Beijing East fancier genuine headset, switch back copycat goods for money laundering

Fancier donegoods money laundering copycat

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to protect the interests of consumers, the major electricity supplier platform have launched the 7 days no reason to return service commitment, but the "good faith" commitment, but let the criminals loopholes. Recently, Jiading police cracked a fraud case: do the headset in a fancier Mao University, from the Jingdong mall purchased 47 times the total price of 19 million yuan of genuine online shopping with a headset, then copycat headset switch return, genuine headset is resold to others.

" in less than a year, a Mao just to leave for real, genuine resale "means, illegal profits more than 6 yuan. At present, he was Jiading police criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.

three accounts the same delivery address

in early April this year, the Jingdong in the East Mall reverse disposal center high value luxury return data analysis found that 3 deposit accounts from December 7, 2015 began to buy high value headset in Jingdong and return on the mall, and the corresponding order receipt address, consignee, receiving the same phone in April 2016 21, to return a single, amounting to more than 10 yuan.

Jingdong mall through the background system found that Mao often single shopping mall in the mall, most of the purchase are worth thousands of dollars of high priced headphones. But the strange thing is that each time the delivery of a few days, he would choose the 7 days no reason to return".

"to monitor our order for the 3 accounts, will return to the headset manufacturers' identification, the final confirmation of the 3 accounts are" non return headset manufacturer, and products' preliminary lock customers return a suspect. Mao. "Beijing East Donghua security department Wei Jun said, consumers return goods packing box did not change, the internal goods are exchanged. By the supplier identification, were returned to the goods are fake.

cast doubt on the order, the Jingdong began to collect evidence, when a single Mao on goods fixed evidence; and when it returns, the Jingdong will open up for inspection and verification of the whole video, confirmed his guess.

in August 2nd this year, the Jingdong officially to the Jiading Public Security Bureau Yecheng branch Shanghai Road police station. Statistics by the Jingdong mall, at this time, Mao has occurred 47 times the situation back fake, a total of more than 19 yuan. For 5999 yuan

200 yuan fake headset

Jiading police police Yan Hao told reporters: "we are through the Jingdong to provide video, confirm a suspected of committing the crime mao. And soon the perpetrators of the crime. August 12th morning, the police in Jingan District, Jiading Road, a road in a district arrested the suspect Mao Mao, on the spot to find a home from the "BOSE", "Sennheiser" and other genuine high priced headphones 5.

Mao confessed after appearing in court, he had to buy a 2699 yuan worth of "Sennheiser" in WiFi earplugs in Jingdong, and then go to the to spend 100 yuan to buy a similar style headset, then returned to the fake Jingdong. Since then, in order to avoid regulation, Mao began to use his brother and friends of the Jingdong's account, to buy a real retreat.

in January 31st this year, Mao Mou in Jingdong to buy $5999 worth of "AKGK" In-Ear Earphones, and with less than 200 yuan with a copycat goods completed. The headset is genuine, Mao through a headset fancier website, with the price of 5000 yuan for resale to others. "He is on the headset headset fancier, price, quality is very good, often in the headset in the professional forum. Slowly began to have friends looking for him to buy second-hand high priced headphones, and later became his way of illegal profit. "The last time the

switch occurred in August 5th of this year, less than a year, Mao use" 7 days no reason to return "rules to copycat headset switch genuine, a total of 47 times, involving up to 19 yuan. By selling genuine, Mao an illegal profits more than 6 yuan.

was returned to the fake will

two sales

Mao a switch behavior lasted nearly a year, why not previously found? This

, Jingdong Mall East China Security Department official said: "the Jingdong is a great platform, all products meet the return, recovery by the distribution. Confirm the invoice, delivery staff as long as the goods intact, tag in, will receive goods. Then, the goods will be returned to the supplier, the supplier found that there is a direct feedback to us, refused to return. We are also victims.

the person in charge said at the same time, the Jingdong has the level of prevention, will sort out the logic of the purchase of people, such as a large number of first-time buyers to buy luxury goods, or frequently buy goods return, the platform will be early warning.

for consumers worried about the returned two fake sales problems will not, the responsible person, the consumer 7 days no reason to return the goods, the courier pick-up, will be returned to the Jingdong reverse disposal center, rigorous testing by professional personnel. The testing, in line with the conditions of the goods will be returned to the business, and other goods will be destroyed, ensure that no further into the market: "the goods in question we will not enter their seal, two sales link.

Jingdong said, double 11 period will strengthen management, first of all, to ensure the quality of goods, to strengthen the detection, relying on third party professional organizations, to ensure that goods are genuine. Secondly, strengthen customer service return, especially the reverse processing center management, for the frequent return order, strengthen the monitoring and management for the returned goods, strict inspection and proper handling, to ensure that goods will not flow into the market again.

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