Q1 auto industry: where are the advertising spending?

Auto industry advertising

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< p = "line-height: 25.6px; white-space: normal;" > recently, the Automobile Association released 2016 in a quarter car industry sales data.


2016Q1, car sales in China more than 650 million, an increase of 5.98%, an increase of over the previous year increase over the same period 2.08 percentage points, and the Automobile Association annual 6% growth judgment is basically the same. Among them, passenger car sales 566.90 million, an increase of 6.75%, respectively, an increase of over the previous year period slow 2.20 percentage points; commercial vehicle sales 85.77 million units, sales growth 1.16%, the end of the continued downward trend.


1 to 3 months, passenger cars were sold 566.90 million, an increase of 6.75%, an increase of over the previous year period slow 2.20 percentage points. The car sales 281.70 000, 9.27% SUV196.38 sales; "> million, an increase of 51.46%MPV; font-family:; "> sales of 66.99 million, an increase of 14.94%; the cross type passenger car sales 21.83 000, 33.13%.


a quarter, Germany, Japan, the United States Department of South Korea and the law, passenger car sales were 111.6978.1468.9036.88 "font-family:;" > million. Total passenger car sales accounted for 19.70%< span style= "font-family:;" >, 13.78%, 12.15%, 6.51% and 2.73%. Compared with the same period last year, Japanese passenger car market share improved significantly, a slight increase of the United States Department and other foreign brands showed a certain decline, Korean decline among the top.


Chinese passenger car brand total sales of 255.33 million, an increase of 11.12%, passenger car sales accounted for 45.04%, share than the same period last year to enhance the 1.77 percentage points. Three months ago, the Chinese brand passenger car sales in the top ten enterprise groups are: SAIC, Changan, Dongfeng, the Great Wall, auto, Geely, Chery, JAC, BYD, brilliance.


2016 Q1 Top10 models, SUV occupy half of the seats, visible SUV subdivision hot market is still fermenting; independent and joint ventures, imported brands were 45" font-fam , ily:; ">, 1 models list, the independent brand in Internet advertising propaganda also continue to strengthen; joint venture brand of car advertising efforts more big.


in various types of media, site car is the car enterprises advertising of choice, accounting for over six; followed by portal (21.3%) and optic frequency website (9.3%).


second-hand car company: electric car brand


320 16 "aspect" strategy, the core point is open ecosystem + thousands of city expansion. " In support of this round of rapid expansion of the business, people car this year will be put on the 5 billion yuan of advertising is advertising fees last year 3 times above.


on the same day, since birth day make a big parade of seeds of second-hand car hair cloth a more heroic generosity expansion plans . < span style = "font family: Verdana;" > this year transaction volume goals breakthrough 200 billion, advertising 10 billion yuan.


since last year, the excellent letter second-hand car also in crazy advertising. Turn on the TV, radio, computer video, everywhere is "excellent letter second-hand car" promotion advertising, to "super star lineup help you choose the car" as the theme, launched a series of second-hand car ads from movies, sports stars endorsement.


the second-hand car provider advertising war, could not help but make people think of taxi software and on-site car washing and quick maintenance and other areas continue to unfold in the burn wars ". The set up time is not long second-hand car business company, in the ads on the beachhead degree, has been encroaching upon the wealthy car brand. Metro, popular entertainment programs, office and video sites in the gold ad location, has been used car electricity suppliers to seize.


2016 in car prices concern three consumer groups"


2015 Nielsen Co; "> auto consumption demand change review and new year trends" pointed out that the upgrading of consumption, electricity, and the rise of town pulling effect of migration, car prices are of particular concern a few big market opportunities.


new urban immigrants, the Car Buying demand is becoming the driving force of the new car consumption third


China urbanization, so that a large number of floating population transfer from rural to urban, from to the mainland town along the coast and along the railway and city transfer, and accounted for when The city's population of 10%-20%. The new immigrants in these cities, showing the characteristics of family oriented, settlement and prosperity. Due to the new immigrants choose with their spouses, children, flowing together accounted for about 60%, and more and more migrant families began to arrange the elderly live together, so families driving intention to purchase a car travel grew rapidly.


two, four line of the city and countryside is a huge consumption potential, especially in the Midwest and Southern China area


national consumer survey data show that in Q to the next year there is no intention to buy a new car, "font-famil 18% the third tier cities to give consumers replied in the affirmative, and the proportion of the four line of the city more high, reached 20%. In the sales growth the fastest in the Midwest and South China, the four line of the city car buying intention scale respectively 20% and 21%, higher than the local second and third tier cities.


three, consumer behavior Car Buying more diversified and cross-border, the market calls for breakthrough innovation


more and more consumers in the setting of Car Buying budget, will use their own differences and the style, quality and price based on the different categories of , free choice. At the same time, consumers in the choice of models is more personalized, more and more strong sense of self identity. They not only valued products and personal image correlation and overt propensity to consume more and more prominent, hope the new car to highlight its achievements and grade.


in a word, the marketing industry has a word of the same truth: consumers where, advertising where; customer where, marketing where. Only grasp where the user, the target user's new demand, new trends, car prices in the marketing strategy, in order to have a more.

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