Beijing this morning: the window of the world is gone"


tengxunxinwen· 2016-11-05 13:15:38

2016" in November 5th, Beijing city had moderate to severe haze, low visibility, building stealth. Users have uploaded their shot in the fog and haze in Beijing. "The world is big. I want to see. Beijing has blocked the haze in my footsteps! All flights can not take off tired, I wait, waiting for the sunrise, waiting for the sun, waiting for my childhood @ summer actor (from: Guangming)

"here in Beijing, I was in Beijing haze days covered, out the door to see the steps, see clearly the road, can not find the bus station, can not distinguish between East and West, this life a little confused, who can save me, save the world! "@zhangli Xin (from: Guangming)

" "what" to wake up at the rolling, see Temple remnant, suddenly sound fine view, haze has now in Beijing! @ actor Sun Guangliang (from: Guangming) class= img_box

" Chaoyang District. "Wake up, only to see the anti-theft window, and quickly told me that this is just the fog! @ photographer Jiang Zheng (from: Guangming)

"deep haze Lock City, I take back the haze, Beijing, 2016. @ target Wang Wei (from: Guangming) class= img_box "id="

"can not see the traffic lights on the road. Class=

" walk in the street seems to hit people. "(from: Guangming)

" out of the window of the world disappeared … … @ ice ISEE (from: Guangming)

"wake up to the Silent Hill House translation thought. "(from: Guangming)

" Beijing haze. … … @xuexiaoxiao_ (from: Guangming)

"in Beijing the fog came again, are you ready. You are on the haze to marry me @ give me a small bowl of rice porridge _ (from: Guangming)

"Beijing has entered the haze season @ smooth ah (from: Guangming)

"Beijing haze continued to increase, the day in moderate to severe impact of haze, visibility in most areas is about 1 kilometers, it is cloudy. The picture is Fangshan Beijing. "Beijing haze, five meters outside the animal is not divided, it is ten meters outside the Wonderland" (from Cxx @ Xiao Xian: Guangming)

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