Ugly people laugh, you know she is young and more beautiful?

How beautiful everybody look Chen Hong.

shenbayulequan· 2016-11-06 16:27:09

recent comedy quite fire, many stars have begun to cross-border comedy.

some say crosstalk, some play pieces. Class= img_box "

" effect, the audience each have experience.

small series looked after, the only feeling is:

good memory of the actor and the audience began to laugh at the applause of the era ah! Class= img_box "

do you still remember the fall of spinach?

"is always looking for the opportunity to make eyes at a man I. "

" at what is? "

" is the autumn spinach akinami. "

"memory good people should be able to think of this essay's name:" yesterday today tomorrow ".

this is true · memories kill.

today to say, this is the only comedy actress: Song Dandan

" please believe your eyes, on the map of beauty, is the Song Dandan teacher... When I was young...

may be because of the reason why often play in the sketch, a lot of people look at the photos Song Dandan young will be scared.

because -

is too beautiful and pure. Class= img_box "

ahead of the high energy alert. Class= "img_box" id= "

God · side Yan to kill

such Yan, put now do not know how many flowers can spike.

but miss the teacher, but it is often in order to work "spoil" their own face.

dress up as old. Class= img_box "

" continue to play the old. Class= img_box "

" is not easy to play a young man, do not dress up. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" on the stage, she never noticed the image.

however, it is because she did not care about the image of the input, in order to make the audience laugh. Class= img_box "


if you see Song Dandan just think of "comedy" or "comedy", then you are wrong.

people are serious national drama actor.

" her acting, is absolutely one of the best in the country.

is not a good example for the drama, that is to say everyone for having heard it many times TV drama "I love my family". Class= img_box "

is now popular around the world, Ge You, the package is from the TV show. Class= img_box "

Song Dandan in the play as the home of the wife of peace.

" most can make the audience feel acting outbreak, should be the "I love my family" of the fifty-seventh set, the lost memory.

Song Dandan plays the middle-aged women peace because of a car accident, temporarily lost memory.

in this episode, she has always considered herself to be 18 years old.

speak, the hand has been twisting their own small braid.

eyes, expression, action is full of charming girl. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" talk with her husband, but also in the smart state of love. Class= img_box "

" about the food to eat, eyes are put on the light. Class= img_box "

" content_img_p said, saliva is about to flow out of the. Class= img_box "

what is called young? What is a girl? Compare it with you.

usually is such a state of peace,

" amnesia, it turns out that someone may not blame

" Song Dandan's acting is good, is a recognized fact.

even love your star national husband Wang Sicong has worked in micro-blog publicly, "said the star is different from the actor. "

also said that he is in the eyes of the actor is Song Dandan teacher, Li Xuejian teacher, Guoli Zhang teacher and so on, not only by the hype of the works of carpet stars. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" and excellent actors, in addition to seize the opportunity to shape the role, to create the classic. And the most important point is:

has a vision, the courage to give up the role of not suitable for their own.

" is a classic TV drama "Palace".

" in the "Taiping" corner, scheduled to be played by Chen Hong youth, Song Dandan's old age.

" but because of Song Dandan and Chen Hong on the image of the difference is relatively large, but Song Dandan did not play the historical drama, the play is very difficult.

thought over and over again, Song Dandan offered to give up the role.

" later, "Palace" hot screen.

Song Dandan also with spring pieces on both sides of the Changjiang River huobian.

" decided on, Song Dandan was transformed into the screen of the "national Mother", and "love on behalf of middle-aged older young women".

"kintaro happy life" still

"Li Chuntian spring" still

no matter what role, she can show their own characteristics let the audience love.

has the audience, but also the strength.

gave up the classic works, and then create a.

this is Song Dandan.

" she was ugly laugh all the people.

", but she is really like, Yan value and acting together. Class= img_box "

such a good actor, hope to be a little more.

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