Lin Chiling wore twenty million clothes hanging wire, crooked nose

Lin Chiling nose dress

tanzi· 2016-11-06 06:51:35

goddess action is really not good guess, in yesterday's dignified and graceful to attend the activities, today to show hanging wire with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, style conversion simply to react too quickly, "

Lin Chiling in a recent the program allows the jar (micro signal: tanziapp) brother eye opener, perhaps to show, Lin Chiling very hard ah, clothes out of order hair didn't come up a good comb hanging wire, looking at the pictures where there is the slightest fairy ah,"

"and following a group of children inside just grab a dress neat than Lin Chiling, the goddess of the Is the journey towards self destruction, I also take into account your idol burden ah, after all, is on the face by appearance to eat well, "

and this picture to give birth to a strong sense of the vicissitudes of life. Hey, there is a young goddess, a little old is broad to understand, "


however, this dress although look very old, in fact, is a price, it is said that this suit is worth 20 million. Ah, can't believe jar brother (micro signal: tanziapp) would take so much money to buy a house to buy this clothes than snacks are good? At least not hit money dashuipiao ah,

" and the goose, are not the focus, the focus here, Lin Chiling finished hanging WIA, one face of exhausted phase ah, had hair disheveled, eyes are dull so, where is the goddess of the past with dishevelled hair and a dirty face style ah, not only that, users also found Lin Chiling's nose was crooked, crooked, crooked, and excessive force is not good, "

" Hey, in fact, the goddess dress this is not the first time the destruction of their own destruction, this is a new Lin Chiling show recently, don't know mud adorable did not read, no see no see Look, certainly know why not look, because this show all is the goddess of self destruction,

several times, Lin Chiling is the Dao Chi like a passer-by, the rural non mainstream Vu ah, did not expect the first beauty aesthetic was so spicy eyes. I do really awkward?

" this big bang head is not several means, said Lin Chiling was still sometimes did not recognize, "

and strapless dress is installed, this Absolutely, Shen Mengchen dumped her ten Street, okay?

" leather short hair style is really scared brother jar, still stunned the audience?!! The audience is frightened of it, "

" Qi Liu with rainbow skirt, is really Huirenbujuan ah,

" but if you think about Lin Chiling's adorable PW estimates would not Yijingyizha, once Lin Chiling was Tucao to PW spurting, simply white blind. A good face, "

well, at the moment that it Suhuduo, finally see a picture of the goddess of the correct way to open

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