Three major heart disease in the listed week

Listed black duck heart disease three

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" has already submitted a prospectus of week coot International Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "week coot") finally opened in November 1st prospectus, 10 days later, week coot is scheduled to Hongkong stock exchange listing. According to the plan, Zhou Heiya this time up to 3 billion 311 million Hong Kong dollars, for the development of processing facilities, logistics and warehousing and other hardware and marketing promotion, research and development capabilities, such as the promotion of soft power. The listing has meant more smooth financing channels, but in front after the listing of Zhou Heiya has direct mode extension store slow, food safety, central market dependence and fake flood affected reputation waiting for solving problems.

. Food safety released prior to the

prospectus in Zhou Heiya will be "food safety problems" as the first element, and said the company's risk, ensure that in the future do not have any food pollution complaints or related administrative penalties, strictly control the operation of normative system of each link. However, in the November 1st issue of the global sale of the book, but Zhou Heiya said, although in the whole week black duck products processing in the process of the implementation of some quality assurance standards and measures, but still can not guarantee the quality assurance system of week coot will remain valid, or can find any defect in quality assurance system.

food safety issues not previously, week coot is located in Weakness lends wings to rumours., several stores in Nanchang, Shenzhen and Guangzhou by the local market Management Bureau of the local food and Drug Administration or the Administration for Industry and Commerce shall impose administrative penalties, mainly due to the sampling inspection for product sale stores halogen bacteria failed to pass the food and Drug Administration bureau. Zhou Heiya believes that failure to pass the sampling inspection is mainly due to the sampling of products mainly for the packaging and shelf life of the product is relatively short, and there is no proper storage temperature in the specified storage.

China Brand Research Institute of food and beverage industry researcher Zhu Zhu believes that in recent years, the development of meat halogen products fast, which also brought a good market expectations for Zhou Heiya's listing. Although already on the market and will be listed on the three meat stewed products in the enterprise, the food safety risk of week coot is the smallest, but in food enterprises, food safety is the lifeblood, once lost, it is difficult to recover. Zhou Heiya after the listing, the internal control of the enterprise as well as the overall product quality inspection and spot checks, is the most important in the future.


on the central market of week coot compared to before submitting the prospectus must taste, from the current coverage, visibility and influence is higher than that of week coot. Data show that the vast taste has been in the country 28 provinces and autonomous regions have a shop, while the week only in 12 provinces, there are shops. In addition, week coot stores are mainly concentrated in the central region, the central market, especially the market in Hubei Province, Zhou Heiya said, this regional market dependence is strong.

Beijing Daily reporter by viewing the duck week released data, 2013, 2014, 2015 and ended June 30, 2016, which contributed from the central market stores revenue 82.9%, 77.8%, 70.1% and 69.3%, of which Hubei province (the local market of week coot) contributed most. Zhou Heiya will also be on the central market dependence is high for a risk factor, Zhou Heiya said, although Zhou Heiya has been active in the network expanded to other regional markets, however, China will be in the future market is still mainly of week coot. In addition, the main production facilities of week coot is located in Wuhan, revenue and operating results are dependent on the situation in the region to a great extent.

based on this, the industry also pointed out that once the central China market problems, or a contender for the performance against duck week will be huge, Zhu Dan Peng said, in the week after the first company listed them to strengthen the internal control system, then it should strengthen the market layout, business development and city coverage at the same time to expand, it can spread the risk to a certain extent.

"Li Gui" a thorn

Beijing Daily reporter for issues related to call the duck week, but as of press time failed to connect. Relative to the market dependence, fake shop is also currently a problem for the week to get a headache. Duck week to take direct and less part of the business mode of distribution, which helps to keep the original duck week and a good reputation to maintain. But the straight camp shop is not allowed to join in, see the famous duck week, some businesses will open up copycat stores. These copycat stores, not only secretly scattered weeks black duck store customers, and because the product taste and quality problems is difficult to guarantee, but also indirectly on the week black duck reputation and brand image damage.

in January this year, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice that found 35 food suppliers (including two Anhui and Zhou Heiya name related shops) containing illegal additives in food supply. After the event, although Zhou issued to clarify that the two stores are fake shops, but the week of the company's image also inevitably affected by the resulting.

Zhou himself was aware of the "Li Gui" brought about by the injury. In January this year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued in November 1st Hong Kong's announcement, the company mainly through the search engine according to the location by weeks black duck brand name keyword research online, found more than 900 fake stores. Zhou black duck said, in the future will regularly fake stores and shops logo recognition upgrade, through a number of publicity and Promotion Week coot shop. At the same time, in the week of coot micro shop to bid for a store information and place of week coot, so that customers can find genuine instant store location. Zhou Heiya has also set up a task force of about 15 employees to deal with counterfeit matters, and regularly conduct on-site inspections.

in Zhu Danpeng's view, the copycat stores short period still obscure, the duck should fake listed through good communication with local governments frequently, and should put manpower, the inspection team building more, the formation of a more comprehensive inspection system, which is the maintenance of a listed company and brand image.

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters Wang Ziyang and Sun Qixiang

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