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macro news

Xi Jinping: firmly grasp the major reform measures to implement the reform tasks of

according to the Xinhua News Agency reported on November 1st, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, the central comprehensive deepening reform group leader Xi Jinping presided over the morning of November 1st, the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group of the twenty-ninth meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee to fully implement the party spirit, firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of core consciousness, par consciousness, firmly grasp the major reform initiatives, both important and important task, and the pilot, grasping the key subject, key links, key nodes, the key to promote the overall tasks of the reform. Implement.

Li Keqiang: targeting the life science major needs to form a new productivity

life sciences conference held in 2016 on the occasion of the world, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions. Instructions pointed out: life science is an important comprehensive subject area in twenty-first Century, the relationship between human survival, health and sustainable development. The government is China further implementation of innovation driven development strategy to implement the "health China 2030" program, through scientific and technological innovation, a strong impetus to the rapid development of related industries and the field of life science, to improve people's health and living standards, improve the quality of the environment is playing a more and more important and obvious effect.

: development and Reform Commission will allow non resident gas prices rise the highest rate of 20%

according to the Peng Bo report, the national development and Reform Commission said Chinese natural gas supplier from November 20th, the increase of non residents with natural gas prices, the highest rate of 20%. The national development and Reform Commission said in an e-mail to answer questions on Monday, said the gas supplier must first consider the market supply and demand balance, and all relevant aspects of consultation, to raise prices. Development and Reform Commission quoted the November 2015 release of natural gas prices guidance, before the announcement, the NDRC decided to industrial and commercial gas prices down more than 25%.

: the central bank in October to carry out the operation of 763 billion MLF

2016 in October for financial institutions, in order to maintain reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system, combined with the demand of liquidity of financial institutions, the people's Bank for financial institutions to carry out the medium-term borrowing convenient operation a total of 763 billion yuan, the period of 6 months 451 billion 500 million yuan, 311 billion 500 million yuan for 1 years, interest rates were 2.85% 3%. At the same time close to the medium-term borrowing to facilitate 557 billion 500 million yuan. 10 end of the medium-term loan facilities to facilitate the balance of 21118 yuan. People's Bank of China at the same time to provide convenient medium-term loans, guide financial institutions to increase the small and micro enterprises and the three rural and other key areas of the national economy and weak support efforts. Pan Gongsheng, vice president of

central bank: RMB exchange rate decline in the global scope and little

China deputy governor of people's Bank, the State Administration of foreign exchange, the day before Pan Gongsheng met in Beijing with the Carlyle Group co-founder and co CEO William · Conway said, compared to other international monetary reserve currency, emerging market economies, the RMB exchange rate the decline in the global scope is not large.

two departments: to carry out clean-up illegal charges Sheqi margin behavior of

to implement the State Council, recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to carry out related margin nationwide deployment of standardized cleanup work. Notice that the clear specification Sheqi margin, is to promote decentralization, put the tube combination, important measures to optimize service reform, help to reduce the burden on enterprises, stimulate the vitality of the market, promote the development of the real economy.

10 month macro data released today, the manufacturing sector PMI may be a slight rebound in the main macroeconomic data from

10 month will be released today. Institutions generally expected, including PMI, PPI, industrial added value, including a number of economic indicators continue to rebound in October, the overall continuation of the industrial economy in to pick up momentum. As a leading indicator of the economy, the October manufacturing PMI data released today is expected to continue to maintain the momentum of expansion, or in advance of the smooth operation of the industrial economy.

market news

Commission: continue to support securities institutions to carry out the internationalization of

according to the SFC website news November 1st, November 1st, the mainland and Hongkong cross-border regulatory cooperation seminar held in Shanghai in the country's institutions, commission vice chairman Li Chao, Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission Executive Director Liang Fengyi attended the meeting and made a speech. Vice President Li Chao said in his speech, the direction of reform China Commission will always adhere to market-oriented, rule of law, the internationalization of securities funds continue to support institutions actively and steadily carry out international operations, concentrate on the main business bigger and stronger, enhance core competitiveness, improve the compliance level of internal control and risk management, to better serve the real economy, to better serve the country "The Belt and Road" strategy, to better serve the two-way open capital market. Liang Fengyi said in his speech, the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission will continue to strengthen cooperation and supervision Chinese Commission, to promote cross-border securities fund management institutions compliance operation, stable operation, and promote the two securities fund industry cooperation for mutual benefit and common development. Last week

securities trading settlement funds, the net inflow of 17 billion 300 million yuan according to

