R9s OPPO experience: why she does not buy one plus 3


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recently, the two major market research firm IDC and IHS survey report noted that OPPO sales in the third quarter of this year reached 22 million units, surpassing HUAWEI, becoming the first Chinese mobile phone market sales. Which R9 OPPO series of products in the 88 days of the listing, sales of more than 7 million units, an average of 1 seconds to sell a. Despite excellent sales performance, but a lot of understanding machine emperor on the OPPO evaluation is generally high priced low with, is not worth buying".

talked about the success of OPPO, the reason is nothing more than the cause of the dense line channels and the overwhelming marketing, and the details of the product seems to be ignored.

" today, OPPO upgraded version of R9 R9s came to ZAKER evaluation room, as a "s" suffix upgrade section, R9s in the name of Lai Yicheng VOOC R9 retains the fast charge at the same time, more attention in industrial design for details, touch keys and micro Home slot antenna with IMX398 sensor lens on the SONY customized version, support dual core focus and large aperture f/1.7. Now let us look at, in addition to marketing methods, OPPO in the end what is the advantage of the product, so that consumers will be able to pull out the wallet.

appearance: micro slot antenna + upgrade blasting process

just to get started R9s OPPO, the first feeling is light and thin . The R9s weighs only 145g, the thickness is only 6.58mm, compared with a 5.5 inch screen iPhone 6S plus (7.3mm, 192g thick) to light a lot, ultra narrow border plus 1.6mm, can greatly reduce the low burden of single hand operation.

" as an upgraded version of R9, R9s and R9 in appearance or origin. The front in addition to change the position of the receiver and the front camera, see the meat almost do not see obvious changes. But in fact, R9s glass has been upgraded to a positive Corelle gorilla fifth generation glass , at present, it should be the first to use this glass of domestic mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, the Home R9s key also turned into a touch , rather than the R9 of the press type, which makes the original very fast fingerprint recognition speed is faster, no need to press, gently touch has been completed to unlock. Of course, also the organic friends think this kind of look can press but not according to the design can make people feel some not to adapt, don't know you ZAKER net friend is how to look at this design?

" turn to the back, the details of the changes R9s and R9 will be more significant, the most obvious is the R9s micro
slot antenna R9 two a coarse antenna for two groups of a total of six 0.3mm in width, which makes mobile phone back in the visual sense of fragmentation is greatly weakened.

" in addition to the antenna a look can be seen in the change of R9s in the back metal sandblasting process are improved, selection of new metal composite sand feeling stronger, after 2 times of sandblasting process, made between metal particles more closely. And the actual contrast between R9 and R9s, the touch of the difference is very obvious, R9s feel to feel more delicate. Class= img_box "

" in addition, R9s in the border lines have become rounded, to further enhance the feel. At the same time, if you observe it carefully, you will find that R9s is better than R9 golden light, it seems a bit less rustic, a little more fresh.

" photo: full power, this time to talk about "

OPPO take charge in 5 minutes, two hours of talk. "

believes that in the past six months, the most impressive mobile phone slogan is absolutely it, it also allows the OPPO VOOC fast charge is famous, and even a lot of friends in order to charge their own propaganda, at the press conference will directly use" charging N minutes, call N hours "sentence.

OPPO may think his stunt is enough for charging, so decided to start from the OPPO R9s, back to the original location of OPPO, mobile phone, but also changed the slogan: "

this moment, more clearly. "

in order to enhance the ability to take pictures, IMX398 OPPO R9s stack sensor used "with SONY depth cooperation, joint development". This sensor is 1/2.8 inches, 16 million pixels, it uses a new dual core technology , so that each focus pixel area increased by 100%, the average focus speed significantly improved. In addition, R9s is equipped with a large aperture and 6P F1.7 lens, which has reached the current level of the current mobile phone market. But unfortunately, R9s does not support the optical anti shake, with the EIS preferred electronic anti shake, if you are more concerned about the optical anti shake function, you can choose R9s Plus OPPO.

" in actual use, we found very similar OPPO R9s shooting interface with iOS, simple and easy to use, but some custom features, such as panoramic photography, beauty, delay, GIF animation shooting, shooting, ultra clear picture quality double exposure, and even the full manual mode of professional.

" in addition, equipped with a dual core focus, in the process of camera focusing speed is really fast, basically there is no bellows effect, absolutely can small seckill hands iPhone 6s. As for the photographic effect, the machine can automatically feel proofs from friends.

