Semi annual report "doomsday" new board frequent chaos

Semi annual report three board company risk

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10 31, is a special day for the new board listed company, because this is the National SME share transfer system (hereinafter referred to as stock transfer system) day of grace period deadline disclosure 2016 semi annual report delineated. If the listed company is still unable to disclose semi annual report, may be sentenced to "death penalty" share transfer system, delisting!

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the number of Listed Companies in the new three panel report released on suffering from serious procrastination, the day played different songs: the joys and sorrows of the two companies is stock transfer system mandatory delisting; far special science and Technology (834535) and other three companies take the initiative to apply for delisting. Another three companies, such as ST (832268), Xin Qiu "check" on the last day of the release of the semi annual report, has been sponsored by brokerage not recognized or the board of Directors voted against the embarrassing situation.

in this regard, a large securities company investment bank believes that the broker to supervise the company's semi annual report is not recognized, indicating that the contents of the semi annual report is flawed.

"doomsday" Three Chaos

"daily economic news" reporter noted that in the October 31st semi annual disclosure of "doomsday", the new board is related to frequent chaos. Some companies, the management and the hosting broker played "zuizhang", organized by the brokerage company earnings are not recognized; some companies, on the day before the disclosure of earnings will turn to host the brokerage company audit; and, no time to host the brokerage at least the audit of its earnings, but the company still insisted on publishing earnings.

: a chaos sponsored broker and company "naysayers"

ST Xin Qiu although catch in October 31st released the 2016 semi annual report, the report can be organized by brokerage seems to be quite different and are not satisfied with the attitude of both sides.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that ST Xin Qiu were held on the morning of October 31st, the board of directors and the board of supervisors, the board of directors through the consideration of the motion of the semi annual report, but because has disclosed the 2016 semi annual financial data and has been disclosed in the 2015 annual report financial data, there is a big difference, decided to hire an accounting firm to audit the financial statements disclosed by the company.

also issued a notice of the board of supervisors announced that the 2016 semi annual report preparation and review procedures in line with laws, regulations, articles of association and the company's internal management system of the provisions. Content and format in line with the provisions of the stock transfer system, the company's semi annual report does not find the information contained in the actual situation, the real reflection of the company's current operating management and financial conditions. But

ST, Thailand Xin Qiu hosted brokerage securities of the company in the report but there is considerable objection, and quickly issued a risk warning announcement.

Thailand Securities said in the announcement, semi annual report in the audit process, the hosting broker repeatedly raised the audit opinion, ST Xin Qiu cannot provide instructions and documents; to find the problems in the process of audit sponsored by brokerage ST, Xin Qiu did not modify or improve all. There are some contradictions before and after the disclosure of ST Xin Qiu disclosure 2016 semi annual report, the relevant report data to check, the disclosure of financial data errors; semi annual report in 2016 at the beginning of the 2015 annual report data is the final data are quite different.

Thailand securities finally, ST Xin autumn 2016 semi annual report did not audit by hosting the broker, broker hosting not recognized for ST 2016 semi annual report disclosure of Xin qiu.

for further understanding of the details, the reporter called the ST Xin Qiu external public phone, but the other said, the person in charge of the company's information disclosure is not, can not introduce relevant information.

two: chaos does not guarantee the authenticity of financial statements

ST director Xin Qiu hosted brokerage company with "naysayers", also in October 31st, it has released the 2016 semi annual report of the new shares (834632), is one of their own and their own people on the bar.

on the same day, new shares held although the board reviewed by the company's annual report, but 9 participants in the board of directors, 3 voted against, and one abstention.

in fact, green shares in the semi annual report disclosure statement, some of the directors, supervisors and senior management personnel can not be on the balance sheet at the beginning of the data and the corresponding balance guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, integrity, the reason is because of past changes in the company's management and many other reasons, procurement, production and sales staff instability warehouse, shipping links, appeared in the process of management of serious disconnection, the company's internal management did not reach the target.

shares are still green semi annual report said the company is continuing internal financial verification, is expected to complete the financial self inspection work before the end of the year, so there are risk adjusted semi annual financial data.

in order to further understand the details of the "daily economic news" reporters call the new shares secretaries, but the company secretaries said he took office soon, the company temporarily disclose.

for the internal directors is not recognized by the report, green shares hosted brokerage Haitong Securities also promptly issued a risk warning notice, said received green shares semi annual report of the time is October 30th, to review the consistency therefore can only disclose the contents of the financial data and information, and make relevant examination on the basis of new green shares in 2016 semi annual report. Haitong Securities said that if the semi annual audit matters, timely follow-up will be sponsored by brokerage supplementary announcement or risk warning, and report to the stock transfer system.

