Five social insurance and one housing fund detailed: teach you how to put the money back.

Five social insurance and one housing fund double eleven retirement housing

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"perview_img_p content_img_p" wages in the case of double eleven, wages!! He is not happy, because there are a variety of names on the wages of the buckle, buckle, buckle, it is a step by step goblin, this little financial no view, just think the wages deducted money, whether to drop or deposit insurance fund, is our hard-earned money!

you may also be wronged wronged, beautiful you do not go out to pick up money is to lose money, did not achieve the maximum benefit is to lose money, to be a smart goddess, get back we pay the soft sister currency!

1: how pay endowment insurance only cost

: the first five social insurance and one housing fund deduction more is not necessarily a bad thing, you can take it at last.

endowment insurance payment ratio: unit 20%, individual payment of 8%.

personal payment standard for my last year, the average wage of 8%, the full account of individual accounts. Generally want to pay for 15 years, to retire to enjoy a lifetime of pensions, so people want to get a pension, please be sure to start 15 years before their retirement.

note: the cumulative length of the individual contributions of 15 years, after the retirement of the basic pension for a month. If there is a payment, as long as the retirement before the payment of fees can be.

second: housing provident fund can not only buy the

according to the actual situation of enterprises, select the proportion of payment, in principle, the maximum payment amount is not more than the average wage of workers 12%, all units and employees to pay half. If your salary is 8000 yuan, the unit to pay 800 yuan to you, you deducted 800 yuan, your monthly provident fund account should have 1600 yuan.

fund account is not worth the money, because the part of the payment of the current deposit rates can only be obtained, and in previous years, only to pay the deposit rate of three months of regular deposits. Even if you do not consider the devaluation of the RMB, the income is also very low, so the housing provident fund, please try to extract, teach you how to!

1, buy it! Teenager

notably provident fund extraction time is 1-20 per month, do not loan the weekend, the provident fund interest rate is now 5 years 2.75% per annum, 5 more than 3.25% years, is far lower than commercial lending rates. Not to purchase a one-time loan funds can be extracted.

2, rent it! Sao year

did not buy a house, but also to pay three months in a row to pay the provident fund to work dogs can be used to pay the rent it!

if you're living in public rental housing, rental contract and ready to pay the rent; if you live in a house, in addition to the rental contract, proof of the housing authority also need to open your own or the couple have no real estate, with the rental contract related certificates and your ID card, to the central provident fund office the money will be transferred to procedures, within a week of your personal account, but each withdrawal to ensure your provident fund account at least 500 dollars.

3, you can also pay property fees

low income financial difficulties of the families of workers to extract the housing fund to pay property services.

4, the treatment of major diseases of

family members suffering from serious illness or major surgery hospitalization, workers themselves and their spouses can apply for extraction of housing provident fund, the application date shall be discharged in 1 years from the date of extraction does not exceed the amount of hospitalization burden cost.

5, construction, repair, overhaul housing

in the rural collective land construction, rehabilitation, overhaul housing and housing loans, and their spouses can apply for provident fund, extraction does not exceed the amount of building room.

third title: unemployment insurance and no eggs with

unemployment insurance payment ratio: unit 2%, individual payment of 1%.

unemployment insurance to pay a full year to enjoy, generally pay 1 years to take 2 months, 2 years to take 4 months, but a lifetime to take up to 24 months. If you resign is a penny can not get! Unemployment insurance is a must, but even if it is out of the job, the average person is not the one who can not get the unemployment insurance.

fourth title: medical insurance can not only be used in the hospital

a lot of people think that health insurance is limited to the use of medical treatment in the hospital, tell you not only the role of oh.

medical insurance payment ratio: unit 9%, individual payment of 2%, plus 10 yuan of serious illness, serious illness as a whole, just in the hospital.

with Medicare card, we can not only in the city designated medical institutions within the scope of choice for medical treatment, but also for the purchase of drugs within the scope of retail pharmacies.

fifth title: pay attention to the timeliness of work injury insurance

according to the unit division of the industry to determine the proportion of payment, in 0.5%~2%, between the individual do not pay. So don't show up on your salary.

there are a lot of people think that in the unit after the injury, as long as the hospital issued a certificate, no matter how long it may apply to the unit to apply for work-related injuries, wrong wrong! Tell you work injury insurance is a prescription! In the event of an accident or injury was diagnosed, according to the provisions of laws and regulations for the identification of occupation disease prevention occupation disease, the employer shall from the date of the accident or by diagnosis and identification for occupation disease within 30 days from the date of application for ascertainment of the work-related injury to the social insurance administrative department.

sixth: 4 months of maternity insurance subsidies, not white do not

if you are a girl, so you have to get the hospital after all invoices + marriage certificate + one-child certificate records + + build size card check and hospitalization cost of surgery hospital discharge summary list + all of these materials delivered to the unit, can enjoy subsidies 4 a monthly salary.

if you are a boy, your wife did not work or work units did not pay insurance, and she gave birth to a child when you have more than a year of maternity insurance, then you can also be reimbursed maternity insurance.

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