The H Hotel event for men in prostitution jailed for 2 years

Hotel man event suspect

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"[monitoring screenshot and cheek hotel incident suspects Moumou for prostitution jailed for 2 years] Chaoyang District court finds Lee guilty of the crime of prostitution and sentenced to 2 years. "Yi and the hotel after the incident occurred, Li Moumou confession, engaged in payment card trick prostitute prostitution activities, mistakenly think that woman is the" peer ", so just drag. Because of the woman did not cause minor injuries and the above level of injury, so drag does not constitute a crime. (BYD reporter Yang Lin)

previously reported: "Yi and the hotel incident suspects pleaded guilty in court prosecutors recommended sentencing of 1 to 3 years of

"incident and the H Hotel photography / trainee reporter Wang Tianqi

"in April 3rd this year, the H Hotel surveillance video event, restore the integrity of the injured woman curved by drag" img_box "

"at the beginning of April this year, a woman (a pseudonym 798) return to Beijing area and cheek Hotel, was a strange man drag. Video of this event is widely spread in the network, becoming a hot event. After the incident, the Beijing police arrested the man moumou. According to the police, Lee often in the hotel issued a small card trick prostitute, and introduce prostitution. On the day of the incident, Moumou mistakenly thought that the woman is also a curved counterparts, to this "grab a business", so just drag the winding.

yesterday Li Moumou suspected of prostitution introduced a case in the Chaoyang Court heard in public, not in court for sentencing, prosecutors recommended sentencing of 1 to 3 years. The prosecutor said, Li Moumou suspected of prostitution introduced, and a drag behavior did not cause a minor injuries and more consequences, nor the armed attack curved, and therefore does not constitute the crime of intentional injury and disturb the crime.

woman and cheek hotel was dragging a

event has triggered a public hot

at the beginning of April this year, a female net friend borrow Qingming holiday come to visit Beijing in April 3rd, she returned to the hotel at 10:30 in the evening, came to the room where the floor. When a strange man came to ask a room in which two people do not know, a strange man refused to answer, after the rejection began to pull the curved, and take the neck pinch and pull hair to stop for a.

a hotel cleaning found this situation and approached to discourage, bend the opportunity to alarm. The man is left in place to call, and stop to bend away, after the man saw his people stop more and more, then leave the hotel. Curved later to view the surveillance video, found that the man has been wandering outside the hotel, found that the winding into the hotel after the way all the way. April 7th evening, the police in Xuchang, Beijing Province, Henan City, the man arrested 24 year old moumou.

woman and cheek hotel attack video transmission in the network, causing a lot of concern, has become the focus of the events of the time, this event is also derived from multiple angles on the public. The micro-blog has said, the whole process lasted five or six minutes, in a full camera place, without any security personnel and rescue. This has led to the users of the hotel security concerns, in addition, there are a lot of friends to explore the safety awareness of women, and how to protect their own problems in the face of violations.

Party issued a small card trick prostitute

suspected of "seize the business" drag

woman and cheek hotel attack video transmission in the network, causing a large number of users has become the focus of attention, at the time of the event. Man Lee and the men involved in the winding is not known, Why drag and drop?

recently, Chaoyang procuratorate sued Lee, according to Chaoyang procuratorate indictment disclosed, Lee from the beginning of October 2015, has been in the vicinity of Beijing city Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao 798 H Hotel and Panjiayuan area near the Fasthotel payment card trick prostitute, in March 2016, in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao 798 and Yi Hotel, has two introduction prostitutes Moumou prostitution to hubei. According to

Moumou own account, the drink on the evening of April 3, 2016 after more than 798 and got into the Yi Hotel, mistaken for a woman into prostitution of women, the woman asked the result after being refused, drag the woman. After the discovery of their drag and drop the woman's video upload network, fled back home in Henan, the police in April 7th in Henan will be arrested.

the person, is to find out the fact that Lee is a specialized in the hotel around the small card trick prostitute, introduce others to prostitution and as a social worker industry. A trick prostitute demand if tenants call small card on the phone, Lee will introduce their own understanding of the prostitution of women to prostitution, then takes a commission from piaozi. Drag

in the day of the incident, the woman in the video in your room card to enter the room, Li Moumou mistakenly believe that the woman was a prostitute, and he thought the woman, is the rub card into the hotel, and the hotel is Yi Moumou think their own territory, the girl here in the "grab business", asked the woman to do what a woman hotel, feeling nervous fear, Li Moumou firm to undercut the judgment, and therefore a drag and drop behavior. Prosecutors recommended sentencing 1

to 3

due to the privacy of the parties, the case yesterday in the Chaoyang Court without a public hearing, the court hearing the case summary procedure, not in court for sentencing. Lee pleaded guilty to repentance, prosecutors recommended sentencing of 1 to 3 years.

why don't drag because women held Lee disturb the crime and the crime of intentional injury, the prosecutor said, according to the principle of conviction of criminal law, the crime of intentional injury, need to be hurt by injuries or above consequences, disturb the crime of beating others also need to have a minor or 2 or more minor injuries consequences, or holding the weapon they beat the others of the plot, to constitute this crime.

confirmed that the woman the existing evidence does not constitute criminal law in the sense of minor consequences, Lee was not armed assault women, so not to evaluate the drag of the act itself by the criminal law. Drag and drop event also can not be used as an introduction to the aggravating circumstances of prostitution, the charges on the "serious" provisions do not include "drag and drop" occurred.

prosecutor introduced, drag the woman's behavior, although not constitute a crime, but through this clue, investigators investigated the facts and evidence of prostitution introduced prostitution.

visits the woman a: I believe will give a fair verdict

yesterday, BYD reporters and cheek hotel events the woman said have seen a curved, someone's man was prosecuted for news of someone's men's trial, she believed the law, I believe there will be a corresponding standard to determine this matter, relevant departments of the police, prosecutors will also give a fair verdict.

at the same time, the winding also in the micro-blog said that now life has returned to normal, but also a person on a business trip, a person accommodation, but more than a sense of alert.

some time ago a friend of mine in the evening when the dog, protected a dragged the girl on the street, although it is finally confirmed the couple quarrel, but also prevented the girl hurt. They met such a thing will choose to lend a helping hand, I am proud of having such a friend. "Curved said that she is very grateful to the help of strangers, so she avoid serious injuries, because users and related departments to help, so that things get a reasonable solution. She expressed gratitude to everyone.

hope this event can bring more positive impact on people and people get along more temperature, but also to allow more people in need of help in critical time to get a helping hand. "The curve is still in micro-blog to care about the incident, said the person to thank.

Yi and the hotel lobby design security patrol

28 9 pm, BYD reporters came to the 798 h hotel. The hotel front desk staff said, 28 business rooms and standard rooms have been fully booked, but also can be scheduled. In the hotel lobby, there is a security guard wearing a security guard at the gate back and forth. Within an hour, there are three guests at the front desk for check-in. The hotel's elevator need to swipe to go upstairs. Hotel guests also North Green newspaper reporter confirmed the matter. A guest said, feel the hotel is safe, the room also did not see the small card". BYD reporters around the hotel did not find the jurisprudence "small card".

this group of text / reporter Yang Lin trainee reporter Wang Tianqi

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