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iPhone "perview_img_p content_img_p" 7 supply is still in short supply, but some data indicate that it does not sell well. UBS (UBS) recently in a report to investors to provide investors said that the iPhone Retention Rate Customer (retention rate) is rapidly declining, and now the level of Android mobile phone is almost the same.

UBS selected 5 countries a total of 6500 consumers as a survey sample, the results show that the retention rate of iPhone in September of this year is 75%, the same period last year was 82%. This means that there are nearly 20% users for the Android mobile phone.

  user retention apple, Samsung and the whole Android system, you can see the Samsung in 2014 after the big screen iPhone stole a large number of users, has improved (until the end of the latest quarter)

specific point of view, iPhone retention rate in 2010 this figure is more than 90%, after years of up and down, the last quarter has fallen to the lowest level. In contrast, the average level of Android is still relatively stable, the current value is close to iPhone. Samsung as a whole is still growing in the fourth quarter of this year, a slight decline, which comes from the recall of Note 7, the negative impact may also continue to expand in the future.

" more specific to the region, the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan, the customer loyalty is still high, but in addition to the main markets in several regions of the United States are not iPhone. Even more serious is the fastest decline in China's retention rate, which has slipped to about 50% from a high of more than 80%. This is consistent with the Apple Corp's earnings report, Greater China in the last two quarters of revenue has declined by more than 30%.

UBS Telecom Asia analyst Jinjin Wang said, the local Android mobile phone is becoming more Chinese consumer choice:

"Apple's lack of innovation, and China consumers will no longer feel that with OPPO, vivo or HUAWEI mobile phone no face. Apple's ranking in China's market share has slipped to six, fifth place. "The main reason for the

iPhone decline in consumer replacement frequency is changing. Intelligent mobile phone market in the world is close to saturation, the replacement of iPhone growth mainly rely on the old users. But iPhone 7 compared to the previous generations did not change significantly, Apple's own intention will be extended to three years to upgrade cycle, next year's new iPhone may have a greater change.

UBS's data also illustrate this point. Users of the survey, it is likely to buy and may buy iPhone 7 of people accounted for 43%, less than 6 of iPhone 64% and 6S 54%. In the United States is expected to be better than iPhone 7, the report said that half of the U.S. respondents said they would buy a new machine, which is even more than two years ago, iPhone 6.

UBS's conclusion is that the Apple Corp in the Chinese market will usher in a weak year, but Apple's brand value is still very strong. Eventually UBS to the apple stock buy recommendations, and forecast iPhone shipments in 2017 increased by 6% in 2018, an increase of 16%. Figure

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