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Inside my youth network management Internet bar

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remember the time to go to the Internet cafe, the machine is not good, the environment is not good. However, for us, there are places to play games, but also online, has been very happy. Although

is carrying some memories of the place, but you may not know the Internet shady.

Li Yi, a waiter in the cafe, doing network, cleaners, spy friends @ 99999999 post salted fish reveals his eyes of the Internet is what it looks like, although there is a period of time, but suddenly get up, let us take a look at his mouth of the Internet --

Survival Guide the landlord in the cafe doing network did the waiter worked as a cleaner to be a spy, this book brings together the landlord's life blood.

", to clean point, suggest or pick the most obvious place, after all, the landlord made clean, often the most obvious seat is more careful to clean up after all, afraid of the boss to take a look is a piece of garbage. The table very dirty, so individual Internet cafes are will be deducted from wages, the more prominent position, more clean, we can say that even under the table is very clean, the chair will also paint, do not worry about the unknown liquid.

" came to the Internet, will see little movie, some people think that no one found in the corner position, you'd be completely mistaken, network management is usually male, I tried to stop behind the corner watching sister male complete wave. After all,

corner position is not obvious, holding a broom like the boss thought I was sweeping the floor, do a little better monitoring of Internet cafes, I tried directly in front of the cashier side while watching the monitor.

" came to the Internet in general, want to have a good service, between people, what is the most important? Respect. I have seen the workers to instant noodles inside feeding, I can not do it, at most to drag him ten minutes before him, or let him have no money automatically shut down, in fact, came to the Internet, I have seen a lot of big class, what should look like Uncle, said straight, I don't know you what, I don't give you a direct collision behind you to do more to set feeding.

want to get better service, you give me a cigarette or polite say handsome or network, then politely say your request, the very heart of the network to do will help you one day, network contact person can say a lot, by not polite to you so many, courtesy of him and he will be very grateful, this is a very personal instinct.

, go to Internet cafes, some of the shell seeds all over the table garbage all over the floor, I suggest you not to sit next to him, how to say, that is very likely to stay for a few days in the cafe, a taste of , do not know to have done something real the kind of up and down, and the location is also sitting on the inside, I often see some fell asleep, hands in the pants do not know what.

do not know if you have not tried, full of money enough to have so much time, but it will be ahead of time?

in fact, the general cashier did know, you in this class to shift when the liquidation, less money to pay, some Internet cafes are less to make money, the more you still pay the extra money, don't say to ourselves or to we used to make spare less money, some even less than a few pieces of more than double the penalty. So, there are policies, under the measures, the victims of the only you to the internet.

my approach is, if your card inside there are ten pieces of pieces of what, you charge money, then brush the ID card to the money we input the number of charge, you go away, if you charge is 10 block 20 of those, there are also a few pieces of card inside like that, we have to do you charge 9 dollars and 19 dollars or less secretly charge 5 hair, let you more is helpless, even if you look at our charge, no charge less seen on , no one will stare at the balance? We had time to enter your number in recharge interface, input -1 or -0.5 like that, according to confirm your account immediately to get the money, and you have not noticed. The

input is minus deduct money, generally only the boss to do some Internet cafes are not like this, so they can only be in charge money pit you a pen.

so, very recommended, if there is a package package, a package, because it is the price, has rushed to how much cost, such as punching 50 to send 50 of those, we are afraid to start your pit, after all, buckle 5 hair cannot send 50, then the guest how not 100 only 49.5? we're in trouble.

a day like this pit, we takeout are directly with the money to the cashier, I tried again take out and take food and drink smoke, to actually block more than liquidation.

don't hit me, a criminal's confession of conscience.

" and the Internet things are generally better than the outside to buy expensive, we have to play free time.

outside the three block, Internet Pricing 3.5, we sold 4 pieces.

" I do not take money to work is yindu. Moreover, the more you buy , we will be better, because more, up, you do not know exactly how much money.

want to let us not good pit, suggested that many people in the cash register, the cashier busy, even more did not mind to the pit.

you punch 20, the plane is found only 19.5 or 19, you go to the front desk and ask what we would say on the machine fee, no deductions you ten minutes before the fee, we will not lose money? I think this is an excuse. You don't have to worry about

in the cafe to buy expired food, the purchase amount of our large, there is no inventory accumulation, said deceptive money a little petty profits, so you do have You'll see. this petty profits also upset.

