The boy swallowed coins removed after half a month has black


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Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Liang Zhongya Zhang Haifeng Sun Xuhui text / photo) November 2nd morning, who lives in Huaian city 9 year old boy Lele (a pseudonym) in the Huai'an Maternal and Child Health-Care Center doctors help from the stomach, took out a one dollar coin. Modern Express reporter learned that this coin has been in the stomach "Lai" Lele for half a month, is extracted by acid corrosion, coin has a black, but I have no matter lele.

" this one yuan coin in the stomach has been blackened Lele

Modern Express reporter learned that the 9 year old Lele usually more lively, two weeks ago, he was at home to see a one yuan coin, for curious, Lele was put the coin into the water mouth, the result of accidentally unexpectedly swallowed the stomach. Lele parents about the incident frightened, immediately took him to the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Huaian.

"under the premise of not moving, it is more difficult to remove foreign matter from the stomach. "The vice director of pediatric physicians Li Jiangshu told Modern Express reporter, in general, foreign body into the digestive tract if less than 5 cm in diameter, and no edges and corners, and does not belong to the toxic substances, the doctor does not advocate the first time for operation, this kind of small foreign body injury to the human body, can be excreted through the normal defecation.

at that time, Le Le's parents brought back home, and according to the doctor's advice to him every day to eat coarse fiber foods such as Chinese, hoping to get this money out as soon as possible". However, more than half a month later, although I Lele has not felt the obvious discomfort, but he swallowed the coin in the stomach has been hanging in the heart of the big family.

" has been removed after the coin corrosion to black

"one day does not take out our hearts a day not ah. "Le Le's father said, so in the morning of November 2nd, he had brought to the hospital, determined to take this coin out.

taking into account the younger age, after repeated discussions, the hospital decided to carry on the endoscopic surgery. "Add a bag into the child stomach in gastroscope head, through the net coins winding out. "Doctors, although the surgery is not complicated, but very fine, after four consecutive attempts, finally will be a" Lai "in Yuan Lele stomach the money taken out. After

, the modern express reporter saw, in the days of acid corrosion, the whole of this coin has a black, looks like a piece of black iron. In the process of endoscopic surgery, doctors have found that the gastric mucosa has a slight injury, but fortunately the operation in a timely manner, will not cause too much impact on Le le.

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