Three Chaos: not sponsored by brokerage review

and Haitong Securities have one day audit time compared to Jin Yangxin wood (832490) the hosting broker seems the time is more urgent, simply did not have time to Jin Yangxin wood of the semi annual effective review.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the annual report disclosure is only gold gets materials in October 31st. The securities broker sponsored in the evening issued a risk warning announcement, said in a semi annual report of the audit process, Jin Yangxin material failed to broker to the organizers reserve the necessary review time, also did not fully answer the feedback to host the brokerage, the hosting broker cannot complete the semi annual report of the review, but the company adhere to the disclosure of the first half of the year report. In this case, Shun securities solemnly prompted investors pay attention to investment risks.

data show that the first half of 2016, gold gets used to achieve operating income 9 million 976 thousand and 200 yuan, down 12.26%, net loss of 6 million 807 thousand and 100 yuan, down 20.38%. Due to not be able to successfully disclose semi annual report August 31st, the company's stock has been suspended from the transfer of September 1, 2016.

3 companies take the initiative to apply for delisting

but fortunately more than three companies to disclose the annual report on the "doomsday", but there are five new board company failed to disclose the annual report. The evening of October 31st, the share transfer system announced that all the other extra fails to time to disclose semi annual report in 2016, according to the relevant regulations, since November 1, 2016 to terminate the related stock listed on the new board.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that this is the share transfer system second times using compulsory delisting means. At the end of June this year, Langdon education and in star just because of failure to disclose earnings, stock transfer system for the first time the two companies forced delisting.

share transfer system requirements, forced delisting of the company shall terminate the listing decision on receipt of timely disclosure after the termination of the stock listing announcement, if there exists a shareholder demands and related arrangements, should also be disclosed. Shares of the system also reminded the delisting company, should actively respond to the demands of investors.

in addition, the share transfer system announcement said, far special technology, and prosperity, small loans, three non disclosure 2016 semi annual report of the listed company, had been to the share transfer system for active delisting, share transfer system is to fulfill the review procedures according to the provisions.

"whether it is mandatory delisting, or active termination of the listing application, with the first half of the company delisting some of an identical nature. "Nanshan investment founding partner Zhou Yunnan said, according to the existing policy system, two secondary market shareholders face new board companies delisting, in completely passive state, or to continue when the company's shareholders, either to accept the disposal scheme of delisted company throws. He said, "for a market transaction, there are two levels of the market outside shareholders enterprises delisting, how to protect the legitimate rights and interests of small shareholders has no normative operation plan, hope the management can accelerate the development of the system and the pace of improvement. "

industry: earnings that dystocia internal governance is not perfect in addition to the

ST Xin Qiu and other three companies, UKNOW shares (833794) and Airbus (831335) is in a hurry in the" doomsday "before the disclosure of the semi annual report.

semi annual report has not come out, it shows that the company's internal governance is not perfect, especially in the financial accounting, may have some problems. "A senior accountant told the" daily economic news "reporter, although the company completed the annual report released at the end of the mission period, but from the brokerage risk warning, the semi annual financial data may have some problems, if the company refuses to correct sponsored broker proposed rectification, it had hope to share transfer system to deal with.

a large securities company investment bank believes that the broker to supervise the company's semi annual report is not recognized, the company semi annual report is flawed. Although information disclosure is the company's obligations and rights, the sponsor can not stop the broker, but you can send a notice to explain their judgments and attitudes. If the company refuses to correct, the sponsor can continue to publish risk warning according to business rules.

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