Pregnant women can be seen in the shape of the stomach to have a baby boy?

Pregnant woman born male born female shape

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older people have a pregnant belly pregnant girl boy pointed, round belly ", but in fact, the pregnant mother belly shape is pointed round, mainly related to the fetus, fetal head, pregnant mother body, spine, pelvic morphology shape, abdominal muscle thickness of the six factors, and the fetus is male or female Never mind, so that the sex of the fetus from the pregnant belly shape is not scientific.

for some mother pointed belly really gave birth to a boy, round belly really gave birth to a girl, this only shows that "with the boy's belly tip, with a round belly girl" has a certain probability, and can not represent the true shape of pregnant women with fetal sex relationship, after all there are "the boy with a round belly, happen with the girl's belly tip" situation.

" with what the pregnant belly shape

1, fetal head

mothers belly shape is largely determined by the fetal head. Although the average male baby at birth weight is indeed more important than the female baby, but this gap does not make the pregnant woman's stomach to produce a clear distinction. Position

2, fetal fetal

in the mother's womb will also affect the shape of the stomach. If the fetus in the womb back toward the mother, then the pregnant woman's stomach will be more prominent; if the fetus in the womb in the face of her mother, it will make the stomach appear even more flat.

3, pregnant mother figure

if the pregnant mother thin shape, when the baby grow up, there is no belly horizontal development space, so the fetus only pushed, so the belly will look more sharp. On the contrary, the body is relatively fat pregnant women, the belly looks will be more round.

4, the spine shape

if pregnant women lumbar lordosis sacral vertebra is obvious after convex, is a "butt" body, uterus will move is convex belly tip; most people's body, lumbar lordosis is not obvious, the uterus will not be pushed forward, round belly.

5, abdominal muscle thickness of

pregnant belly shape and abdominal muscle thickness is also related. If a pregnant woman is thin and abdominal muscle strength is poor, can not bear the pressure of uterine lordosis, pregnant belly is just the tip of the abdominal muscles; if the pregnant woman is thick and powerful, round belly.


if pregnant woman pelvic pelvic morphology is relatively shallow or narrow, when the baby grew up, it will hold the pelvis and pelvis to long outside you. It looks relatively sharp stomach. If the pregnant woman's pelvis is wide and deep, the shape of the stomach will appear to be relatively flat.

" to predict a boy or girl is a reliable

statement: fetal heart rate less than 140 BPM, while the baby is a boy

experts say: the girl heart rate higher than boys, it's just at birth is right. The fetal heart rate had no difference between boys and girls. The rate of heart rate varies with the age of the embryo. In about 5 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heart rate and heart rate is close to the mother, namely 80-85 / min. And then to the 9 weeks of pregnancy this time heart rate gradually increased to 170-200 / min.. And then to the second trimester during this period and gradually slowed to 120-160 / min..

said: two pregnant belly is too large is outstanding girl, not too prominent abdomen or lower abdomen for the boy

experts say: if the pregnant woman body is short, fetal development space can only extend outward, so the abdomen appears to be great. On the other hand, pregnant women on the height, can provide enough space for fetal development, abdomen without protrusion.

three: pregnant women wanted (abdomen) is a boy, the bosom (upper abdominal) is a girl

experts say: if the pregnant woman is pregnant, it may be the first pregnancy or pregnant women's body good. When the pregnant women with a pregnancy, abdominal muscle relaxation, again conceived naturally "droop".

said: four black boys

nipple experts: nipple color affected by hormones, increase in pregnancy and progesterone stimulation melanocyte hormone levels, resulting in some parts of the original black body surface when more black, soon will give birth to the child, this phenomenon is nothing and fetal gender relations.

statement five: morning morning sickness girl

experts say: in 5900 because of early pregnancy and severe morning sickness admissions of pregnant women were investigated, the results showed that the pregnant woman gave birth to her daughter Baby's ratio is 56%, the male is 44% Baby. But in the mid and late pregnancy serious sickness pregnant women, the sex ratio of Baby was similar to that of normal distribution.

statement six: "sour spicy female"

experts say: "sour spicy female" argument is no scientific basis. Medically speaking, male or female is mainly decided by nature, the eggs are maternal X chromosome, and the sperm is containing X or Y chromosome, if the sperm enters the egg with the X chromosome, is a girl; if the sperm enters the egg with the Y chromosome, is a boy.

so it is said that the birth of a male or female is determined by his father. In a certain sense, there is a relationship between male and female students with the conception of the fertilized egg, also said that with the environment around the fallopian tube.

the most scientific method at present, obstetricians can be used to determine fetal sex, practical and reliable:

1. ultrasonic scan: ultrasonic is a kind of sound, so far the report shows and it has no adverse effects on the fetus, so it is widely used in obstetrics and Gynecology circles.

use ultrasound diagnosis of fetal sex, the accuracy of the baby boy can reach more than 95%, the baby's reliability is only about 85%.

2.: amniocentesis is mainly for amniocentesis in diagnosis of fetal chromosome or whether there is a defect of the neural tube, usually in 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Because the fetus can be heard of the chromosome, so you can know the sex of the fetus. Accuracy can be up to 99%, but there is a 1% chance of miscarriage. So, not only to the medical community in favor of sensing the sex of the fetus do amniocentesis:

amniocentesis or umbilical cord blood pumping

3. villus sampling technique: also called chorionic villus sampling, usually before 8 to 10 weeks to do. The main purpose is to diagnose and amniocentesis, fetal chromosome is normal, but there are also people who used to diagnose fetal sex. Accuracy of up to 98%.

use of chorionic villi sampling in the 10 week of pregnancy, which can determine the sex of the fetus, but it may cause abortion (5% ~ 3%), but also may harm the fetus, resulting in the deformity of their hands and feet. Therefore, it is better not to accept this test only in order to determine the sex of the fetus.

4. saline flush uterus: This is a more practical approach in recent years, usually in the 9 week of pregnancy. So far, the security is very high, the reliability of 98%. But this check can only detect men and women, do not know whether it is fetal chromosome, and not a week before check in sexual behavior in order to reduce the error of.

5. blood test: using genetic engineering techniques, take maternal blood to determine fetal sex. Although there is no danger to the fetus, and some test units claimed that the reliability of up to 95%, but according to the author's clinical data and evidence, the proportion of the error is quite high. Therefore, it is not a reliable and practical method.

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