China securities investor protection fund data show that last week (October 24th - October 28th) of securities trading settlement funds, the net inflow of 17 billion 300 million yuan, compared with last week, the net outflow of 5 billion 800 million yuan again after the data is positive, the final settlement funds amounted to 13779 yuan. According to the CSI board data show that last week, the margin financing guarantee funds net outflow of 6 billion 500 million yuan, the end of the data balance of 159 billion 700 million yuan. The same performance as the net outflow of stock options and stock options, net outflow of 12 million yuan last week, the balance of the final stock options margin of 4 billion 639 million yuan, unchanged from last week.

last week held at the end of 406 thousand and 200 the number of new investors investors in A shares to a new low

China securities registration and settlement of the latest data show that last week (October 24th - October 28th) the number of new investors for 406 thousand and 200 people, 403 thousand and 600 people than before, up 0.64%. At the same time, according to the CSI board data show that investors trading activity also rebounded slightly, the number of investors involved in trading A shares for 16 million 147 thousand and 500 people, accounting for the number of investors have opened A shares account for 14.18%, compared with the previous week 15 million 289 thousand and 800, growth of 5.61%. In addition, held at the end of the number of A shares to 49 million 297 thousand and 200 investors who have opened accounts for the number of A shares account for 43.29% of investors, compared with the previous period at the end of 49 million 326 thousand and 500 the number of A shares held by investors to reduce the 29 thousand and 300 people, and the data record low since 5178, 5178 to 48 million 336 thousand and 500 people. The

event of positive

Chinese networking industry reached 750 billion explosive growth has not far

according to news, China networking industry in 2015 reached 750 billion yuan, "12th Five-Year" period CAGR of 25%. 2016 on the 1 World Expo, the authority of experts and government departments responsible person believes that the explosive growth of the Internet of things industry is not far.

Chinese Academy of engineering, vice president of Tsinghua University, said in particular, after years of accumulation, the development and application of the Internet of things at the forefront of the world, which is very gratifying achievements. The next stage, the industry should also exert padded short board sensing technology, equipment level and management security, boost networking and application of industry and living faster convergence. The successful development of

technology to enhance the facial expression recognition system (with new shares) is a new technology of the new R & D center Disney

of America, a large number of data capture system can significantly reduce the required training of facial expressions. Researchers believe that this new technology can ensure the accuracy of face recognition on the premise, to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of machine learning.

face recognition technology stocks Hanvon: China leading to pattern recognition is the core of intelligent interactive technology and product providers. Mental state electronics: the company had said in an interactive platform for investors, companies face recognition technology to witness the same authentication and social information collection based on security solutions have been applied to all aspects of the G20 summit in Hangzhou. Competition for intelligence: company R & D project face recognition products have been approved, will effectively improve the profitability of the company's existing integration projects. In February this year, the disclosure of the restructuring plan in the distance announced, to be cut into the field of biological recognition.

nano science and technology key project started in 2016 (with special shares)

11 1, learned from the Ministry of science and technology, China in 2016 officially launched the implementation of nano science and technology special focus on the special, the overall goal is to independent innovation as the core, focusing on economic and social development of the major strategic needs and key problems of science and technology, nano original innovations and important application of the results.

stocks: sinocera: the company is the first China, the world's second successful use of hydrothermal method for mass production of high purity nano barium titanate powder enterprise Henan Diamond: the company's annual report in 2010, will focus on artificial diamond raw materials, production equipment, artificial diamond products and man-made diamond products forming industry chain of technological development and innovation. Ou Feiguang: nano silver will be among the large size touch screen mainstream materials.

