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" China Times reporter Yang Shi province of Beijing reported

public rental housing occupies a pivotal position in the future of the low-income housing system, which makes the low-income housing construction structure more reasonable.

once, low-income housing construction around almost all focus on the construction of affordable housing for the smaller. "Compared to public rental housing needs more funds. "Wang Juelin, deputy director of the Policy Research Office of the Ministry of housing has agreed to increase the proportion of public rental housing construction, public rental housing area is small, covering a wide range, can solve more people's housing problems.

protection of the evolution of the room, from the fitness room to limit room, then to the public rental, has experienced a tortuous course. As a long-term means of real estate regulation, China plans to build 36 million sets of affordable housing during the 12th Five-Year. For the first time, the two housing reform, real estate experts Li Ming believes that now, the protection of housing policy has been adjusted, the abolition of the housing, because the government has no obligation to meet the needs of property rights. Earlier, former vice chairman of the National People's Congress Cheng Siwei said, affordable housing has become a high incidence of corruption, "who get affordable housing to get a chunk of wealth.

in recent years, Li Ming said he had many years of investigation of the housing system, found that the first housing reform of the housing market is the fundamental reason for the high prices, to change, it must be through the two housing reform in order to achieve. Li Ming said that the government launched a high-profile public rental housing construction plan is the two housing reform, but not willing to admit it.

two housing reform is another game of interest, the difficulty is not small. After investigation, Li Ming concluded that the full liberalization of the housing system does not work. "Such as the lack of public rental, obviously contrary to the popular feelings. "Li Ming said, the government primary task is to" home ownership housing security".

newspaper reporter learned that Beijing has established a government led, diversified investment, market operation, with the protection of the nature of public rental operation management mechanism. Beijing low-income housing supply has been from the "sale" to "video simultaneously, mainly to rent public rental housing", the proportion is big. It is reported that

, the government play a leading role in the management platform is the injection of Beijing ten billion yuan in Beijing city affordable housing construction investment center, specializing in the operation and management of public rental. At present, the Beijing public rental application groups include has made "room three" (affordable housing and low rent housing, limited to two rooms) eligibility waiting families, including housing workers social unit, and no household registration and income limit, meet in Beijing purchase qualifications.

however, the public rental housing with specific projects, the level of rent is also different. As for the rental problem, the Beijing municipal housing development planning office has detailed explanation of the cost of public rental housing, divided into four parts: first, the cost of land; the two is depreciation and interest; three is the maintenance costs; four is the management fee.

it is reported that Beijing public rental housing construction management and mode by the government led, market operation, through the "commissioned agent" and "supporting construction". The former government management institutions as the subject of the project property, the latter in the commercial housing, limit the housing and other projects with public rental housing. As for the renewal of

problem, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee that is given "also need to review the qualifications". The reporter learned that it is the family before the expiration of the contract should apply within 3 months, in accordance with the terms of the renewal; if no longer meet the conditions, and not surrender, 2 months after the transition period in accordance with the market price of rent.

in addition to Beijing, especially around the low-income housing public rental housing management model is the pattern of Chongqing is as each one has its own merits, the government, state-owned enterprises into battle; Shanghai plan is to allow the dominant social forces, the rent is slightly lower than the market, to achieve long-term sustainable development.

how sustainable development, including public rental housing standards are difficult to determine the standard. However, the management model of public rental housing also suffered hot, high rents no, low and no, it is best to strive for the balance of housing management and maintenance expenses through rent. It can be said that the construction of large-scale public rental has been on the road, but a reasonable management model has not been found.

reporter survey found that after the completion of the protection of housing, the need for a complete construction to management, to exit mechanism, so that the quality of affordable housing, benefits and management are guaranteed. Therefore, whether it is market investment or public rental fund investment, the construction of affordable housing mechanism is particularly important.

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