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tengxunshuma· 2016-11-02 05:16:04

" digital news Tencent (Sean) is a kind of egg nutrition and food satiety, but Boiled Egg is simple, but there are some peeling up, especially in the race against time for breakfast. But now, and a simple device can make you easily peel off a complete whole egg. Maker

Negg is a recent landing of the public to raise a kitchen accessories, in its help, you do not have to do to buckle the eggshell can also be stripped of a complete egg. Class= img_box "

this small device is a bit like a shake shake cup. It is very simple to use, just put the cooked eggs into it, and then poured a little water, and then cover the lid can be shaken a few.

in this process, because of the collision to the shell wall of the cup and broken off, and the existence of water to ensure that the egg is not broken eggshell.

" egg peel, you can open the lid to remove it, and then the egg from the cup directly into the trash. The whole process is simple and direct, even the children at home can also fully learn, but also won't let the shell out of the whole is to increase the burden of cleaning. Maker Kickstarter is currently being

Negg to raise the public, priced at $16 (about 108 yuan), is expected to ship in December this year.

source: Kickstarter

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