"from the proof effect, R9s in the daytime detailed, accurate color reproduction, not too gaudy no, Seem too cold. In the night of proofs, noise control is very ideal, close to that seen in human exposure, not deliberately increase the brightness in the night, the key is insufficient brightness, focus speed can also be ensured, greatly improving the hit rate. Overall, the quality of the R9s shooting is indeed surprising, is absolutely in the first echelon of the current phone.

" in addition to the rear camera, front camera OPPO R9s is also equipped with a 1600W sensor pixels, while the aperture is F2.2, but since it has taken more than sufficient. In the timer function, in addition to the general beauty, also added a bokeh function. Because it is easy to ZAKER can find a suitable evaluation function of the self model, we are still on the proofs.

  the beauty, the beauty of

  the bokeh before the bokeh after

with low enough for what?

in the configuration of this matter, OPPO's goal is very clear, enough is good. Moreover, the mobile phone market today mountain in performance is a bit "excess", daily use, even in the low-end SoC can bring smooth experience, and, in the low-end SoC often in heating and power can maintain a low level, which can bring more long life for mobile phone. More importantly, the low end of the SoC will not be able to meet the basic problem of production capacity, consumers can easily buy the spot.

OPPO R9s so this is also used in the end Qualcomm snapdragon 625, this processor uses eight core Cortex-A53 architecture, thanks to the 14nm process, heat endurance performance of this processor is relatively good.

" although run by other equipped with 821 Xiaolong aircraft operations, but due to the optimization of the system OPPO in place, so the actual experience when almost did not encounter Caton, even as a good experience in playing game.

" also have to say a few days after the test, the OPPO ColorOS 3 system can give the impression that stable pure , the test period and found no forced to push advertising, home service users rape behavior. Compared with other domestic thousand machines, pre installed software is also very rare, and the system can be removed from the pre installed software. Installed dozens of software connected to the WiFi Bluetooth standby, a few days did not how to power down.

" as for the specific endurance performance OPPO R9s built a 3010mAh battery, the capacity is quite satisfactory, but wins in the system optimization is good, plus 625 Xiaolong low power, a day of normal use is not what problem.

" is the key, R9s is equipped with VOOC low unparalleled fast charge, while the power is only 5V 4A, but the charging rate is still amazing, 40 minutes to charge from 0 to 78%, compared with other high voltage fast charging scheme, VOOC even while playing mobile phone charging charging can quickly, and the body heat of the less. In charge of this matter, OPPO can still The Legendary Swordsman.

summary: why not buy one plus 3?

when I took R9s including several midrange machine to a digital products are not cold female classmates playing after, she eventually chose OPPO R9s, asked the reason, she said, as a girl, R9s I love to take shape, relatively good-looking, and can not say why, he self out effect is better.

OPPO" success, many people pay more attention to the OPPO trial brainwashing propaganda, omnipresent advertising, capillary like line channels, but the factors of the product itself has been ignored by most people, the charging efficiency of OPPO R9 good workmanship and the fingerprint to unlock fast, staggering, of course, "I don't know why, but it is a relatively good results, these are the consumers can directly perceive, reason is R9 so they can sell. The R9s is on the basis of R9, to further strengthen the work, make feel more pleasing, IMX398 addition in addition to allow R9s to take pictures of the effect of a qualitative leap, in addition to bring the most obvious sense of focus speed upgrade.

", but the price of 2799, may let "know God who sniff at, Xiaolong 625 sold 2799, I have the money why not buy a plus or a hammer? "This theory seems to be no problem, but in the eyes of the target users of OPPO, the performance of the representative of the meaning seems to be a little different with the former. Just imagine, one of Li Yifeng's female fans just need to change the mobile phone, after a roadside store OPPO, see the latest idol endorsement of R9s, get started with out it unlocked quickly, quickly take pictures, (of course, as time permits, maybe she will find R9s charging soon) and the effect of self well, this time is not Xiaolong 821, built-in RAM is not 6BG, really matter? More importantly, when she bought the single then when happily self, the message still fancier news below a plus and a hammer to: "what time have the goods ah!

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R9s OPPO experience: why she does not buy one plus 3


R9s OPPO experience: why she does not buy one plus 3


R9s OPPO experience: why she does not buy one plus 3


R9s OPPO experience: why she does not buy one plus 3