Professional users Tucao: the new Pro MacBook is not Pro

MacBook feeling user professional

weifengwang· 2016-11-03 07:05:46

Yet a new generation of

MacBook Pro caused an upsurge of discussion Tuisan, the first few days of this conference for the evaluation of apple industry basically are positive, involved are also in the new MacBook Pro started to experience to praise the media reporters conference. But just a week after the end of the conference, for Apple's new equipment Tucao began to increase. Moreover, these Tucao many are from professional users.

" Wei Feng network news, the day before a man named Michael Tsai developer in his blog Tucao in the Mac user community has triggered a heated debate. He said very disappointed in last week's MacBook Pro conference, because he felt that Apple does not understand the developers and creative professional users really want a what kind of equipment, or simply do not care about these Apple users:

Apple released the "new equipment is not what serious shortcomings, I love Thunderbolt 3 interface but, the screen is also very good. I'm not very interested in Bar Touch, but I think it's a lot of potential. The real problem is that Pro MacBook is not a "Pro" level of notebook computers. I have been using MacBook Pro Retina for nearly four and a half years, so I've always wanted to find a chance to upgrade. But after seeing the new Pro MacBook, I'm not sure if I really want it as my main computer device. "

Tsai believes that the new Pro MacBook price is not only high, but also limited to 16GB running memory, CPU and GPU performance is also a compromise, these are not enough" Pro ". He even said that apple CEO Tim · Cook did not really understand what is Mac, or he did not like this product line, which is a big problem for users.

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