Jiangxi Cao Shan Hoshakuji thousand copied by the spectacle of blessing

West Cao scene soul Cao Dongzong

zhongqingwang· 2016-11-06 15:14:15

2016" in November 05, Jiangxi city of Fuzhou Province, Jiangxi Cao Shan Hoshakuji in November 5, 2016 (the year 2560 at the beginning of October six) held thousands of prayer will be copied by · ". Author:

" Baoji temple in the mountains, away from the hubbub of the city. In more than 1 thousand and 200 years, since the mountains from the Tang Dynasty, the Zen master to the silence, build temples, famous in the world, has become known as the "Cao Dongzong". Cao Shan Hoshakuji became Cao Dongzong Zuting, is also the only a female public patriarch temple. Author:

" Hoshakuji to Cao Dongzong "tradition, words and deeds, to fine, then the corresponding language for the case of wind, recovery of Cao hole chantang clock board, sooner or later, Zen has never stopped. Author:

" three Buddha worship, bells and whistles, the abbot monk into the main hall to raise up, prayer will be officially started. The opening verse and incense after the monk led thousands of people to the heart chanting "Heart Sutra" seven times, special solemn. The public is bathed in the sunlight pious chanting, except all kinds of thoughts, make the mood clean and flat. Author:

" can correct the body and mind, the spirit of calligraphy. While copying the Buddhist scriptures, but also to increase the wisdom of human growth, purify the soul, in the history of the heart of a respectful copy of the prevailing. Author: Vision China

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