, I believe Apple put all interface into the 3.5mm headset hole and then a pile of super expensive cable can slowly turn into VGA but the effect is not good, you can also buy a full set of.

I do not deny this practice to promote the industry to promote the industry to re enact the influence of USB standards, I also appreciate this move apple. But personal suggestions ordinary consumers need the real productivity, think twice in all Type-C products before buying this.

unless tomorrow get up on the Type-C of the mechanical keyboard.

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