In front of the high energy: when I pull the female ticket into the pit after the game

Wow Warcraft Quad masts

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after the chrysanthemum in order to master her hobbies, I'm much headache. And the normal woman is different, do not love shopping, most of the time, go back to work at home, look at the television, play games. For example, again and again, pocket money, such as the big fight Tencent games.

this will be the death of me, say I also considered severe game enthusiasts, this no technical content, not the depth of the game how I got into the low-end of the eye, I am a senior game player how to let my dignity ashes so condescending?!

I put my troubles on my brother brother eye speak, for his eyes: you kneel lick moment now, for her to kneel lick one, which cost-effective? I was on the relationship between brother speech dissatisfaction, couples are equal, how to kneel lick such insulting words?! Now recall the eyes of the elder brother that time a meaningful look, and found that he was too young and too naive......


game is absolutely better than simple H wasteland of the Lich king! This is my first time defeat to N after the conclusion o. Eye diseases shoukuai, clear thinking, this is just like the Warcraft RAID requirements. O level is so high, certainly has the potential to play the big game......

I carefully put his eye to the inference of the brother: you see, whether it is Lianliankan or everyone to leave, either from the screen so many different patterns with the fastest speed to find two / similar or different points, it must have an eagle sharp eyes can not. At the same time, when you see these patterns, it is necessary to operate at an almost synchronous speed under the mouse, which takes a long time training and hand speed, the reaction nerve is not a little slow.

is more important, like diminshing music this game, not only eye, also have to consider a few steps behind even the elimination effect, in order to obtain higher scores progress faster, it will not do a clear idea? The more I said, the more excited, with a focus on the elder brother was also infected: "good! You have to be able to play Warcraft Aju flicker, we will not worry about not cheat the public to get those Indoorsman. "I am more and more excited to say two, as if to see the bright prospects of the public will be like a beautiful picture scroll slowly.

"don't play. "On the second day, I excitedly find chrysanthemum, crisp and be rejected.


with the development of A Ju very well, in this regard, the guild wails, brother eye has on team head into a public statement, hot love, is in a semi AFK state, at the same time, brother also appointed a new eye the head of the small queensland.

small insects ah, the team's future depends on you, you must not let us down ah!

eye brother said who are sincere words and earnest wishes, can feel the heavy responsibility and look forward to the president. Then, a new CD, the new head of the smug watching all the Raiders video on the first day of activities, early line group.


porcupine what? Eyes elder brother in the public will channel.

today is not an event? I somehow. Class=

you do not have to accompany his girlfriend?

with ah, after the meal is over, just go home.

more than an hour ah?

this is not to RAID it? I take it for granted.

eyed elder brother hold for a long time, said the sentence: you have a girlfriend like this...... Small Queensland ah, porcupine came to let him first command. Thus, little Kun became the shortest term in the history of the association of a head.


since the fall in love after the association RAID reclamation efficiency plummets. After another regiment, I was deprived of the position of the head of my eyes.

why?! I asked my anger on time on the line, open up wasteland mixture before DPS three drops do not fall, do not pull, why replace me.

because you took the time to see the Raiders to accompany his girlfriend...... Gemu expressionless eyes said.


improper head relax a lot, but I'm still on time every day on the line, but DPS plummeted, this eye brother very puzzled, I met privately asked: you are not a mood?

you too flex me. I replied, how can I be such a person.

then why did DPS drop so much? When the head of the

before the call is not a copy of stare at the people who make mistakes now points, so do not need to concentrate.

this is the reason why DPS down so many? Class= img_box "

that is not...... I am shy to answer, or while playing a bit of talk about QQ.

I rely on, which side of the RAID also side chat? This is not to accompany

chrysanthemum...... Love and career is difficult to take into account, we all sacrifice, each step back, do you Aju, a classic jjww what? Besides, there are several DPS not lower than my people, I am not afraid of what the bottom. [

] the porcupine was expelled from the association of

in this way, I have been mixed in 2012, several teams mixed powder......


in the twinkling of an eye in 2012, counted and Aju love for 2 years, I found that I still keep the love between the two kind of feeling, it makes me feel very unbelievable.

I told her this question, she was shy smile: about 1 meals a day for 3 days to eat the sake of it.

what do you mean? I asked.

because it's always hungry.

eye brother know after sighed: it can take chrysanthemum for you, so hell-bent girl really too rare. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" I was silent for a long time, the pain: good, then WOW I do not play, and indeed too much time spent.

eye relief brother patted me on the shoulder: good man enough, I accompany you AFK!

I doubt of looking at an elder brother: you also find a sister?

eye brother disdain: how possible, the game is my favorite.

saw my face not letter, eye brother shy replied: a bit tired of playing Warcraft, Diablo 3 want to try...... Class= img_box "


2012 May, Diablo 3 on the line, my eyes and my brother quickly and indulge in. However, playing Diablo this game has a good one, that can be suspended at any time. Brother eye is hunting magic, I was savage, we often team, I am responsible for the front roof, he's behind the attack. The Diablo 3 particular difficulty, brother eye and especially not believe in evil, to pick the most difficult to play, so we are the monster child half alive.

will also replace Aju a new computer in it, so the original dilemma finally solved the problem: can I go to her house to play. But the game still does not solve the problem, I still leave from time to time, make the eye is often out of the monster kill brother.

in the N after temporarily leaving the group off, brother eye finally unbearable: not when it comes to chrysanthemum house, how has been suspended?

you don't understand, I have a meaningful way.


I still did not give up the idea of playing the game by chrysanthemum. Especially looking at her in those casual games inside and masts sweep away the millions of enemy troops, fly ash annihilation indifferent, let me more determined she is a rare game potential star. As for why she would be so inconsistent with the big game? My eyes and I have studied for a long time, and finally come to the conclusion: it should be the lack of power.

eye brother mouding nodded: you have to increase the temptation.

for example? I doubt ask.

recently Diablo 3 is not updated with the new patch, and more than a peak level? Do you like Aju said, playing to 100, he married her. Class=

"content_img_p" ah? Too hasty? I'm not ready yet.

I rely on, you silly? A completely not play the game of the new people, the game from a strange to know how long? How long does it take to reach level 100? She would have given up halfway! Is not important to her level, it is important to let her feel the charm of the game!

makes sense...... I nodded my head.

six months after the eye brother received my wedding invitations. Class= img_box "


after that, my days are much better. After not playing Diablo, I return to the country to take WOW, but not resistant to daily tasks, so they commissioned Aju do, don't worry about the money to buy the mixture like bothering, need only 8 every day on time RAID.

chrysanthemum is a genius...... Eyed elder brother with emotion.

I have never seen such a clever girl, good housekeeping, sensible, playing the games well......

what the hell are you trying to say? Aju confused.

help me practice class, doing daily tasks......



if there is no accident, the story should be many beautiful scenes in the game player imagine: Maiko Hmegumi home, got under the kitchen, hall, also know how to play the game. After

days for a period of time I had a really good, but good times don't last long, with the birth of his daughter, the size of the house chores at several times the growth rate of the previous fixed weekly go out to eat better food canceled, the movie Park Entertainment cancelled all around the little guy, it is really a moment don't neglect.

naturally, the game also started from their daily life, usually even have so little time, don't touch the computer, look for a mobile phone, rather than lying, because soon she will fall asleep.

sometimes I also remember that short and good time - and I O sat side by side, the computer display lights and her face, listening to her or shout, or joy, or angry cry, no more than you love what the people who have the same interests better.

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