See these two stories, you dare to say that you will do business?

Two story price economy

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a story once a city in Eastern Europe, East and west of the construction of a new road.

the Jews in the west, Chinese in the East, both sides opened a repair shop.

their prices are very reasonable, the service is very good, the two stores are booming business.

soon, another Jewish people to fix the car in the west, often time-consuming to wait, he was in the garage next to open a restaurant franchise, Jewish delicacy. Soon the business himself, even though many people don't have to patronize the restaurant car.

in the East, another Chinese watch repair business, in a store across the street to clone. In order to draw customers, according to him across the old price list, ten percent off charges. The relationship between the two stores a little nervous, but everyone's life can be over.

and after a while, some Jews see more people and to the west, gradually open the supermarket, built homes, schools, classrooms, the west gradually formed a thriving community, the real estate industry starts to increase.

" in the East, more Chinese open to the repair shop, the price war has become intense, every store in front of the guests secretly slander others.

in order to control the cost, the shopkeepers at mechanic deduction of wages, even in the car when the shoddy, shoddy work. So, the loss of high level technicians to the west of the Jews a repair shop, do not care about the price of the guests do not care about the quality.

slowly, repair industry appeared industry separately: high car, car repair and maintenance to the west, although the average price of the car over there is 3 times in the East; and cheap second-hand car, car to the east of the city, although not satisfied with their service is, but after all, low fees.

so the Jews repair shop, pours in the East; and Chinese, although very hard, but only a mix of food and clothing. The Chinese

first shop in the east of the city, determined to apply for a loan, his shop to go to the west. He pretended

customers to shop the Jews to study, found that the Jews used to earn the money, bought several patents, repair efficiency 5 times, quality is increased by 3 times.

at the same time, because the West became a busy commercial district, house prices and rents have risen 120%. Chinese found that if in the Jewish shops next to open a shop, by now he funds and technology, only a dead end. This

, Chinese remain perplexed despite much thought and theory; clever ideas, he does not lose to the Jews; he worked on diligence, not less than the Jews, even the Jews used to read "the Bible Sabbath", all for the work; in addition to watching TV, he didn't what entertainment. He put his own failure, blame those who later on the Chinese who are to pull down the front of the crab, the results, who can not escape the plight.


in addition to the lack of innovation awareness, in fact, most of the Chinese businessmen are in the moment of economic interests as the most important indicator, while ignoring the long-term economic benefits. If we do not do long-term business planning, the immediate economic benefits will be very easy with the depletion of resources, market competition, changes in the times and gradually decline, eventually leading to the bankruptcy of business. The story of

two "first case" hypothesis of

gold was discovered in one place, a personal investment to build a mine, hired one hundred workers for his gold, an annual profit of 10 million.

" to the 50% miners as workers wages down, each worker with an annual income of 50 thousand, they took ten thousand to rent a house, the rest of the forty thousand can get married, have children, marry and settle down, there are five million main hand, can do investment.

for the workers in the hands of money to settle down, so the house demand. So the owner with the hand in the money to build a house, rented or sold to the workers, the workers.

workers to eat and drink, so the owner opened the hotel, the workers in the hands of the money and then get it back.

opened a restaurant to hire another worker, so the worker's wife had a job opportunity, and there was an income. The consumer demand for a family is even greater.

so, after a few years, there were 100 families in this place. Children to read, with the needs of education, so there is a school, workers have to date, to be consumed, to provide other things, so there is a cinema, there is a store.

, 50 years later, when the local mines were dug up quickly, it has become a prosperous city of 100 thousand people, the owner has become the richest man in this city and the most respected people.

"second cases"

hypothesis also found a gold mine, the same people to invest in mining, the same employed 100 workers, the same annual profit of 10 million.

but the 10% miners as wages down, each worker year 10 thousand. The money is only enough to fill the stomach to them, no money no money to rent a house, a wife, can only live in shacks. Miners a year earned 9 million, but see eyeful is poor in the local investment will not have what demand.

so he put the money to go abroad, because in the local no security, he built several luxury villas, hire some workers as bodyguards, workers have no future, but work hard life, no other requirements. After

50 years in the past, this place in addition to luxury villas, there is still no other industry. Wait until the ore miners dug over, with the money gone, workers have to exile.

clearly, the first is the ideal state, we need to Chinese taking people's "vision", it is a pity that Chinese merchants have "vision" may be one of the few, so not what climate; second cases unfortunately closer to our real life, also shows that most of the money these years the rich "short-sighted".

want to get long-term economic benefits, not only to keep up with the pace of the times, but also continue to join the innovation factors, and thus enrich the desire to stimulate the consumer.

look at the success of others to learn from a lot of people not to regard it as right, a successful case prompted three, make the appropriate adjustments according to their own situation, but also have a long-term business plan, not only the immediate economic benefits, but also the social benefits, and different fields of business long-term sharing and win-win, so as to promote the the development and prosperity of a large business environment and economy.

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