Hubei FTA program has been reported to the Ministry of Commerce 4 shares or benefit

31, Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce revealed that "China (Hubei) free trade test area overall plan" has been reported to the Ministry of commerce. "Plan" put forward, Hubei free trade zone covers more than 200 reform test task, involving more than and 50 provincial units, the central institutions in the Han Dynasty, as well as Wuhan, Yichang, Xiangyang City, 3.

can pay attention to the benefit of the development of the FTA related stocks: the hundred group (the company is expected to enjoy the dividend policy in the cross-border electricity supplier, payment, financial and other fields; (A) to the company is expected to make innovations in the Internet, consumer finance, industry chain and other aspects of mergers and acquisitions to open the long-term space), in addition, in Wuhan, business group can also pay attention to. In 13th Five-Year the development planning of

issued 5 shares of explosive industry prospects

upgrade to promote the transformation of civil explosives, promote the sustainable development of the industry, the Ministry formulated the "civil explosives industry development plan (2016-2020)".

stocks: huge blast: the company is one of the leading domestic explosive, vertically integrated industrial chain. Long joint development company as Jiulian group explosive asset integration platform, the future will further enhance the domestic civil explosive industry concentration. Accor Group: the company has always insisted on the production, distribution, explosive blasting service as one of the whole industry chain layout. Chiron shares: the company's leading products for the modified ANFO, expanded ammonium nitrate explosive, emulsion explosive, explosive source and ammonium nitrate. Nanling region: the company is leading China's civil explosive industry, products related to industrial explosives and detonators and other industrial explosive materials field.

network security law submitted to the NPC three industry leading stocks are expected to benefit from the draft

network security law three draft 31 drew the NPC Standing committee. The NPC Law Committee said in a draft report on the results of deliberation, the three reviewers made some changes on the basis of two reviewers, including plans to further define the critical information infrastructure; to attack and destroy critical infrastructure information of our country overseas organizations and individuals in the corresponding provisions of punitive measures. The concept of

network security stocks AIU Cupressaceae: network security monitoring products leading the company with its network supervision, electronic data forensics, deposit certificates, intellectual property protection, network public opinion monitoring and other aspects of the product advantages, become the most benefit from the A shares of the underlying one; a letter from the North: the company's "gold armor defense" government only certified supplier qualification, the status of the industry to highlight the value of maximum enclosure; Blue Shield shares: the company is the leading enterprises in the domestic information security, security products as the basis, to provide safe one-stop solutions for more than and 10 industry customers in government, education, military, medical, telecommunications, finance, transportation, energy, etc.. TRS: the company holding Guangzhou koyong help big data landing in the security industry. Venus: the company launched industrial firewall products, the future layout of the ten billion scale industrial safety market; branch Jin Choi: connected companies in asset side, end funds, end of data accumulation, and the trade system ecosystem strategic layout perfect, has a great first mover advantage; NSFocus: enterprise network security is a leading solution Westone: provider of information security; state-owned backbone enterprises.

smart car national innovation center is brewing layout stocks

wanglian intelligent automobile relative new energy automotive design industry more, from transportation to the efficiency of communication to artificial intelligence and so on, is the ability to cross-border integration of multiple cross industry transportation, electronics and automotive etc..

stocks: ADAS (auxiliary driving system)

: Neusoft group Neusoft group deep automotive electronics industry for many years, has a strong advantage in the ADAS algorithm and products. Dongfeng Technology: the company with a subsidiary of Shanghai Visteon and Visteon reached a strategic cooperation, is expected to become an important starting platform for the company ADAS. Junsheng Electronics: the acquisition of KSS company in the United States and Germany TS dawn company, the automobile industry breakthrough modular information system development and supply, navigation and intelligent assisted driving vehicles linked business. Wanan Technology: non-public issuance plans to invest 103 million yuan to develop vehicle networking, wireless charging technology and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) research and development project in 2015. Shuang Lin shares: the controlling shareholder of the company and the Shanghai Shuanglin group day fittec Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. signed the "joint venture agreement", intends to set up a "Ningbo Hawkeye Network Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture company will provide the products with intelligent vehicle driver assistance and early warning system" for the customer. Asia Pacific shares: prior to the start of the company's shares, to achieve the company's active safety system and the former Kai Chong ADAS auxiliary driving system integration. Forward start to focus on the ADAS algorithm. The


