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weifengwang· 2016-11-06 21:24:30

the future of mobile phones will be what it looks like? Maybe no one can give the exact answer, but many people will think it should be like this - the entire cell phone only one screen.

yes, in many science fiction movies, we can often see this futuristic handheld device, its entire body only a screen, thin and light like a transparent glass.

of course, this is only in science fiction movies, we think about it.

however, this is only the existence of the concept of science fiction products, but also for us to look forward to the future when we provide a way of thinking, even for technology companies in R & D and design of products provided a reference.

not long ago, millet company launched a comprehensive screen concept of mobile phone MIX, a hot topic in the world set off a hot. Millet in the text of this phone, as it is written, "what is the future of mobile phones? We often see in science fiction movies, the phone is a no boundaries, 100% of the screen. We believe that this day will come". When the original intention of the development of this mobile phone is also expressed, and did not consider the issue of production, but simply to explore a possible.

MIX" a big kill Quartet, millet overstating several grades instantly, but it also brings a lot of pressure to the friends of the business, one of the most injured than apple. The famous American blogger Business Insider generous praise: "China apple" just to show us the way iPhone 8.

so on the network will set off a wave of bad apple's innovative speech, have criticized the design of Apple has become mediocre, and even have been behind a lot of Android.

Veniamin, a designer named Geskin also carefully designed a concept map of iPhone 8, to express his expectations of apple. Is this iPhone is only one piece left at the bottom of the screen, the physical Home button and the top of the earpiece, front camera, distance sensors all disappeared, almost realized accounted for 100% of the screen. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p", of course, this is just a concept map, we look at it.

and back to the reality, to the phone's front to do just a piece of the screen, it is so difficult?

theoretically speaking, to achieve this 100% full screen design, just need to change a frame screen on the line, and the current screen technology, it is not difficult. For example, two years ago the Nubian has launched on both sides without borders and the SHARP AQUOS CRYSTAL mobile phone, and millet MIX realizes the design of three side frame. So to achieve the four sides of the 100% comprehensive screen design is not impossible.

but the real difficulty lies in changing the full screen, the original front camera, occupy the physical space distance sensor, receiver and key modules of the Home entity such as how to deal with? In this regard, SHARP and millet have provided some reference. For example, SHARP

in the receiver is used to cancel the bone conduction technology, millet are using ceramic acoustic system, but the principle and bone conduction technology it is through the screen, similar to that in the vibration of sound box. Bone conduction is a kind of sound transmission mode, which is about to be converted to mechanical vibration of different frequencies, through the human skull, bone labyrinth, auditory nerve, auditory center to transmit sound wave. It appeared as early as eighteenth Century, one of the most famous example is the deaf Beethoven by biting a piano and connected with the stick can hear the music coming from the jawbone, this is the early application of bone conduction principle.

" in recent years the bone conduction technology is widely used in the beginning headset products, many start-up companies have launched a campaign of bone conduction headset, only the product will be able to hear the sound close to the skull. Bone conduction technology also allows mobile phone manufacturers have become possible to cancel the receiver, in addition to SHARP, millet, Japan's Kyocera Corp has launched a free mobile phone handset design bone conduction.

in the alternative distance sensor, is widely used in ultrasonic detection technology, its working principle is to use ultrasonic emission, measuring the distance by time, reflecting the measured object echo receiver. Its characteristic is not to be able to measure the contact distance. Millet MIX is the use of ultrasonic detection system instead of the infrared distance sensor.

cancel Home key, SHARP and millet is the direct use of the Android system of the virtual keys, so do not affect the experience. The fingerprint recognition module is millet on the back of the fuselage, which is the way most Android manufacturers often use.

but for iPhone, how do not affect the continuity of the experience of the premise of the abolition of the front Home key? In fact, this is not impossible, such as ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology can achieve fingerprint identification module under glass, but Apple iPhone 7 has adopted the Home button without pressing type, some analysts believe that this may be completely canceled for apple in the Home key to prepare. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" in fact in these entities module, the most difficult to cancel is probably the front camera. Although millet customized a miniature camera module of traditional small 50%, and move it to the bottom of the fuselage, but it retains a narrow chin, unable to realize the real full screen 100%.

with the current camera technology, it is almost impossible to make it completely screen. Of course, if you do not want to achieve the so-called 100% full screen, cancel the front camera is good, but this way there is no way to happily self. For most girls, it could be a very painful thing.

in fact, with the current level of technology and technology, to make a truly comprehensive screen phone is not difficult, apple if you want to do believe that is also a matter of minutes. But the problem is that the full screen phone is really practical?

first of all, the front of the phone is only the screen, which is the border of the four sides are not, this is not a friendly operation, often appear in the case of false touch. In addition, although the phone becomes beautiful, but also become more vulnerable, because there is no edge of the four sides of the protection, anti fall is not a way of speaking. You will feel like holding a piece of glass in his hand, a little carelessness will break. This will undoubtedly increase the psychological burden of users to use the product, but also increased the manufacturer's maintenance and after-sales costs. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" second, in the cancellation of those entities module, the experience will be greatly reduced? Millet MIX using ceramic acoustic system to replace the entity receiver, the utility model has the advantages of mobile phone anywhere can hear the sound, even in the box can be heard, you don't have to like the original must be the receiver to the ear. But the problem is that people in a quiet environment can hear the sound of a call. In addition, compared with the traditional receiver, millet MIX has lost a lot of timbre, sound flat, not three-dimensional, which is caused by the resonance of ceramic sound regret.

and the biggest difficulty is that it is not difficult to make a comprehensive screen phone, but at this stage to achieve mass production is almost difficult to achieve. The ability to Apple's supply chain integration and technology, to do such a mobile phone is not difficult, but can do and can push the market that is completely different.

full screen mobile phone looks very beautiful, it may also represent a future development direction of the intelligent mobile phone, but from the user experience point of view may not be so practical, it is like a piece of beautiful and fragile glass, can only far view and not play.

future phone is like, we are now unable to know, perhaps only a piece of information to carry the information screen, and perhaps even the screen is not only a projection of the information of the equipment. About the future, we always have too many dreams, this vision let us progress, full of hope.

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