The 4.26 storm hero week free play recommended Rexha Nova week free

Storm hero ray Sanova play

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< p > hunting magic villa from Diablo god world, inherited the original game in high output and flexible features, the easy to operate smoothly, low entry difficulty and low price relationship, become a new veterans are very fond of the hero.

#p#: #e#

4.26 storm hero week free play recommended Rexha Nova week free. Today week second storm hero weekly free hero of the day, this week Nova and Rexxar together week free. It is inevitable that people feel scared, recently very do not want to play fast indeed can only hide in the League to the well. Well, speak the truth, this week, most of the lower limit of the hero is very low, the use is not completely pit.

2016.4.26 heroes of the storm is a weekly free hero update: < Malfurion Vera zhajia La Chen Fuss Tad Carla Sim < AZ Mo Dan (Level 5) unlock < p > Sal (Grade 7 to unlock) < Rexha (Level 12) unlock < Nova (15th level to unlock)

#p# Malfurion villa play the #e#


team aircraft carrier, have superior ability to continue treatment and back to blue trait, is good at fighting a war of attrition. But his moment carry blood capacity is very weak, it can be to set fire to the team.

Malfurion practical Tips:

] the team cooperation and foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses is play the hero of the key. League battle to let the team know the timely withdrawal, with their own excellent endurance ability to slowly consume, to defeat the enemy.

- note the blue bar teammates, with the activation (D) to give them back to the blue, try not to let CD waste.

- Moonfire (W) CD short, less consumption of blue, is a grass, carpet cleaning bacteria good helper.

(E) - Entangling Roots is more suitable for hand control, can also limit the enemy position.

it would be very fierce rivals breakthrough points out ice barrier to protect life. Diablo god world, inherited the original game in high output and flexible features from < villa

hunting magic Aston Villa, the easy to operate smoothly, low entry difficulty and low price relationship, become a new veterans are very fond of the hero. In the game play has been among the best, is the evergreen tree far stabbed "".

Vera Tips:

- the practical rules of survival: always only the nearest target. Unless the pieces to harvest, otherwise not easily roll to someone else's face! <] ultimate fire use more simple, play is also far more than the rain stability of revenge.

#p# zhajia La Chen Wanfa introduced #e#

zhajia La

professional sister, the rear output first hero, complex and powerful. Skilled in 1v1 on line, promoting the demolition of the tower, vision and mission control. But the self-protection ability is very weak, the couple is not very friendly.

zhajia La practical Tips:

] as far as possible don't let creep (d) of the empty CD a, intersection, grass, even his feet to diligent spread.

- (E) a small drop of alienation, open field investigation cockroaches are also a good helper. < Chen

Lao Chen is a very comprehensive meat shield, courage wine (d) as well as the ultimate skills as he provides excellent survival skills, so that he can be more bold protruding into the enemy rear, sell face attract fire! But he is very afraid of interrupting and control skills, so in the qualifying tournament enters the stage the opportunity are not many.

Chen Tips:

- often with practical courage wine drinker (D) to supplement and shield values.

- flying feet (Q) can be used for walls, soldier, sometimes you can use it to run away.

- after the split W skills will make three pandas jump out, prevent the enemy AOE clean. W after the Q can allow you to instantly displacement far away.

#p# Fuss Tad Carla Sim gameplay introduced one of #e#


line rear output hero, hemispheric flow support expert, flight qualities make him busy, support two not mistake. The current version of the main positioning for the single point of the outbreak and the hair group control.

falstad practical Tips:

] flight (z) to falstad busy, support two not mistake, the map mechanism before refresh can eat one or two waves of creeps and rushed to the battlefield, in the black gulf and the sky temple can also beat scored the watchtower. < p >] strokes wind struck (hair) is a jack of all trades Nirvana! Keep can be interrupted by the enemy's attack rhythm, attack and fly blowing, but also can be used to snatch map mechanism. < Carla Xin mu

regardless of the guarantor or all carry blood, Carla Sim amount of milk that is absolutely full! Ling wind blow with high maneuverability, Chong Xin boxing can provide certain massed damage, seven phase fist special education reckless onrush of meat shield.

Carla Sim practical Tips:

] retreat when the attention the cover of his teammates, and teammates to go away after their Q in the past.

- the Holy Spirit palm (R) range is very short, when people remember to use close to Q.

#p# Azmodan thrall play the #e#

AZ Mo Dan

Aziz, the Modan is a very unique professional hero, with meat shield generally the maximum life was very good at remote output, and remote suppressing soldiers line.

AZ Mo Dan practical Tips:

] hell general (d) can map release, CanTuan don't forget to use it to suppress the line of soldiers, seven points out better disciplined. < p > sal

current version of the first melee assassin, melee explosive force is very terrible! As long as you can feel a moment of crispy, even kill can also disabled. In addition, the recovery capacity of the Sarkozy itself is also very good, not too occupied with the auxiliary treatment resources.

Sal practical Tips:

] the wild wolf soul (W) will penetrate soldier added to many frost wolf tough, when the line can use this back and forth blood.

- Pugong after the release of Windfury (E) will immediately carry out the next attack.

- flanking after first Rao meatshield to absorb skills, don't go first to send. No state of the turtle in the post discharge lightning chain, and soon can go up to hit a wave of.

#p# Rexxar Nova play the #e#


Rexxar positioning is not a qualified combat hero, he absorbed the damage is very limited. He is more like a professional type of hero, who on the line, the playing field and promote, dragon town is his best map.

cooked Rexxar practical Tips:

] with the "1" button and the "d" keys to control Misha to harassment, sticky, accounting for tower, investigation and other tasks. < p > Nova

after re gifted of Nova in the darkest period, outbreak is far better than ever, output continued up to the strength of the traditional rear.


- use characteristics of practical Nova permanent invisibility, ground investigation, open field of vision and marking. < p >] holographic decoy (E) in addition to mislead the enemy outside, also can used to investigation, open field of vision, block, attract towers hatred.

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