Trinidad: the company is the video system solutions provider to the image acquisition and processing technology of main core technology of high-end, leading in the field of video electronic technology. Ou Feiguang: the company was founded in 2014, the Department of vehicle division, open smart car strategy, with the accumulation of mobile Internet hardware terminal technology accumulation of intelligent automotive electronics related areas. High German infrared: the company's new vision car far infrared ADAS system is a military quality of the integrated ADAS system. Star Technology: Subsidiary Company Huada Kejie main high precision laser measuring instrument, laser detection and photoelectric measurement in the field, with strong technical strength.

billboard data

11 1, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced late in the billboard data show that 9 stocks appear the body figure, of which 4 stocks showed a net buying, 5 stocks showed a net selling mechanism. The day before the three institutions bought a net are Tanaka Seiki, Guoguang electric, Sanonda A, mechanism of net inflows were 113 million yuan, 84 million yuan, 17 million yuan.

news bulletin

inaugural saving three contract signed a total amount of 424 million yuan

saving the inaugural 1 noon announcement, the company (seller) and the buyer company recently were three Sheng Electrical (Shanshan) Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Jingtai power generation limited liability company, northwest electric power engineering contracting company signed three contracts, including tax amount were 80 million yuan, 187 million yuan, 157 million yuan, is expected to enhance the company's performance in 2017, 2016.

Dali technology received major scientific instrument and equipment development special funds

Dali technology November 1st afternoon announcement, the company in September 3, 2014 and October 31, 2016 were received by the Ministry of national science and technology major scientific instruments development special fund of 2 million 620 thousand yuan and 8 million 540 thousand yuan. Up to now, the company has received a total of 11 million 160 thousand yuan of special funds for the development of major scientific instruments and equipment.

yingetouzi: there are two controlling shareholder equity transferee

at present, the controlling shareholder of Luohe yingetouzi Yinge group of 100% state-owned shares in accordance with the terms of the intention of the transferee of a total of 2, were engaged in the investment management business and construction industry services. If the share transfer success, the actual control of the company may change. The indirect controlling shareholder of the company Henan energy chemical group public transfer Luohe yin'ge group 100% stake in the auction will be held on November 5th. Company stock since November 2nd to continue the suspension, the suspension does not exceed 5 trading days.

Beijing Investment Development: the controlling shareholder holdings of more than 6 million 500 thousand shares and intends to continue to increase

investment controlling shareholder of Beijing infrastructure investment company limited by 6 million 503 thousand and 300 shares of A stock trading system holdings in November 1st, accounting for 0.88% of the total share capital, the average price of 9.48 yuan / share holdings. Beijing Investment Company in the 12 months since November 1, 2016, continue to total holdings of not less than the total issued shares of not more than 1%, the total issued shares of the company (including the holdings of shares in November 1st 2%).

Huayi Brothers: the use of 1 billion temporarily idle funds add liquidity to raise

Huayi Brothers the third session of the forty-eighth meeting of the board of directors through "on the use of part of temporarily idle funds add liquidity motion", in order to meet the business needs, companies use some idle funds 1 billion yuan to temporarily add liquidity, duration of use no more than 12 months from the date of approval of the board of directors, maturity will be returned to the fund-raising accounts.

China: Air China 12 billion set by the SFC approved by the

Chinese air received on October 31st Chinese Commission "on the Chinese international Uni Airways Corporation approved non-public offering of shares of the former permitted company approved", non-public offering of not more than 1 billion 540 million shares, the approval date of approval issued within 6 months effective.

A: Sundiro Motorcycle industry asset stripping the stock suspension

A new continent to non main business accounting of the motorcycle industry assets, the transaction is expected to constitute a major asset reorganization. The securities company (000571) since November 1, 2016 opening date of suspension (Tuesday). Is expected to disclose the restructuring plan within a period of no more than 1 months. Following the

, after the resumption of Sichuan Shuangma Wuchang Huangshanghuang Huangshanghuang

shares recently rose significantly, in October 28th from the suspension of verification. Company: the company recently verification of normal operation; company, controlling shareholders and actual controllers there are no significant issues about the company should disclose without disclosure of the company; controlling shareholders and actual controllers, directors, supervisors and senior management personnel during abnormal fluctuations in stock trading is not the sale of shares, nor other people recommend the sale of shares.

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