I tried honestly do one day, still less money, you also don't say you hang system, see computer data only who call money.

and note under the gap of the stool, what might be a windfall, I'd pick up a few mobile phone, but all domestic slag , one of the best is HUAWEI glory smooth play version, but also the explosion screen.

" after the general end is easier to pick up all night, but also picked up a few blocks from time to time.

home phone data line is also more than a dozen.

note! General play man is not found, some people stay bar all day, everywhere, but not on landed play, is around, and that's in the party. I picked up the

, is on the counter, are generally umbrella, wallet (which had no money, others should be picked up and took the money away, ID cards that don't bank conscience point) charging treasure those, the real money picked up super low probability.

also, buy a lighter, and sometimes we will pick up the lighter used to sell, sell the money to calculate our own. This is just a part of the

picked up lighter, at home in every corner of … … … every day at least can pick up three or four.

" if the Internet did not give you a parking place or security, do not open a motorcycle or bicycle to go to , my friend tried to ride a bike to speed can be removed, when it found that only one yes, just a tire, a tire lock in iron bar.

Internet cafes in the so-called high-end area, in fact, been to so many Internet cafes, really, if the environment in comparison with ordinary area not much words, no need to go, the slag mechanical keyboard, with light mouse is worth an extra $1 ? One night also visited, what Razer mechanical keyboard to, but also the deathadder, the cheapest more than and 100 tarantula with the marquee machinery, all late 48 is also Oh, Internet cafes are also host 750 TI+i5 configuration.

anyway, I do not work as far as possible in the cafe, except for the weather reasons.

" and can't play games too fascinated too manic, once the Cleaning worker found a wallet behind the man, he picked it up and took his shoulder to ask is not , that guy even kneel down an estimated five and close to the verge of collapse, poor attitude, directly to the aunt scolded, the aunt's wallet back straight to ignore, then the second day, that guy looks like a grandson like to ask the aunt, the aunt is very angry, but also ignore it, although the attitude a good point, but still doubt that aunt picked up his wallet. Finally I asked if I could find a sticker lost at the door, I said that you Post Bar, get out of my bank card on the line's POSTER ID are inside.

I say, be polite. It's not that we bully, some people have to eat to lose he knows it is wrong.

and the Internet, is to want to turn the card you can go, but the general cashier will not help you.

to the new year time, and a lot of money. Some people, some people are going elsewhere, over the years won't come back here, you so bad in the inside, the system time to clean some long time not to activate the landing card, generally you told me to turn. I will help turn, the premise is also a member here, no need for these workers.

" we are most afraid of is the customer message there, the boss will see, then either criticism or praise, but are generally criticized, it is possible for salary.

I tried logging on my staff account, said don't put those non mainstream music. I was a waiter at that time, not often in the cashier song.

then the boss really put the old song for the show, where what is the number I machine only, he does not know is my hair.

general temporary card to the machine, to the checkout, if the money left behind 5 hair, is generally ignored 5 wool is not for you, there is no reason for your 5 hair and pit 5 hair, 5 hair only words directly said no money card there.

said, the Internet don't coax what is what the world loudly, some will also handle bars to Internet cafes to play, and several like this, I have seen a game very general stuff hanging in reality, while playing a game called day down, stand the side of him so noisy, shot directly in the past, the grandson directly scared into the grandchildren, I was very happy to see such things happen.

these should all be activated.

generally said, your ID card is not magnetic, but also can be on, you can scan the , said that can not only say that the cash register.

" a lot of people say you what instant noodles feeding what, really, we sat network waiter, are generally the first to serve you are very sincere to ask you, nothing will not deliberately pit you money, can only say that you give respect you, nothing awful for you who is free of feeding, sometimes busy running the idle time, wanted to sit down and play mobile phone.

so say to eat what to play, not to say what not to offend the waiter, is to respect the waiter, did not make the service industry can only say that you do not understand the waiter hard, sometimes talking to taste their mood.

received the most afraid of this, we must keep consumption change, tried in the drawer is not enough money for these LAORENTOU, and can only call

" at the end of a secret, the is the dark chargeback procedures, usually do so, outside propaganda is 5 dollars a minute, but the technician can set the fee deduction period can be set to 5.5, that way, you won't see you do not know there is such a thing as . I see this estimated that many peers hate me, I just want you to know that under the Internet service industry, after long in mind.

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