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Galaxy" Note7

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, Samsung first announced the recall of distance on the publicity of Galaxy Note7 has been in the past 6 weeks, the distance of the company completely stop selling this mobile phone also has passed more than 3 weeks time, but Samsung still couldn't find the exact causes of Note7.

for Samsung, this means a disaster. Samsung is expected because Note7 recalls a loss of $17 billion in revenue, an important market for global reputation will also suffer.

has yet to find the official accident report due to South Korea SamSung

Technical Standards Council confirmed that the South Korean technology giant still do not know what causes Note7 to 35 cases of fire accidents in the world. Documents show, although Samsung began to think that the batteries in the production process of small flaws lead to overheating of the battery short circuit caused by mobile phone on fire, but still not clear all mobile phone fire is not all for this reason.

Samsung confirmed the authenticity of the report, but declined to comment on ongoing investigations.

in other words, as one of the world's richest 20 companies, the market value of $500 billion for the global integrated enterprise, Samsung can not quickly determine the cause of the flagship machine on fire. There are reports that Note7 has ignited a car on fire. Even if Samsung lost money and trust every day, Samsung still can not find the reason. Samsung is likely to take several months to find a reasonable explanation to the consumer to ensure that the next phone will not be the same problem.

for mechanical engineers, failed analysts and Berkeley engineering research company founder Glen · (Glen Stevick); Stevie G, Samsung encountered this dilemma he was not surprised. Berkeley engineering research company has studied dozens of lithium ion fire incident. Christian Vic also helped to determine the cause of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig.

or 6 months to 1 years

Christian Vic said, in order to find out the exact reasons for this Note7 major consumer product recall, takes time, all need to understand 6 months to 1 years. From some standard to measure, this has been very fast. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board spent nearly two years before the release of the official report on the issue of the first report on the issue of the first lithium ion battery in the Boeing 787.

he said that this is because there is a lot of work to do, not just in the laboratory work. Before Samsung engineers began to analyze the explosion of the phone, Samsung must first collect mobile phone. "If I were a Samsung, I would be crazy to collect mobile phones," Christian Vic said, "they were able to provide the most powerful clues.

this means that Samsung is not only to recover the 35 has been a fire on the phone, but also to collect hundreds of Note7 in a variety of use. Christian Vic said, only then, you can remove the battery, put them under the electron microscope to study, the problem will gradually emerge out.

Christian Vic said, Samsung may suffer a setback analysis team in search of "dendrite" (dendrites), which is a kind of micro lithium fiber, it can gradually from the anode (cathode) growth, through the thin separator to the cathode (anode), resulting in short circuit caused the fire.

two main causes of dendrite growth is out of control and charging charging too much too fast, it is related to the consumer wants to function, the battery life is longer and faster mobile phone charging speed. But you can't simply put the reason down to one of them, maybe these two problems exist. In addition, it is possible that the anode of the battery, cathode separation of the electrolyte separator is too thin, resulting in lithium dendrites are easily connected together. There may be the design of the battery shell excessive extrusion battery, resulting in the anode and cathode easy to connect together.

perhaps as Samsung initially said, there are problems with the battery. As Christian Vic pointed out, perhaps someone forgot to close the door of the clean room, leading to dust into the trigger short circuit. Or this is a one-time mistake, it will only affect a small number of batteries, the problem has been resolved, it may not be resolved.

eliminate all potential problems to take time. Christian Vic said it would be a major challenge to draw these questions into a predictable curve, which requires careful analysis of hundreds of thousands of mobile phones.

"some analyses may overlap," Christian Vic said. "You can try to solve it completely, but it's not easy. "(compilation / Xiao rain)

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