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in January 6th this year, married Mirna Salihin died of poisoning in Indonesia, a cafe in Jakarta in January 30th, her friend, 27 year old Jessica Wongso due to a major poisoning suspect, arrested in a hotel in Jakarta.

" the incident that day, the suspect Wongso (left orange) offer the victim Mirna (right white) and another of their mutual friends in a restaurant in downtown Jakarta upscale shopping malls Olivier (Olivier Restuarant). According to the monitoring, Wongso first arrived in the restaurant, and ordered three drinks - including Mirna's favorite Vietnamese ice coffee. Subsequently, friends gathered, Mirna drink after saying "bitter (bitter than before)" on the ground at the mouth. When the presence of the people around Mirna frantic call or help, Wongso what movements are not just staring at the Mirna, has been firmly. A few hours later, Mirna died. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" this day, from Mirna last November's wedding but two months. She and her husband had planned to wait until April, went to Korea for a honeymoon, back on the ready to baby.

" autopsy found that the cyanide content Mirna of gastric contents close to 300 mg, far more than a lethal dose of 120 mg. At that time, Wongso said in an interview with the media, I do not know where to cyanide. "After his arrest, she always claimed very clean.

" according to the monitoring, after the drinks were served, alone with three Wongso shopping bags will be glass enclosed, accordingly, the Indonesian police believe that this is in order to conceal the poison action behavior. But on the other hand, the act itself does not become a critical evidence of poisoning. At the same time, in view of the Wongso of the Australian permanent resident status, the Commonwealth of Australia police station (Federal Police Australian, AFP) has also been asked to assist in the investigation.

Wongso" (left) and the Mirna (right) had been in Sydney Billy College Blue design learning, then together at Swinburne University of technology. After graduating in 2008, Mirna returned to Indonesia, while Wongso chose to stay in australia. In December 2015, Wongso returned to Indonesia, according to judge Binsar Gultom said, this is not a so-called "happy holidays", a way to escape, "she faced many terrible difficulties in Australia, emotional problems, life stress, work & … hellip; also violate the law. "

"in a lengthy investigation, the Indonesian police even sent a hypnotist, hypnotist Kirdi Putra concluded that Wongso's motivation is likely to envy or revenge, because when Mirna held a wedding in Bali Island didn't invite her. And the Jakarta judges' team is inclined to think that the motive for murder is likely to come from "emotional baggage"". Since the end of 2014 with the Australian boyfriend O Conner (Patrick O Connor) after the break, Wongso has not come out from the shadow of emotional frustration, but returned to Indonesia, saw a newlywed with happiness a couple of Mirna, some of the most dark thought was "triggered. "

"in the Australian police investigation, during 2014-2015, there have been dozens of police records on Wongso. Most of self injurious behavior, but also a part of drunk driving charges. The former boyfriend O Conner also had to the police for Wongso emergency injunction, reason is that Wongso has repeatedly threatened to harm her, a sharp deterioration in mental state, let yourself feel in danger. "

Wongso's former colleagues, Australia New South Wales ambulance (NSW Ambulance) marketing and media director Kristie Carter said that she knew Wongso, like a double personality: a second still friendly smile, under the a second may become the rage. In October 2015, two people had a friction, it is said at the time, Wongso said, "if I want to kill anyone, I can do it.". "In November, when Wongs was a private matter to ask Ms. Carter for help, she said," you must die, and your mother must die too. "

"traces and up to more than 20 eyewitness testimony, to Wongso poisoning, but before she finally refused to admit. Since May the case transferred to the prosecution, accompanied by two media tracking reports, more and more attention of the people, every time she appeared, there will always be surrounded by angry shouting her name to the public, people spontaneously even holding a "give Mirna to justice placard … …

"but it gradually began to become like a Wongso show. For example, when asked, "is it your poison? "Wongso grinned up happily. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" in fact, from the time of the incident, Wongso's face has always been fascinated with the smile. First, as a witness and the dead friends, Wongso to assist the police to reconstruct the scene, a reporter to interview her smile on his face and said, "I will try to help families find dead friends' behind'. "

arrest smile … …

&hellip &hellip smile at the trial;;

every hearing smile … …

" sometimes she thumbs up to the camera buzin … &hellip

Mirna's twin Sister Sandy said, she has been enjoying the attention of this case to her. I think she should be the kind of good or bad, but very much like the media and public attention to the people. "

Wongso has also provided very dramatic identified, said some people saw the first day, Mirna Arif will have a husband a black plastic bag to Olivier restaurant staff, and the staff is second days of coffee. Then all this was proved to be a fiction.

" after a few months of Marathon hearing, October 27th, Jakarta Central District Court (Central Jakarta District Court Wongso) ruled that the guilty of murder. As the Australian police had agreed to intervene in the condition is that if Wongso is really guilty, can not be sentenced to death - because there is no death penalty in australia. So, now waiting for Wongso is 20 years in prison.

" on the Mirna, the family is very sad, they hope that the law can give dead justice, "a life for a life. "Smile always fans of the Wongso, received the verdict to honey smile on the media said," I do not accept, because for me, this is not fair, is biased. "

"in any case, at least not as Mirna as some unsolved poisoning case dead, not by an explanation. Rest in peace. Class= img_box "

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